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  1. Well, at least they are allowed to protest, unlike the private-public parks outside of Houston.
  2. 3.61 today at Conoco Phillips on Wycliffe and Memorial for PREMIUM Unleaded. Everywhere else looks to be 20 cents more. I am understanding that Trader/Brokers/marketers of Oil and Gas products can't get enough credit to make transactions. They are using up what is granted and having to seek more almost weekly. Will this in turn increase prices more?
  3. Nevermind, I figured it out. Wheew. I thought I discovered another thing I had slept through in college.
  4. Flare Price Index? Teach me something today. What they heck is that?
  5. Seems they are supporting another house. I know it would be hard the send several children to private, pay the taxes on a house in a "GREAT" neighborhood (which it sounds like what they are looking for) and support another home. People make choices for their own reasons.
  6. Modified foods scares me. Of courseheading into the summer, the whole freezer full of wild game in the garage scares me too. BUt that's a whole other story.
  7. Buckhead and Houston are pretty different. You can come close to it around River Oaks and neighborhoods around the Galleria. Minus the funky art galleries stuck here and there. Sadly though, 850,000 can't get you into River Oaks and can barely get you into an Uptown neighborhood. The schools are another issue. There are good public schools in those areas, but many with school age kids prefer to move to Memorial or go private. You may want to head into Memorial, but it would have to be Western Memorial for your price range. The schools are excellent and there are some really really pretty properties out there. IF your husband can truley work in the Energy Corridor, you might be able to consider that. Is it like Buckhead or River Oaks or the Galleria? No. But they are a pretty easy drive to get to during non-rush hour. We moved from the Woodlands to Memorial, just outside the Beltway. We love it. Its has just enough quirk and charm to it to make it feel good. Even more quirk and charm isn't that far away. The public schools are excellent and you can get more for your money. For 750,000 you could get a very nice partial remodel on at least 13,000 sq ft. lot. Spring Valley was mentioned above. It is nice, but some would still consider it slightly transitional. Good luck!
  8. ICK. Really? Those seem very average and really don't fit the demographics of the area. Its more like a line up you would find out in the suburbs somewhere. A lot of those places already have some form of an HEB Market. You are right that maybe the location might be too close to the existing one. But there is a huge population in the Beltway area and west that would go to it, and the demographics of 77024 are perfect for that type of market.
  9. Ethanol- The great scam of the 21st Century.
  10. I don't mind paying at the pump, its good for Houston's economy and that has a trickle down affect to everyone who lives here. HOWEVER- Groceries are getting stupidly expensive due to it. I think we've gone up about 50 bucks a week on the basics. And if you want to buy organic lately, take out a loan.
  11. I have 5 cloth bags I take with me. If I forget, I always ask for paper, it biodegrades and it can be recycled. Plastic stays with us forever if its not recycled. \ Oh yeah, and those stupid plastic bags roll all around the back of the car and the handles rip off causing a major headache.
  12. All those companies try to weasel out through some sort of loop hole. If it is included in the pruchase of the home, fine go for it. But my experience has been to pay 65 bucks for them to come out and whatever the problem is not covered or the item wasn't "maintained properly" therefore not covered.
  13. Its coming along. According to the CIO of Memorial Herman, that one building is just part of the puzzle, not the whole burrito. I'm wondering if that means more towers.
  14. Well, we have a mix around here. Some sell the first day, most within two weeks, but there are few that sit for over 2 months. Most of those are homes that haven't been touched. Most people aren't willing to put the time and money into a house whose purchase price is already high. What saves us is SBISD, most people can't afford the big house and private school these days. FYI, we have two families moving into our hood from the West U area next month. I'm wondering if people are wanting more land and space now.
  15. Wow our area is up almost 20%. So much for the housing crisis.
  16. You live within a corporation up there. It gets tiresome to battle against the machine and nothing comes of it. One person can't make a difference in a situation like that because the difference must be appoved by the Association/TownshipPooBa, aka The Woodlands Development CO. Some people are not affected by that, others it drives to distraction. So in our case (along with commute times) we gave up.
  17. CONGRATS CELIENE!! Whoohoo. Let us know where you land. You can PM me if you want some inside advice to Houston areas. -Katie
  18. Sterling Ridge to Downtown is One hour and 20 minutes without wrecks during rush hour. Add another 10 minutes when you hit all red light going up the parkway, which happened 65% of the time. If its backed up at Panther Creek, who knows.
  19. With prices the way they are there isn't much chuck roast left ITL, and the ones that are there don't care what the hell Rail does. Medium Grade Ribeye has to move out of the loop to find green pastures these day.. The Kobe NIMBYS are the ones that hold up many of the rail projects.
  20. WE hear you there. The boys made me blast Daughtry's "I'm Going Home" and honk all the way over the flyover on the way out as we followed the moving trucks towards home. I'm so happy to be back in Houston, I could bust....still. I absolutely adore where I live once again. I know its frustrating to compete with "the new house" down the block, but hopefully it will come soon. Our agent told us houses without a pool up there average 180 days on the market. I never will understand the pool thing, ever. We have one once again, it was already here but the yard is massive, and the pool is just as big of a pain in the butt as our Tanglewood one.
  21. Well, that's their own damn fault. We did drive it, we lived there for almost 3 years. And I was being generous and saying once you get out of the Woodlands. We had to get to the freeway first, which was another 20 minutes. And you're right, more than a 20 minute drive twice daily (to get to employment) isn't worth it. But 30 is about the norm these days
  22. You'd be shocked to find out just how many high level, white collar workers own ranches in Texas. I hear on the radio all the time in carpool line at 3pm they are saying 45 minutes from downtown to the top of the Hardy. that's at 3 pm and they aren't even in the Woodlands yet. Whenever hubby drove to downtown it was 50 minutes minimun AFTER he got out of the Woodlands. Getting out is a whole other story. I actually found our neighborhood in the Woodlands louder than ours in the city. It had more to with the gas leaf blowers running 24/7, outdoor TVs and Stereos and the drag racers at night. Its a good place for many to live, but it is VERY far away from Houston. I don't know about the night life, we are mid-30s and have been married since the dawn of time. Our idea of going out is to a 5 star eatery and then home again. That always included going into Houston, not having wine with the meal and then driving back again.
  23. We sold our cul-de-sac George Weaver last year for a loss of 117,000 ( not including improvements), first owners and a resale after 2.5 years. It was extremely well decorated and spotless.This was back in Sterling Ridge. It sucked. The draw back? We did formal English Gardens versus a basic pool, therefore we were automatically 60k less than any other house. People want a pool up there,period. They don't want to put it in, they want it all now now now. Most are transfers up there and don't want to be bothered with having to work at anything. Houses we were up against in 6/2007 are still on the market by the way. If you get out even after improvements and commissions, count yourself very very lucky. I think we've always made about 250k+ on every house we sold in Houston within less than 2 weeks, but The Woodlands was a losing game. I was HIGHLY frustrated by the pool issue, because in Houston it has nothing to do with a house's final prices...at all. We couldn't even sell without one even after dropping the price to account for one, yet our home was far more finished than most other homes in the neighborhood. We are back in Houston now an can already make a huge profit on the old house we remodeled. In fact we had an agent call and offer way more than we bought it for plus remodel. Good luck, I wish you the best.
  24. Nah, not if many of your neighbors are 65+ and many of your friends of 20 years live in various different parts of West Houston. We have a couple families in the hood we enjoy, we just don't ONLY socialize with them and its "ok" not to only socialize with them. In burb life we got major crap for having parties and not inviting everyone on the street, just because they lived there. We had other parties that involved the nieghborhood, its just we felt every single party we had didn't have to involve them.
  25. Congrats. Looks like the kid has a fine set of lungs!
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