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  1. Sundance Square in DT Fort Worth would be a great model for the Houston Center area. To me, they have some similarities, and resign myself to the fact that the Lamar and McKinney corridors from Houston Center to about Milam are probably the best bets to see further expansion of longterm retail (not bars and restuarants) similar to what's at Sundance.

  2. All theve done so far is a small little building but this thing is going to be nice.

    You're confusing the Gardens at Westgreen development with the Indigo Earth project. They are completely seperate projects. No dirt has turned yet on Indigo Earth while the Gardens at @ Westgreen project is well underway and will likely be completed in either December or the first quarter of 2005.

    The Gardens @ Westgreen


    Initial tenants will include Slick Willie's, Tokyohana Grill and Sushi Bar, Berryhill and the Swig bar.

  3. That's a very good point, Subdude, but I also agree with Space City that in the process of annexing surrounding communities, the city should have a plan in place to provide better infrastructure (if it doesn't already exist) including park acreage, modern drainage and, perish the thought, sidewalks. Settegast, for example, is an impoverished area and the lack of basic infrastructure in that area of the city only makes the area look more desolate than it is, which doesn't do a good job of promoting commercial opportunity or even basic retail access.

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