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  1. Ahh, Mr. Landry's photos. Thanks for posting the link. Were you there too?
  2. Sure can! Only downside is the cost if you are hoping to sell it. To make a gift, its perfect. But my book ended up costing quite a bit retail because of the cost of production. But then again when I sell prints they go for anywhere from $35 to $75 and this has over 150 photos, including some very exclusive shots of the artists.
  3. This is gonna come off as a massive can of spam, but I thought some people might like this book (and others will hate it). But I think it is relevant to this forum. Stay Up by David Elizondo | Make Your Own Book"> http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1609307
  4. I knew that this subject matter might ruffle feathers. And everyone has a right to their opinion, especially when it comes to what is art. For the most part these guys will do this kind of art on run down, boarded up buildings and more often traffic signal utility boxes. I am not talking about gang graffiti or just someone scrawling their name or tag. Yes, that may be a fine line to some, but to me there is a difference. Would I be mad if someone put tagged my well maintained building, probably. Would I be mad if I owned a building that was in disrepair and tagged it? No. It just comes down to opinion really. I mean, when I am driving down some of our very ugly highways or streets and I see some interesting graffiti, I actually think it enhances. But hey, thats just me. But I also agree that more murals would be great. I am a big fan of murals by Weah and Ack! :
  5. Thought I would drop in and bump this old thread with some more recent pictures I have taken of various street art/graffiti here in Houston: My flickr page: http://www.flickr.co...s/11700551@N02/
  6. Well, I sent another email, this time to city planning within the Houston Public Works. I did see something interesting near my house in the Heights. Across the street from Spanish Flowers is a rundown "motel" called the Admiral Inn, there is a parellel parking space along N. Main with "Private Property" in tile mosaic on the curb. I had never seen something like that, just the street names.
  7. Thanks for the replies...I too have seen "new" mosaics where the city has tried to be consistent. I have found several places that sell the tile as silverartfox has described, in sheets...but I am looking for loose tile. I am sure there is some company that does them...the search continues!
  8. Thanks, I checked out the site, but they only sell loose glass tile. I think these street name tiles are porcelaine. Anyone one else know where the city gets them from? I emailed the city's works site, but no response. Thanks.
  9. Does anyone know where I could purchase the same type of tile the city uses for the tile mosaic street names inside the loop (the blue and white, about 1"x1")? Thanks...
  10. IN SEARCH OF... Does anyone know where this ghost is??? This has been one of the more elusive ones, any help would be appreciated!
  11. Some new photos of stuff I am not sure how old. Give Up, Dual, Ghost Town, Eyesore, Cutthroat, in no particular order:
  12. Here are a few more by Ghost Town, Give Up, EyeSore and Dual.
  13. The Dirty Third Streets is a good one...went through that whole site a couple of weeks ago. Seems like Give Up is all over the place, I really dig his work. Dual is also quite active and his stuff is very cool too. I have found about 14 tile ghosts, and know of 5 that are destroyed. I wish I could find more, but in a city the size of Houston it is the proverbial needle in a haystack.
  14. I tried to do a search about two specific kinds of "graffiti" known as wheat pasting and another called stencil graffiti. The former being quite a different form of graffiti where images are drawn, painted, screend onto various types of paper media and then glued to a surface with wheat paste. The other is close to traditional graffiti, except that the image is made using a stencil cut from card stock or paper. I personally love this kind of art, andlove seeing it around Houston. I am not talking about a crudely spray painted tag on a wall or stop sign. There are several very interesting artists in Houston that I love to try to photograph, such as Dual, Give Up, Eyesore, 2:12, and also Ghost Town. Ghost town actually is responsible for the tile mosaic Pac Man ghosts that are found all around the inner loop. Personally, I think this is art, but can understand how if it was affixed to private property could be offensive to the owner of said property. What are y'all's thoughts on this? Below are a few pictures of what I am talking about.
  15. Thanks Flipper. I have already adjusted some settings to make it "feel" a little more like my old AE-1.
  16. I have a 40D now. I have almost come around full circle, my first camera (which I still have) was a 1976 Canon AE-1. Without a darkroom I don't see the advantage of shooting film at this point. I am still getting used to this camera though.
  17. Yep! Sold it this morning via ebay. I wish I would have thought of this site earlier, but I forgot there was a classified section.
  18. I tried to sell this twice on craigslist in the past couple of weeks with no takers. Great deal on a great camera with a bag, 4 gig memory card, manual and usb cable. I have it listed on ebay now (unfortunately)...but I would rather sell it locally. Here is the auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=170340890204 I don't think (or don't know how) I can end the auction early, even though no one has bid on it (I have several people watching the auction and I guess they will start bidding in the last couple of hours). I am in the Heights and can meet the buyer within a reasonable distance. Thanks, David
  19. There is a Mr. Gattis out in Tomball. Ate there about a month ago. Godfathers Pizza on 1960 House of Pies on 1960 Nighthawk Steak house (there is only one left, the Frisco in Austin) Oscars Creamery (I think they just moved, but it aint the same if you know what I mean) I wish a Baja Fresh or Burrito Brothers would open here.
  20. Soooooo, anyone know of some job opportunities for my bro? As I mentioned before, I can send his resume to anyone that thinks they might know of something. He really knows his computer stuff...big on mac and linux, but also has been on PC's since he was knee high. Help a brotha' out! Thanks.
  21. Hi Gary! sounds like a good prospect. I sent you an email through the forum! Looking forward to hearing back from you. David
  22. Hi y'all...well, I recently came back to Houston and started looking for work...but am not having much luck. For the past 3 years I have owned and operated a recording studio in Austin. I had to close it last month because of how slow things are in Austin. While recording and mixing music is what I love to do and know how to do very well...as an owner of 2 small businesses (I also co-own a record label which is very much in operation still)...I know how to manage money, time, resources and people. I am also familiar with some PR, advertising and marketing. I am currently up in the NW side of town and the kicker is that I dont have a car (I am in the middle of restoring a 68 Firebird ). So a job would need to be kind of in the area. I do have limited access to a car and for the past 3 years have biked it to work...so I am willing to do that. If ANYONE thinks they might have a use for me...especially if it has to do with studio and music production...but also open to other jobs...email me and I will send my resume out. My email is david@republicstudios.com NOW, my younger brother is also trying to relocate and look for work in Houston. He has a lot more "everyday" skills than me I suppose (there arent recording studios in every office building ). He is looking for a system admin job...he is VERY good with computers, Mac, PC, Linux, networks, servers, etc. I have his resume, so if anyone knows of a job that requires that kind of skill...PLEASE email me and I will send you his resume. Thanks yall.
  23. Hey y'all, two of the bands on my record label, Amplified Heat and SuperHeavyGoatAss will be playing a show at Walters on Washington Ave. on Saturday June 18th. If you like REAL and GREAT ROCK, come down and check it out. You can visit the record label at www.arclightrecords.com and listen to the bands. Anyways...now that I am back in Houston, I am gonna try my best to bring some ROCK to town. be afraid!
  24. Pretty cool. Wish there was a picture of it. That is a lot of money...but I guess a steal for that much land in that part of town. I will have to drive down there and check it out. Does anyone here know of any old recording studios in town...I mean pre 1975??? Even if they are gone, would love to see pictures. Even better if they are still around! David
  25. Danax...I am not necessarily ruling out any particular part of town...however, most my friends and family live west of 45...kind of like to be close since our beloved Houston is so damn big! But will consider anything. I have seen that building for sale, I think on the har site. can't remember the price though. Since its a church, I am assuming there is a large open space...which is great for a studio. In a city the size of Houston...with a music history (zz top, kings X, ghetto boyz, and a lot of country and blues)...I am sure there are some old studios around...finding them, well that is gonna be tough. I mean, I know of some recent studios that are now out of business...but those are in business parks. So that is why I am considering other types of buildings. Cool help so far! edit...just saw it on har...it is $175k. Saw some interior shots...pretty spacious. Interesting.
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