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  1. You can run from apartments, but you can't hide. Or you can just learn to live in peace next to them like people do "in the city."
  2. Just because they fix the drainage and the street doesn't mean the flooding will stop. Nottingham Forest went through a couple years of revamping..it flooded again. Our neighborhood flooded in parts. And guess whose houses flooded? Those that were behind or next to new construction. Our neighborhood hasn't been worked on since the 60's, however it faired better than those that have been dug up...which makes us wonder why we want the city to do anything more than clean the street gutters out, which for some odd reason the REFUSE to do.
  3. Blue Ridge?? That's insulting to NC. I like Houston and everything, but can't they come up with an original name rather than copping a name from one of the most beautiful ranges in the country?
  4. KatieDidIt

    Found Dog

    That dog has some major Border Collie in it. Love those dogs.
  5. I'm quite taken with Burger Shack's hamburgers..drippy goodness and real high quality beef.
  6. I noticed a lot of the McMansions are starting to sell with the completion of CityCentre. Well, except those on the feeder roads.
  7. We walked around where we could this weekend and I'm really impressed. I really don't like most of these Town Market Centers because they're attempting to "be" or imitate something. CityCentre isn't trying to be a movie set or a street from a bi-gone era, it's what it is; and open air urban shopping district. I'm not a huge shopper so I doubt I will park and walk it often, but it does have a few things I will visit a couple times a year. Not hugely impressed with some of the restaurant choices, most are upscale chain. Anyway, I think they did a great job for the Memorial Area. I don't think residents would have bought into the 1950's movie set look, so this was a good choice. Does anyone know how the lofts and apartments are doing in pre-renting or sales?
  8. We saw them out here West of the Beltway. Flood damage survey maybe?
  9. Moved from HISD to the "higly acclaimed" burbs schools in the Woodlands." We moved back in to SBISD because my kids were getting left behind, and excelled at bubble filling. If you can afford SBISD, they are actually good, not all hype. If not, I would stay with Vangaurd HISD if you can go all the way through High School.
  10. Jeez, I just got back from San Fransico and if you think Memorial is bad, you should see Highway One, The PCH. One false move and you're dead. No gaurd rails, no shoulder....just a loooooooong way down. A flying "hub cap" (do they exist anymore?) is nothing.
  11. I saw this the other day. It looked really out of place. Usually the neigborhood elevates first, then 10 years later the street gets a face lift. This is definately a different approach.
  12. Wow, that doesn't seem like ethical practices. Or, maybe in this day and age, targeting those that can afford it, it is. We use Comcast only for internet. DirectTV for TV and remote access on the alarm, so no home phone.
  13. Yep, they literally step off the curb right at your car. And then give you a dirty look because you freaked out a little that you might hit them. Maybe they want to be hit? That whole BF/Wilcrest area needs to be bought out by Mattress Mac. They give Welfare Thugs a bad name.
  14. The new ones are obviously done by the same group that create CreditReport.com Unfortunately for us, they are a sad, boring and annoying knockoff. What's with the monoton singing!?!?! <bang head on wall>
  15. I went there yesterday and they have a security gaurd on a bike and a police officer near the exit door. I just wish they had more of the dips and salsas like Central Market does and not all the toys and "gifts." It makes the store too frustrating.
  16. HCAD is getting desperate. They've been crawling all over our neighborhood. Those little white Prius cars are parked everywhere with guys with cameras and clip boards.
  17. Not really trying to put words in you mouth but I guess what I'm trying to say, it's a GOOD thing that it gets better for each generation. It's a Good thing that we don't have to fear or face the same things our grandparents did. You shouldn't even have to look back to use them as an example of struggle. It's not the same world they lived in, and they helped make they way it is now. Yea, you may have cushier inside job, and don't do manual labor because you grew up middle class, but you could have easily become a crack addict too. Don't kid yourself, you do or did work hard at something. I'm probably talking to myself in circles anyway. Motivation moves a country forward. Trying to level the playing field with increasing taxes on the "worker bees" and elevating the less than productive through special programs and hand-outs is a huge step backwards. They won't learn anything from it and we'll end up right back to what started this mess all over again. And strangley this theory is highly supported these days, perhaps not by you, but it is.
  18. So, we should throw all the struggles of our granparents out the window? All the hard work they put in to build a better country so their future generations could have an education and better life was a bad thing? I'm sure my Grandfather would have been thrilled to learn this. I don't think America has forgotten how to be poor, I do think a certain percentage of the poor never learned how to do hard work and now expect to be elevated by a magical wand. To be coddled and bailed out, while the working class continues to struggle to do the right thing and never recieving anything for free. In an sense this puts them on the same level with the hated "generationally wealthy" white man. A hand out is a hand out. Whether its from your birth right or from Government freebies. It makes no sense to bash one and glorify another. Oh and all these tortured socialist democrat souls that are conflicted between elevating the poor but wanting to maintain their own lifestyle.... yet they are more than willing to let the top 10% take the hit for their cause. It's just another version of NIMBY isn't it? JMHO
  19. Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman had me laughing really hard earlier today. Good stuff
  20. Kids are so over-scheduled, with 3 different "select sports" teams ,they never even see the streets of their own neighborhood much less the neighborhood park. Neighborhood parks are useful until the kids are about 5. ANd their wre plenty for my boys. We mostly used the lower school playgrounds in the neighborhood, and Memorial Park was loaded with kids. I grew up in Miami. Coral Gables even. Talk about a crappy place to raise a family. We were in lockdown all the time. This is just more fuel for white flight and Master Planned Community Marketing. I call BS.
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