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  1. But unlike the others, the Woodlands seems to have it all (more complete), unlike the others. The riverwalk, the up and coming skyline, etc. The market square area is not the only part that is called downtown.

    In other words, if the Woodlands needed to survive on its own without Houston, it most likely could.

    uhh not.

  2. 1) who is chuck davidson

    2) yall need to go protest at city hall during a council meeting and have pictures. make sure your councilperson knows you'll be there. depending on the situation, there may be some opportunities to alleviate the situation but the homeowners need to offer that as a suggestion since they are more familiar wtih the drainage patterns. then the city will have to come up with some money which is usually the problem.

    Just because they fix the drainage and the street doesn't mean the flooding will stop. Nottingham Forest went through a couple years of revamping..it flooded again. Our neighborhood flooded in parts. And guess whose houses flooded? Those that were behind or next to new construction.

    Our neighborhood hasn't been worked on since the 60's, however it faired better than those that have been dug up...which makes us wonder why we want the city to do anything more than clean the street gutters out, which for some odd reason the REFUSE to do.

  3. We walked around where we could this weekend and I'm really impressed. I really don't like most of these Town Market Centers because they're attempting to "be" or imitate something. CityCentre isn't trying to be a movie set or a street from a bi-gone era, it's what it is; and open air urban shopping district.

    I'm not a huge shopper so I doubt I will park and walk it often, but it does have a few things I will visit a couple times a year. Not hugely impressed with some of the restaurant choices, most are upscale chain. Anyway, I think they did a great job for the Memorial Area. I don't think residents would have bought into the 1950's movie set look, so this was a good choice.

    Does anyone know how the lofts and apartments are doing in pre-renting or sales?

  4. My kids have been accepted to the HISD Vanguard (G/T) magnet program in Fall 2009. We are still trying to decide whether or not be move to Spring Branch (for the schools) or the burbs (maybe Klein). Of course, housing costs are an issue.

    If you could choose, would you leave the HISD Vanguard school to go to a highly rated school in Spring Branch or Klein?

    Moved from HISD to the "higly acclaimed" burbs schools in the Woodlands." We moved back in to SBISD because my kids were getting left behind, and excelled at bubble filling. If you can afford SBISD, they are actually good, not all hype. If not, I would stay with Vangaurd HISD if you can go all the way through High School.

  5. Cool thanks for the info. Memorial park is long due for an upgrade. I saw a jogger almost get killed by a stray hubcap the other day. They need to put a nice fence up against memorial.

    Jeez, I just got back from San Fransico and if you think Memorial is bad, you should see Highway One, The PCH. One false move and you're dead. No gaurd rails, no shoulder....just a loooooooong way down. A flying "hub cap" (do they exist anymore?) is nothing.

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  6. Comcast lost my business today, I can tell you that....They are running an ad right now that says get Cable/Phone/Internet bundled for $79.95 not an introductory rate - I called them this morning to figure out what the deal with that was because its running on Fox here. They asked me for my zip code, and then informed me - and Im quoting here exactly "Im sorry sir that is not ever going to be available in your area" so I ask why is that? I saw the commercial and it said houston - 79.95. She says - well sir your particular address is not inlcuded in that promotion. I said why is that? She told me - quoting here again - "we offer different promotions depending upon the average home value in your area & your average value puts you in a completely different pricing structure." So now Im really infuriated, and asked her if they offered that bundle for my area - Yup - $139.99. Thats just total crap - Those who can afford to live in whatever it is that Comcast decides is affluent have to pay more, and those who dont pay less - quoting her again - "we offer our promotions to maximize the number of customers we can serve in any given area"

    So Comcast who I have been using for years is out - I will not pay more than someone else simply because my area's average home price is more than theirs. I checked with several addresses and neither Dish nor Direct TV do this.

    Wow, that doesn't seem like ethical practices. Or, maybe in this day and age, targeting those that can afford it, it is.

    We use Comcast only for internet. DirectTV for TV and remote access on the alarm, so no home phone.

  7. Cyclists don't irk me nearly as much as all the !#$%^&*() jaywalkers we have in Westchase now.

    Seems like there's some sort of pride in walking down the STRIPE IN THE MIDDLE OF WILCREST.

    (Sorry for yelling. They really p!ss me off.)

    Yep, they literally step off the curb right at your car. And then give you a dirty look because you freaked out a little that you might hit them.

    Maybe they want to be hit?

    That whole BF/Wilcrest area needs to be bought out by Mattress Mac. They give Welfare Thugs a bad name.

  8. I recently visited town and loved this HEB! It combines many of the best features of a standard HEB and a Central Market.

    Sorry to hear there are some crime issues, but those can be worked out with the appropriate attention.

    Are there any other similar stores in the area? It seems a good direction for new stores in the more affluent areas of town.

    I went there yesterday and they have a security gaurd on a bike and a police officer near the exit door.

    I just wish they had more of the dips and salsas like Central Market does and not all the toys and "gifts." It makes the store too frustrating.

  9. See, now this statement aligns well with my point of view. If KinkaidAlum feels some moral obligation to help out a Subway worker, more power to him. But when he tries to force or coerce his morality upon you by political means, that's theft. He neither acknowledges that he could be wrong or allows for dissent; if you refused to comply with such a coercion, he would have the IRS liquidate your assets to help people like this Subway worker. He believes in moral absolutes, is unwilling to consider alternative viewpoints founded in reason or logic, dismissing them as lacking empathy, and condescendingly looks down upon the very same kind of people as he is who happen to have opposing viewpoints. He's really not that different from the right-wing religious zealots that he mocks...or even a fundie Muslim jihadist.

    Charity is when you give to a cause of your own free volition and without expecting any kind of material recompense for your deed. Coercion is the same thing, but when your hand is forced by a moral absolutist. Coercion negates charity. I support charity.

    Great Post Niche.

  10. Katie, with all due respect, you're putting a lot of words in my mouth. I never said there was anything wrong with building one's own success from wherever they started from. Nor am I belittling anyone's (modern) accomplishments. But I do recognize that I never feared a shortage of food. I never had to stitch my own cuts up with a needle-and-thread. Most of the things I fear in this economic crisis aren't life endangering.

    Not really trying to put words in you mouth but

    I guess what I'm trying to say, it's a GOOD thing that it gets better for each generation. It's a Good thing that we don't have to fear or face the same things our grandparents did. You shouldn't even have to look back to use them as an example of struggle. It's not the same world they lived in, and they helped make they way it is now. Yea, you may have cushier inside job, and don't do manual labor because you grew up middle class, but you could have easily become a crack addict too. Don't kid yourself, you do or did work hard at something. I'm probably talking to myself in circles anyway.

    Motivation moves a country forward. Trying to level the playing field with increasing taxes on the "worker bees" and elevating the less than productive through special programs and hand-outs is a huge step backwards. They won't learn anything from it and we'll end up right back to what started this mess all over again. And strangley this theory is highly supported these days, perhaps not by you, but it is.

  11. I'm a honkey and understand what Crunch is saying. I put myself through school w/o benefit of student loans or help from my parents. Yes, it was hard. But not near as hard as my parents and grandparents had it trying to lift themselves from poverty. Heck, my they didn't have electricity until my father was a teenager. I think most Americans have forgotten how to be "poor".

    I assume you've seen Geithner's resume?

    So, we should throw all the struggles of our granparents out the window? All the hard work they put in to build a better country so their future generations could have an education and better life was a bad thing? I'm sure my Grandfather would have been thrilled to learn this.

    I don't think America has forgotten how to be poor, I do think a certain percentage of the poor never learned how to do hard work and now expect to be elevated by a magical wand. To be coddled and bailed out, while the working class continues to struggle to do the right thing and never recieving anything for free. In an sense this puts them on the same level with the hated "generationally wealthy" white man.

    A hand out is a hand out. Whether its from your birth right or from Government freebies. It makes no sense to bash one and glorify another.

    Oh and all these tortured socialist democrat souls that are conflicted between elevating the poor but wanting to maintain their own lifestyle.... yet they are more than willing to let the top 10% take the hit for their cause. It's just another version of NIMBY isn't it?


  12. Crunch your racism against white people is astounding. If a white person EVER said what you just said every group from Lulac - to the NAACP, including, Jesse, the joke quannel X, etc would be protesting in front of that persons house, job, and everywhere else they think they can get media attention to extort money from someone and ruin that persons life.

    Your attempt to make it out as if every white person who has anything was given it by his parents is pathetic, and makes you look pathetic, in fact pathetic is not a strong enough word, but I am pretty sure that I would get symbols if I wrote what I really thought of you, lets just suffice it to say, if it was cold, when I was done it would be a big steaming pile. In fact its people like you who think the world owes them something I hate the most, you actually make me physically sick. I worked my butt off for 8 years of college and grad school to get where I am, and Im not about to let you try to tell me that because I am white I was given it. This mentality does nothing at all for the world in general. People like you, who preach that they were not given enough, or didnt have all the same advantages, or opportunities are excuse makers who just try to self justify your own pathetic failures, instead of realizing you actually are stupid, and you actually have not worked at all in your life. Manual labor is tough hard work, I know, because I do it on the side for fun running a ranch that my brain was able to buy becasue I worked behind a desk all week. But to think that those who do have things and jobs and also who happen to be white were given it is pathetic. Im sure there is not a single minority at all who got something because of the color of their skin, or their nationality....OH WAIT- there is - millions of them. Affirmative action, hiring quotas, college entrance requirements etc - diversity requirements. All of these things, are supposed to equal the playing field, when in reality all they actually do is discriminate against white people - who just happen to be becoming a minority. I CANT WAIT for the day I check minority and circle white caucasion, and am just given free things.

    Every college in America lets in grossly underqualified "minority" (which is a joke of a word too) applicants in an attempt to have "diversity" so that everyone is given "equal opportunity." If you were SO pathetic to not even be able to go to school under one of these programs, I have news for you. You are a DUMB. There is no other way to say it. Poor folks, and Minorities, who may have started out having it harder, have it MUCH easier when it comes to admissions in college, and it doesnt stop there - though it should. White people dont even qualify for 50% of the financial aid solely because they are white. Regardless of their parents financial status or history. There are freaking doctors who are idiots b/c med schools cant kick out the underperforming minorities for fear of losing funding. There are law schools who let in freaking idiots under the vail of diversity. I have seen it first hand.

    Believe me the white people are fully aware that the face of America is changing...We are working harder and harder every day to achieve the same things that our parents had and because of all that work, we are ubable to have as many children. The smart are not multiplying nearly as fast because they are actually PAYING THEIR BILLS instead of just sitting on our butt with our hand out asking someone else to freaking do it for us. Meanwhile those on wellfare, and those not even in this country legally are busy spitting out babies as fast as they can, and training them to vote for idiots like Obama who promises them everything for nothing - when in reality all this pathetic loser is doing is running this country into the ground.


  13. Kids are so over-scheduled, with 3 different "select sports" teams ,they never even see the streets of their own neighborhood much less the neighborhood park. :rolleyes:

    Neighborhood parks are useful until the kids are about 5. ANd their wre plenty for my boys. We mostly used the lower school playgrounds in the neighborhood, and Memorial Park was loaded with kids.

    I grew up in Miami. Coral Gables even. Talk about a crappy place to raise a family. We were in lockdown all the time.

    This is just more fuel for white flight and Master Planned Community Marketing.

    I call BS.

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