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  1. I lived in the house for about a year. It was an amazing place. When we bought it the home had been occupied by a hermit and a horder. He had an entire room full of national geographics and the whole place smelled like cat. The house was amazing. I wish I had pictures, I actually found this board looking for a picture to show a friend. The basement was just a concrete floor with wood paneling that would leak whenever it rained. Our laundry room and pool table were down there and I stayed in the basement during the summer after my freshman year. There was a door to the crawl space. It was just a creepy basement. The foundation was on piers and floated about 4 feet above the ground level. The first floor had a huge kitchen, dining room, library and what we called the trophy room. The trophy room had linoleum over wood floors that could not be removed. It had plaster walls and the ceiling throughout the place were 10-12 feet. The 2 downstairs bedrooms were not part of the original plan. They were once the front half of the downstairs and were a ballroom. It wasn't until WWI and WWII when they started boarding people that the house took the shape it has now. The front door was a tiffany crystal door. It opened into the foyer that led to a grand stair case that led to an open second floor. The 6 bedrooms upstairs were along all the outside walls. The center was a huge opening. The back two rooms that were seperated by one bathroom and the back staircase were very small as were the middle. The middle two rooms had doors to the balconies on the side of the second floors. They also had fireplaces that were shared on both sides of the walls with the front rooms. The upstairs balcony was off limits, as were all the balconies for insurance reasons, yet we only had to unscrew on screw and we were there. It was an amazing view and one would only wonder what that view looked like 100 years ago looking at the bayou. There was a back house that only the second floor was livable. There was also a 4 car garage that had been added after the fact. I loved living there. The wood floors were original and made ornate decorations throughout. The library had the most amazing floors and timber beamed ceilings with 98 foot hard wood paneling. There was also a tiffany glass dome at the center of the ceiling on the second floor that lit up in the day and the night with the help of a light. we had a haunted house in 1995 with Zeta Tau Alpha because we were on probation and could not throw a party but we could throw a philanthropy event. so we had a sorority over for a month and had a party. All proceeds for 3 years went to the AHA. We raised almost 4k the last year, 1997, when I built the haunted house. The place was amazing and i dearly miss it. If anyonehas any questions please feel free to email me at ianpblake@gmail.com
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