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  1. I agree with the tenant list. I also like the Voss Academy and choose it first over all other locations.With the exception of the HEB,all the other stuff listed is sprinkled around within a two mile radius of this place. What gives? It doesn't fit the profile of the area.
  2. Wow, with where you are working, you could live in a great neighborhood with fantastic schools and walk to work. I don't think you need to commit to anything in Katy really. Resales are much better in your work area, if you can afford to live there. These areas definately hold their value and then some. I know that the traffic around Highway 6 going east AND west at night is really obnoxious. Only thing I have heard about Windsor Park Lakes its that's its cheap, stucco construction. A commute from deep in Katy to the Galleria would be horrible.
  3. Someone on here said Sharpstown may make a comeback... I thought they were knocking that one down. I may be wrong though. Memorial City is once again going through another transformation, ajoining itself to the New Memorial Herman tower. T&C Mall is now going to be CityCentre. I think this go round will be a success. It's catering itself more to those that live, eat and work in the area, rather than spinning itself as another mall destination.
  4. There was an article in the Houston Chronicle about it and it's rebirth. Barbara Bush, West Briar and Westside are excellent schools. Country Village is another good one in 77077. We live on the north side of the bayou and the increases have been over 50% in the past few years. Incomes levels that once bought in this area 10 years ago are priced out, but still need to be in the area. So I think it could see some good growth. The closer you can buy to the bayou, the faster in aprreciation, IMHO I will try to find the article and come back to link you. Edit for Link: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/mem...ws/5708863.html
  5. Yeah well, we can't all be as cool as you.
  6. That street back to commercial. But otherwise it's an interesting area.
  7. I know there is a freeway roar over on that side, yet those houses go fast and will appreciate greatly over time because of City Centre and the Energy Corridor. It's Rummel Creek Elem. If you really want to be in this area, because you are thinking of future and family (you can't beat the schools anywhere in the metro area) then you may want to watch Nottingham Forest east of Dairy Ashford. It's much quieter there and it has an incredible neighborhood club and easy access to Terry Hershey Park. My boys live in the park.....therefore so do I. The schools hold a huge resale draw for this area, and the houses have always been in demand despite the economy. If you are looking for proximity to downtown and being near the "young life," then definately Rice Military.
  8. East of the BEltway is 77024, and 300k is impossible to find. West of the Beltway is 77079. And you have to go way west or right on the freeway for 300k...and then it will cost more to make it liveable. Your two areas couldn't be more night and day.
  9. yeah you're right, taken out of context and thrown on the wrong board, it lost it's humor. Deleted.
  10. Exceedingly strong just west of the Beltway,Wilchester area 500,000 for a house in original condition , or with some slight updating now. This is a big jump from last year, maybe upwards by 150,000 on some streets. Four years ago you could have picked up the same house for 300,000. A house just sold down the street in 3 hours for 800,000. They are going to knock it down. I think the building in the Energy Corridor and the new City Centre are helping to push prices.
  11. A year ago, Hubby's was 1-1.5 hours to the Woodlands. Today, 2 miles and 5 minutes.
  12. We ifiled 3/31/08. Nothing yet. I guess the computer program is thinking, as those that demanded in person meetings already have dates set.
  13. You have no reason to go out of your way to be rude to me. Seems like an attack from left field. And my comments were on topic
  14. The problem I see with the suburban districts is that they have to build more houses, which equals more kids, to get anywhere near the property tax base of the built out districts. ie. Spring Branch and HISD. Land values in town keep increasing and there is nowhere else to build. Also the population in town is aging or people send their kids to private, which equals less kids, so the districts remains wealthy and not over burdened. Suburban areas have very low land values and they keep building and populating.
  15. Yes, they are two years from being in deep financial trouble. There was an article about it in the Chronicle this weekend. Many districts are a few years away from big time trouble due to Perry's tax cuts. Cy-Fair was listed as the one in the biggest trouble.
  16. I don't think SBISD and HISD will ever co-mingle. Could you imagine pissing off that many high property value tax payers? Too many people with major political pull living along the north bayou. If it ever hypothetically happened, it might be the first white collar street riot in history. However, towards the west the HISD are actually really good. Barbara Bush Elem., West Briar Middle and Westside High school. I know many districts are looking to raise taxes right back up to Pre-Perry propaganda, to pay for their district. Cy-Fair apparently two years from the brink. Article on that district, SBISD and others http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/mem...ws/5771565.html
  17. Well the SBISD community is pretty solid, highly educated and very upper white collar, which usually translates to kids having expectations put upon them, which translates to higher scores in the school. So in the next 10 years I don't see SBISD slipping any.
  18. Hubby attended Westchester HS in the Wilchester area. It's now an international Academy or something.
  19. Can't tell if you are joking or serious. If you encounter them will they go all Project Runway on you?
  20. Its an okkkkay area. They have been having a tough time lately with some nuisance crimes. Very loud over there and those streets are often used to cut around the Gessner/Memorial backup. They are adding turn lanes and such this summer. MCM and MH are really causing a lot of North/South congestion in the area. Not really quiet, but it will always hold its value due to Frostwood being across the street. Once again, so many places are becoming very urban that used to be sleepy. I also looked at the house on Paul Revere the way to school pickup. Very nice street. That house though had an extremely shallow culvert in front of it and sat level or below level of it. It was very close to the street, so its backyard must be huge. The house at the end is very interesting. Some new construction on the street. If you could escape and fix the culvert situation, I would take it over the Stoney Brook house.
  21. And you don't have to pay the realtor commision out of your 100,000 profit either. Everyone always forgets to subtract that from their "gain." Often its 6% of the sales price.
  22. Nottingham's lots are painfully small. Great neighborhood though if you you don't mind smaller lots. Treed and super kid friendly. Memorial Thicket is straddled between HISD and KISD and feels a little removed from the other Memorial areas. Yorkshire was on the market, now it's not. Except the 6000 sf house, YIKES. Things sell within a week if the house is viable.However, I have heard of people getting houses by ringing doorbells. I think Mpro is going for is what we did. Family home plus the lot size. As Houston grows, a big lot near the bayou, in Memorial, in SBISD will only get more valuable. The bigger the lot, the sounder the house, the better the price/performace the better. They are just getting harder and harder to find.
  23. Well, honestly low-income folks have got to have some place to live and they don't deserve the mess that has moved into that area either. All that said, if they plowed down The Park at Lakeside and Food Town, no one would shed a tear. Here was the email that I posted on another Westchase thread: I am a member of the Houston Police Department's Westside Tactical Unit. We have been conducting police enforcement activity around the Lakeside Estates Apartments. I wanted to let you know about the Keep Houston Safe Campaign. The Police Department will have a kickoff and press conference on May 8 (Thursday) at 9:00 a.m. at the Food Town located at Wilcrest and Briar Forest. The Chief or an Executive Chief representative will be speaking. There will be representatives from Pct 5 as well as (we hope) Councilwoman Pam Holmes. The HPD Command Post Vehicle will be deployed for a few days starting Thursday at the Food Town. There will be an increase in police activity for the next few months. The press conference is open for anyone to attend. Please pass the word if anyone in your subdivision would like to attend. Thank you for your continued support for our efforts in the area. Capt Gerstner and Lt Kubiak forwarded the emails you wrote. The officers who work the area are always thrilled to see the public support for their actions. If we can serve you in the future, please contact me. Randy Randal Jeansonne, Senior Police Officer Houston Police Department Westside Tactical Unit 3203 S. Dairy Ashford Houston, Texas 77082 (Office) 281-584-4933 (Fax) 281-584-4708
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