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  1. Sheets, you can do a pseudo blend of both ideas, which is more the trend now. I just redid our master with light, polished granite tile on the floor, shower and 1/2 way up the bathroom walls. Yet I went with the 20's retro hardware in brushed nickel (warming towel bar included), light vanilla walls with black and white architectural prints framed in gold,marble white cabinets and trim, a claw foot tub (OMG am I in love with that tub!), and a chrystal Chandelier over the tub. It has a timeless feel. I hate to say it, because I put it in my kitchen last year, the rustic slate look is kinda on the way out. Sleek and classic is taking hold. It's a small bathroom, but doing it really well may make up for the desire for these bathing caverns these days. We just didn't need the space to salsa in the bathroom, so we didn't expand it. You actually can find some really great deals on granite tile these days. Just try to go for 16x16.
  2. I agree with the exurban v. suburban statement. However, exurbanites will get totally bent out of shape at the term. Pitch a fit even, and claim they are totally self-sustaining, and we live in this horrible dirty place and our kids are gangstas. Just as someone who lives in Tanglewood, West U, Memorial etc., will crinkle their nose when you catogorize them in the same "suburban" category as The Woodlands or Sugarland. While suburban has everything to do with layout and land use, it has become a definition of location in most people minds. I just say I live in (fill in the blank subdivision) and leave it at that. Most people that live within Houston know where I'm talking about without putting it in any category. Edit:Because I'm city edumicated and can't spell good.
  3. In my opinion yes. Suburban is lifestyle and use, but can be used to refer to location. Thus, most neighborhoods inside the Beltway are urban in location but suburban in layout, due to the single family homes and grided streets. This is why I say urban-suburban When someones says suburban, I think outside the Beltway in most directions.
  4. I think there are Houston Neighborhoods and suburbs. The suburbs keep getting pushed farther and farther out as the city grows. What once was suburbia in the 60's, outside the loop, is now very much urban neighborhood. What was once suburban in the late 70's and 80's, at the Beltway, are now just Houston neighborhoods as well. Both places fill certain needs. I've now lived in both,granted my suburban experience was only 2 years. And you know what's funny? The reason I dislike the suburbs so much now are some of the very reason we moved there. Oh well, live and learn right? But you know what? You can raise really great kids and have a great education in both places. Life experiences and racial-economic tolerance are certainly gained more in the city though. PS- Westbury is a urban-suburban neighborhood in my opinion.
  5. The thugs made that area really uncomfortable after a while. And then when they opened up the theater at Memorial City, all theater goers went over there. At least the ones who didn't want to get mugged or have their cars keyed.
  6. Problem with Hunters Creek Drive is that you can only access from the feeder. If you miss it you have to go all the way around and try again.
  7. Not really. Its a pet and maybe weighs 120 max. It was a small deer. Two guys can easily bring it down. And all it takes is one slit and it's all over.
  8. Yeah, I took from this there was no shot. Just brutal decapitation. That deer was a pet, he licked people hands......
  9. My kids just came back from feeding and petting this gorgeous animal last weekend. http://www.click2houston.com/news/18146084/detail.html It's one thing to be a hunter, kill quickly, and eat the meat. This is just wrong.
  10. I drive by there about 4 times a day and there hasn't been sign for a while. I think there was one maybe 7 or 8 years ago.
  11. Is it for sale? I know Methodist Hospital owns it, but wasn't aware it's for sale.
  12. Ok, I just got back and the store is huge, like in a too big way. The fish and meat sections are fantastic. But, I think I found where 80% of the 80 year old coupon clipper set shop. Kinda slowed things way down. Did you know they have Cheese Police? My son was with me and they refused to give him a sample, even though he had asked ME if he could get one. I had to get it for him. Something about cheese allergies and liability. Dear Lord, how did any of us ever make it to adulthood? Our lives must have been in peril 20 times a day. PS- apparently the Peanut Butter cookies don't need gaurding. whatever.
  13. Well, we wanted the bigger Memorial lot near the bayou as well. But coming back in, in 2007, it wasn't happening for under a million with a liveable house. I agree, the bigger the lot the better the return. That's why we went west into West Memorial. We ended up with 1/2 an acre in a subdivision named Yorkshire, next to Wilchester. A two story Georgian with 4000 sf. and a 3 car garage. It was more than liveable, but we gutted it anyway. So what if it's Stratford instead of Memorial HS. They are pretty much the same, both with social issues unique to themselves. However, in the year we have bought, our purchase price has become tear down value in here. So we did ok. Not as well as we did in Tanglewood or as well as HedwigTramp has done, but I think triple appreciation value days are gone for a while. PS- What's up with this house on LEgend Ln in 77024. I know the street's a little funky, but that's a darn good price for 1/2 and acre. http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cf...mp;backButton=Y
  14. What's going on with the ranch remuddle over there that's had half tin shingles and half roofing paper on it for ever?
  15. I've found a flaw on the coin. The halo is missing.
  16. Oh jeez Yonkers don't go back there. Western Memorial is hands down far better than The Woodlands. You can't beat the neighborhoods, schools and location.
  17. I don't think it needs an official renaming. Most of Houston calls it Gunspoint already. The owners are just a little late on putting up the new sign.
  18. Gessner has high congestion, that's one of the main reasons it's cheaper over there. And, most of those homes are no longer "in The Villages." When returning to Houston, my husband refused to look anywhere near Gessner, which is often a shared sentiment. Have you looked west of the Beltway along Memorial? Like Rustling Pines, Wilchester and Gaywood. They still have the excellent SBISD schools, but often have bigger homes and lots than those around Gessner. Very few ranches. The area is a bit of the bastard child of Memorial, but it's not "the other side of the tracks" like Spring Valley. My subdivision has 1/2 acre to full acre lots with mostly two story homes. Appreciation is steady and holding.
  19. As much as I don't like HEB ( It gives me the whole suburb flashback), I do love Central Market. If it's similar enough, I might give it a whirl. Does it have the same produce, bakery and meat aisle set up?
  20. Kroger in West Memorial is terrible as well. BUT, the one on San Felipe and Voss still remains one of my favorite generic stores. I go over there and shop often after school drop off. Better produce and cleaning supllies than the T&C Randall's. I've never been a fan of HEB, so I don't go out of my way for it.
  21. Honestly, I don't think you could pay hickory to grow in Texas. Seems way too tropical to even try growing it. I may be wrong, but as an NC native where Hickory grows strong, I just can't see it being in debree without laminate products in it.
  22. Wow. some of those models have it at least a 3 plowing Galvestion. Impressive graffics on this one http://www.guiweather.com/kml/tropical/reconLoader.kml
  23. It's old, but about 10 years younger than the Richmond one.
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