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  1. Tex, Do you have any idea of what's being done to the green-clad building on the right facing the northbank of the Bayou? At one time, construction or what have you was fairly strong but it has since tapered off.
  2. Boy, Ricco, Jack really chaffes/ed your hide, eh?
  3. I think you mean this storm will be, physically speaking, one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) to hit Florida--not the strongest. For example, Andrew's winds were still about 30 MPH stronger than Frances's. Frances, however, covers twice as much square area. I doubt Frances builds back enough strength on its track across the Atlantic from the Bahamas to the south central Florida cost to match much less surpass Andrew.
  4. I'm no Kerry fan but I think a while ago (back in June on a Meet The Press Interview)) he was very clear (one of the few things, IMO, he's been clear about) about why he voted against the proposed bill. The bill, in his opinion, did not address the true needs of the soldiers already in conflict and, as Tex mentioned, provided for weaponry that wasn't essential to the mission in Iraq. In Kerry's words, there wasn't much give on the issue and it was going to be voted in anyway but he voted "nay" on the principle that the bill, as designed, did not address the true needs of the soldiers already e
  5. LOL! That's the cheesiest of 'em all. Trust me, Houston TV news can be pretty bad, but none of it is quite as inflammatory and overblown as WSVN 7 (Miami's) news coverage. That place makes every bit of a story the "worst thing ever" to have happened. Drama queens in all of its kaleidoscopic wonder, and they use the same guy with the same contrived, overly dramatic voice as the Fox 26 people to announce their upcoming stories. "Next on Fox 26, find out why this East End man's aching left ass cheek may be a signal that the end of the world is near. But first, a homicidal maniac vows to chop Hous
  6. We're going to have to develop a lot of patience, though. I mean, considering all the antsiness surrounding the Shamrock project, we might all have strokes waiting for the entirety of the Buffalo Bayou Plan to become reality.
  7. Heh. The pic didn't load for me the first time. Oh well.
  8. Which federal building are you talking about, Bar? Are you talking about the Leeland Federal Building (which I personally think is pretty straightforward and non-offense if not attractive) or the building further up on Smith Street near the BOA Tower (which, I agree, isn't the best looking building in the world)?
  9. No dirt has turned that I'm aware of on the plaza part of it, which is what will actually make the entire complex look good, IMO.
  10. To this end, your input is needed on the Main Street Project section, 2112.
  11. The Gardens @ Westgreen project was supposed to begin construction in late 2003 and didn't start until April of this year--as much as a four month delay. It happens. Again, when the trailer leaves the lot, then you'll have far more reason to be suspicious. Otherwise, who the hell knows what holds up are in place. They "estimated" August. They were off, at the least.
  12. The Link! I think if it could be better integrated into the Houston Center Mall, that entire area could be a "Point of interest" to business travelers.
  13. I agree with Semipro. Pearland seems more likely to get a mall before the area near I-10 and the Grand Parkway. Cinco, Several developers have talked about the location next to Cinemark being prime for mall development (a traditional type mall rather than a large-scale outlet mall). Nothing concrete has come to pass but I do know that the current property owner (I think it might be Metro National) has never been coy about admitting that the current infrastructure, accessibility and demographics scream "mall" at that location. The roads have already been designed to cater to a high-volue mall c
  14. I agree. If Jaywalking isn't enforced to some degree, then despite what the author says, some extremely dense person will cross willy-nilly, without much discretion. Even the most alert people use poor judgement from time to time. The more incentive pedestrians (and motorists) have to use good judgement, the better. BTW, the stringently enforce jaywalking in downtown Miami during weekdays. Police are even rude about it. "Hey, dummy. You want a car to knock you across the street?" It's somewhat funny.
  15. I agree. If done right and supported adequately by various tennants, it could be a catalyst for that esteemed building next door to it on what, right now, is probably the poorest block on Main Street downtown. The Stowers tower has a very cool design, a nice color scheme and reminds me of some of the older towers that front Grant Park in Chicago. I was thinking that, in time, Fannin Street from about Prairie to about McKinney could be a tightly arranged corridor of hotels and condo conversions, similar (but to a smaller degree) to S. Michigan Avenue. And Ricco's right. Downtown was delightful
  16. I'm impressed by the Partnership's ambition and attention to details. I hope that the city, county, state and federal governments match the Partnership's drive in helping this become reality. The developers are already hankering and chomping at the bit for an opportunity to get in on this thing, but they, like the public, need to know what's tangible and what's not. I would like to think the Partnership, civil engineers and architects could do quite a bit with $800 million in dedicated funds, and if done right, flooding would be of far lesser concern for decades to come.
  17. I was thinking about this a while ago when I was at Tranquility Park. It's actually been pretty okay temperature-wise, minus three or four weeks. Today is no exception. A little warm around two o'clock or so but nothing we can't handle and it doesn't last very long. The rest of the day (today and yesterday) has been very nice. Am in my own world or does anyone else notice the same?
  18. I can't post the infrareds, Monty, but it's the empty block east of the southbound platform of the Red Line @ Preston Station. To the south is Suedea, Boaka Bar and th Mercury Room. Across Main Street are Opus, M Bar and Saba. Above it is Live! and Subway. Hope that helps. How about a fountain with fancy lighting? I realize Market Square is nearby but a city can never have too many public spaces, IMO.
  19. Actually, I prefer the I-45. It's not an architectural dynamo and can look seedy in areas (and to the urbanist, it's a nightmare of cars and strip malls) but it at least looks like it has life to it. US 59 and Hardy look pretty rural, like the NW arc of I-295 near Jacksonville. Doesn't look like you're heading into one of the largest cities in the country.
  20. There are some quirks in the park's design (you have to expect it) but I love the sentiment behind it, and I think it's location is great as well. My trip there last year, when they were still constructing it, provide some bonechilling effects. I can only imagine the vibe now that it's finished. I agree about the broad on the building, though. Not necessary.
  21. I disagree. Katy Mills serves a different purpose from the Indigo Earth project. Katy Mills is an outlet mall that provides quality goods at discounted prices (clearances most often). The Indigo Earth project will have some retail but nothing like what's at Katy Mills. Indigo Earth is primarily geared for recreation with a touch of shopping while Katy Mills is shopping with a touch of recreation. Also, the two are still a pretty healthy six miles from each other and the area west of the (EDIT) Grand Parkway is developing its own critical mass. Heck, there still is talk about building a mall ne
  22. I agree. It's the gateway to the area's main airport. High time that more of the area looks the part, including the mall.
  23. The problem is that it doesn't look like it would serve any other interests otuside of the commercial office market. It doesn't look like the best structure for a condo reconfiguration or a hotel. However, I could be wrong. Otherwise, keeping it around seems to not really serve a purpose. It's sort of like an eyesore between downtown and Midtown. I think of greater concern are the Savoy and old Days Inn hotels. They're better designed for condo/loft/what-have-you redevelopment, especially the Savoy.
  24. Isn't this place scheduled to become a hotel in the distant to not-so-distant future? Retail would make sense if we're talking the same building.
  25. It runs north-south and is equidistant between Fry Road and Mason Road.
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