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  1. I know. It must be a terrible disappointment that we can't be more like the socialist utopia that your enlightened mind envisions. Seriously, get over yourself.
  2. The root of the ranking problem is a red X? Damn, it all makes sense now. You've truly shown me the light.
  3. Considering the people who live in and frequent the area, the chance for any real revival is slim to nill. I find it hard to believe that the mall will be able to survive without Sears. And a theater? In this part of the city? Won't work.
  4. The responses on this thread are amazingly retarded. I just want to add some opinions of my own. 1. Don Elder represents the people of Katy. He was elected by the citizens of Katy. If the people of Katy don't want this slum development then they have the right to speak out about it. And so does the mayor. 2. Nowhere does he mention any ethnicity. Nowhere does he mention any nationality. Nowhere does he mention skin color at all. So out of one sentence you managed to deduce that he is in fact a bigoted racist who hates Mexicans and wants them all gone? Wow, that's impressive. I have to say you deserve some sort of award for that. 3. So what if he doesn't like illegal immigration? It's bankrupting this country in more ways than one. The fact that one man is being condemned for even mentioning it stuns and saddens me. 4. Who are you to determine what "hatespeech" is? Freedom of speech is pesky, isn't it? 5. Could we refrain from attacking the poor white people of Katy. They've never done anything to you, keep the elitism to yourselves. Go Katy. Fight the developers and section 8. Don't let them destroy your community.
  5. 1. The US will suffer economic collapse. 2. There will be war in the Middle East. 3. They'll FINALLY close down the Sharpstown Mall.
  6. Sharpstown could have a good future. BUT they need to tear down those apartments (and I do mean ALL of them), renovate the neighborhoods, and get draconian on transients and loiterers.
  7. Westador resident here. I hate to bump an ancient thread, but that's simply not true. They could have fought the building of those monstrous complexes. They could have tried to preserve the character of the area. But they didn't. Frankly, I blame the lack of zoning being in unincorporated Harris County. I true tragedy of the highest calibur.
  8. I haven't been there in a while, so I'm curious: how is the Klein area schools doing lately? I know Klein Forest is crap, but I've heard the rest of the district is starting to decline as well.
  9. Really? I had no idea. It looked so great from what I saw of it. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. Okay, I currently live in Southern California, but I'll be moving to Houston soon with my wife and my parents. We've been looking for a new home for some time now, and recently we saw a great home for a really low price. I've heard that it's a fairly good place to live, but can anyone tell me more about it? Thank You.
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