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  1. We just moved here 5 months ago.

    I am sure they will put a another store at Terramont, which will really make it hard for the Sterling Ridge stores. WHole Foods would be nice, but there is that Woodlands Market that fills that need. They actually have the best fish out here.

    And then there is the Walmart that will provide groceries. I think they are "over supplying" this area.

  2. I was much more upset to see the HEB go in directly across the street from the Kroger down the road. I thought for sure we couldn't support both. But I guess I'm wrong. They are always both semi-crowded.

    Yes, but do you notice how poor the produce and the meat is? There are not enough people to for each store to keep a good turn over rate. Everything is out of date or about to be, We have had 4 spoiled meat problems in 3 months. Now we go to the Randalls in PC. MUCH better store.

    I predict that HEB will pull out in a few years. Its the worst of the two.

    And I hope something good fills Texadelphia's space. That place was so awful and I am so glad it closed!

  3. Please list any wonderful, NON-CHAIN, restaurants in the Woodlands Area. I so miss that about the city.

    We have found Ranchero on FM2978. Great "hole in the wall Mexican" food.

    And La Tovola in Tomball, 5 star Italian.

    But that seems to be all we can find. Any suggestions. Family and adult style recommendations welcome.

  4. Six?  Wow, I had no idea.  There is the one on Sawdust and the Super Walmart on 242, but that's all I had seen.

    You just have to hope that the WOC realizes that a big chunk of their income is based on our home values, so won't do anything to shoot their own foot.


    1. one near college park on 45

    2. one toward Montgomery, TX/Conroe. forget the road

    3. the one on Sawdust

    4. one on 249

    5. one off Kuykendal and somewhere around 2920 or Spring Cypress

    6. now the one going up on 2978

    A few more that I forget about not to far away.

  5. don't get me wrong, i love the woodlands.  i like the peace and serenity and the layout of the neighborhoods and the homes.  but maybe it is just a bit too suburban for me.  i much prefer city dwelling.

    more of a lifestyle issue than a neighborhood one.  i think there are arguments --pro and con-- for living anywhere.

    best bet is to find where you like, move there and screw anyone that doesn't like it.  afterall, you are the one paying the rent (or mortgage) so what difference does it make if folks don't like where you live?

    Oh I much perfer my old neighborhood in the Galleria area. The area can't be beat. But you MUSt got to private school if you live there and you have to live in older homes that require constant up keep. We chose for our family not to pay the outrageous tuition to The Kinkaid School and instead live in a new home and attend CISD. Also, private school sports are not at the same speed as our kids. So we have moved out here for the next ten years and then will go back....although sometimes we toy with the idea of going back sooner. My husband works at 1-10 and Kirkwood so he drives 50 minutes each way. But he loves the club out here and will still go into town as a family once a week.

    I am a city girl and there is nothing like living in the burbs to make you miss the Houston traffic!

  6. Thanks for that info. We bought stupidly unaware that any of the Walmart and 2978 construction was going to occur. I mean if you are going to live in the Suburbs, live in the burbs. Now we are once again going to be next to low income housing and miles of strip malls.

    Oh well, I hope it doesn't kill our homes value.

  7. I am also puzzled at your suggestion that COH would have never allowed construction of apartment complexes or a Walmart close to million-dollar homes. Are you aware that Houston doesnt have zoning laws to begin with? Have you seen the glut of trashy apartment complexes in Sharpstown and Gulfton? If COH took over Woodlands and voided deed restictions and zoning laws enforced in there, I am sure you would soon be seeing muffler shops and Zones D' Erotica right behind your own backyard!

    COH would allow it, but so is the The Woodlands. The difference is that COH has ordinances that control construction. Pouring house slabs and constructiong pools at 4am would have brought about hefty fines in town. A little slap on the wrist to the builder and an apology from the WOC, doesn't cut it. As to trash,Houston was pretty clean except for the poor areas of town. And the Woodlands doesn't really have that...........yet.

    BUT I think you missed my main point. Your Woodlands Operating Company is starting to do the SAME THING as the COH. Walmarts, massive apartment construction and who knows how they intend to fill all that commercial property on 2978. As for trash here.....you need to drive through the neighborhoods off Player Woods. The construction workers leave fast food containers and building trash everywhere, which is never picked up until a complaint is issued to the WOC. Not need police? We have been having car break-ins left and right around here. A call I made on a solicitor at 10pm took 25 minutes to respond to. A little police presence would be nice. The "eight association paid for" patrol men never seem to make it back here. And now that the Woodlands Parkway has gone through to the "boonies," they need to be here.

    Maybe you live towards the front, but if you were back here in Sterling Ridge, you would understand that things in the Woodlands are changing. Your little unincorporated place is very nice, but I think you need to aware of what is going on with the current management and not so concerned with the city.

  8. I notice that there are 100s of acres owned by WOC right on 2978. I hope that its not going to be a slew of apartments and strip malls. But what else would pop up next to a Walmart?

    Does anyone know the furture plans for these area. All the signs just say "mixed commercial"........we have a lot of those signs back here in Sterling Ridge. :(

  9. Ok, I moved to the Woodlands a few months ago from the Galleria area, and the Tanglewood subdivision. We had trash pickup TWICE a week and Patrol cars constantly cruising the neighborhood, the streets were clean and the builders had ordinances to follow. I have yet to see ONE patrol back here in the back of Sterling Ridge and the builders act like its the wild west and there is trash everywhere.

    I for one would love to see this place taken over by Houston. I never had a problem with The City of Houston Water Supply, and frankly see no point paying 3,000 a year to the MUD district for water. Your police situation wouldn't change but the fire may become non-volunteer...........and that's not a bad thing.

    Hedwig, Bunker Hill and Piney Point Villages were all taken over by Houston decades ago. They have retained their building codes, police and associations. And association fees are a flat fee and not treated like a tax on the wealthy.

    What may actually happen here, if annexation occurs, is that the operating company would no long be allowed to act like the mafia, and that may be a good thing. Placing a Walmart next to multi-million dollar homes was a BRILLIANT idea. Not to mention the multitude of apartments they have decided to start building. As a resident, I would be more concerned about the Operating Company changing this place into urban trash, rather than the city of Houston. Seems they are failing to follow their own building codes.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the schools out here and the amount of house you get for your money. But I haven't had to work so hard to live somewhere in my life. The minute we are done with the "child period" of our lives, we are moving back.

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