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  1. There's been a Herbert's at Dairy Ashford and I-10 for decades. Ragin' Cajuns place on Gessner and Westhiemer is as good as the Richmond one.
  2. I like the stretches a that are one lane. It keeps the traffic down to mostly residents only. The two lanes stretches are a congested nightmare at rush hour.
  3. The power was out after Alicia as far out as highway 6 for two weeks. Wind and rain I can handle. 100 degree heat with bugs and no AC, I can't. Making reservations for after the storm just in case.
  4. I like the Memorial drive into downtown. No stress and you can get all your errands done on the way or the way back. From what I remember it's about 30 minutes +/- going 35 mph. I'm almost at Voss and San Felipe every school morning around 7:20. Takes about 10-15 minutes from Kirkwood and Memorial.
  5. Of all the places that had to be hsut down for the I-10 expansion, why oh why wasn't Skylane one of them? I mean, come on Bill White, get on the ball!
  6. Like they did with Terry Hershey. Love what they did with the area.
  7. We used EAS this Spring to do spray insulation. I think it helped. With the way energy prices are this summer to last summer i can't give you a real answer. We opted out of the radiant barrier paint because I understand it can be diluted and you don't get what you pay for. We are looking into radiant foil.
  8. I agree. Tanglewood, West U, Memorial etc are suburbs. Sugarland, the Woodlands, Cinco are "exurbs." I get so confused when people say the suburbs suck, and Tanglewood is right off Post Oak. How does that suck?
  9. Sheeats. Stratford is still a great school. The parents around here have no problem with the schools not teaching TAKS format education. Memorial HS isn't either. Just because a majority of the kids who attend the school test acceptable, doesn't mean there isn't a great education. The bonus is that kids get to learn to live with all walks of life. There is also rumbling that they are still cycling out the Katrina crowd that killed Spring Forest a couple years back. But I don't 100% buy that one. I don't think we'll have any problem sending our boys there. One really wants to go and play football for them. The Top 10% thing bothers me, but I don't want either to go to college in Texas. Spread your wings and journey out is what I believe in. The Woodlands Schools sucked mainly because they had low expectations for achievement and it was a "TAKS education." Plain and simple. We moved there for them ( and the fact we could get a custom house for a song compared to Houston) and left because of them. I'm not surprised they have slipped in rating. Just MHO after comparing it to HISD and observing SBISD.
  10. Yeah, Hubby is stopping by Specs on the way home. Being from Miami I really don't get bothered by these small storms. It's the stink and the lack o AC afterwards that sucks.
  11. Most important thing is lower your pool and either put the patio furniture in it or in the garage. Once the power goes out, you can't run the pumps to get the pool down. They said possible 8 inches of rain, so I lowered 6 and will play it by ear.
  12. Yeah and that Randall's has a few 6 seater courtesy golf cart shuttles that I bet will be going back and forth quite a bit into CityCentre. My guess is that they will add more.
  13. The Woodlands has a HEB Market......but it's not exactly close to the brownstone area. It would be one hell of a walk carrying gorceries. I think CityCentre is going to have a specialties market.
  14. I like how they are going more vertical than a lot of these town center thingie majiggies.
  15. I don't think the government should be bailing out people who had no business taking out the loans they did. But then we are becoming more and more a nanny state nation everyday.
  16. Midway BBQ in Old Town Katy. It's connected to the Deer Processing portion and certainly not fancy. But it's good stuff.
  17. Kirkwood and Memorial here and got a 37. I agree it's out of date. Within .33 miles there are a few nail salons, dry cleaners,MAC for Women, Ups store, paint store,5 eateries,a couple clothing boutiques, shoe cobbler,gifts shops, jewelry shops,day spa, Some sort of brake and battery place, cooking schools,flower shop and a whole ton of other things I've never bothered to go in. At .84 miles there is a Krogers, a Public library, and another slew of shops. 7 Starbucks within 1.5 miles. . I never knew that. None of which are slated to close. I guess by American standards that's "car dependant." But then we are a nation of lard-asses, so there you go..
  18. That Wilchester one is on the corner of Memorial and Yorchester. Fault line problems. There must be a whole lot of other problems, with it even with the location, because it wouldn't have sat this long. They even tried to auction it if off in the middle of Yorchester on the corner there (big brew-hah-ha, cops call etc), and I guess it didn't sell
  19. Well, if you haven't gotten June's bill yet you will be shocked. Just keep that in mind when you are chosing you home.
  20. Well, here is an argument for you. My bill just can in today for my 3900 sf house. It's old, but with 2 newish A/C's and one small old one. New Windows. Spray Insulation up to 15 inches thick. $733.00 power bill from May 30 to July 1. Granted its old. But our 4000+ sf home in The Woodlands was close to that price as well.
  21. I noticed that the othe day. I guess that's so Islam takes over the world, they can just whack down the cross part.
  22. I can see that. We don't really have cut through traffic, so I guess that makes a difference in the effectiveness. Our neighborhood has none, it's blocked off on one side. There really isn't any congestion on the "major" roads to warrant cut through around here. Several North South access roads from the freeway to Memorial nip that in the bud. If you wanted to attempt a cut through, you'd really have to know the neighborhoods, and twist and turn you way out of it. In the end its faster to go to the light and make a turn.
  23. One of these days developers are going to figure out that the old fashioned grid system, neighborhoods built off alternate roads that run parallel to freeways, was actually a brillant idea. While the whole isolated, cul-de-sac concept is great on paper, once an area become highly populated, getting there is a royal b*tch. Compared earlier in this thread, the areas of Wilchester/West Beltway to 1960 and it got me thinking. The houses look similar, some of the lot sizes similar, but what made one boom and the other stagnate? While there are many differences now, location from downtown is bascially the same. The major difference that stands out, is how the neighborhoods are laid out and how one gets to the neighborhoods. 1960 is a constricted traffic road with an amazing amount of lights that takes people to their subdivisions. I know that people claim there are back roads, but obviously they aren't as efficent as a parallel lane of traffic flanked by grids. Western Memorial is built off parallel running Memorial. Once you get off the freeway, there are multiple ways to use the grid to get home. There are lights, but they are far between. Also, there is commercial, but the residental grid only allowed for pockets of commercial. Maybe I'm completely wrong, it wouldn't be the first time, but looking at the map of 1960 this sticks out like a sore thumb. Unfotunately, most of the MPCs use this system. And in my personal experience, it's not a good one.
  24. Wow. We pay about 450 a year. We got assessed 2500 last year to build a new wall, but there are some old farts holding out on easments that is really slowing down the building prcess.
  25. My in-laws were faced with the same choice when they moved to Houston in the late 70's. Champions or Wilchester. They chose Wilchester because of the bayou/horses and because they didn't want to travel 1960. I guess those lights were daunting even back then. But they must have been very similar at some point for both our families to chose between the two.
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