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  1. You mean the lot across from the West Building, on the west side of Main Street? If you are, I heard that it was going to be filled in by a parking garage with some street level retail. I remember the original structure being torn down DURING Super Bowl week. Otherwise, I don't have a clue.
  2. There sure is. And I think 27 makes a good point. Psychologically, people tend to shut off additions if they're hidden behind an established structure or unit. If you're just browsing, you may not think enough to keep moving through a store and around display cases, registers and whatnot. You may just decide that the mall is "over" and turn back around. I think you could still do it but you would probably need to change the configuration of Neiman Marcus as well.
  3. Yeah, that parking lot continues to look cheaper and cheaper with each month that passes by. It doesn't help that the owners of the Montague Hotel don't seem to care one way or another about the appearance of that area. People go into that Hard Hat Deli and they leave paper from in front of that door to down both Fannin and Rusk in both directions. I realize that a lot of construction crew is in that area but still... you're running a business. Funny how one or two buildings can have a prominent affect on the rest of the immediate surroundings. I agree about 1111 Rusk (as well as the notorious
  4. Yeah, as much as I like the concept and the vision, it seems that the ground level retails asthetics is missing something. It's not unattractive but it seems rather generic. Then again, it's just a model. It could look like anything once the renovations are done and they sign actual tenants.
  5. Jefe sucks. People I've talked to who go there say that they don't ever feel like it's set up to have any staying power. It's like the owner runs a name out there six months to a year, does some "light" renovations to the interior and then closes up only to change again with a new gimmick and name (which might explain why they never do any work to the upstairs or put up any longterm signange/marquees).
  6. The people who didn't want to sell (and began promoting the Third Ward Is My Home And Is Not For Sale campaign) were people who lived in the more prosperous areas of Third Ward, where 95% of the redevelopment efforts were/are not taking place. Developers weren't looking to buy and convert homes south of Alabama Street, as most of the homes in that area are old but in pretty good shape and the residents earn pretty good incomes. North of Alabama and on up to Elgin, however, where many old homes lay abandoned or are in horrible condition are the ones that were/are being purchased or sought for p
  7. I agree. Unless the lighting and sheetmetal are provocative, the building isn't all that distinguishable. But I didn't expect the design to be eccentric anyway, which, overall is probably a good thing.
  8. I think this is good for Cabo LP overall as now they can focus on their downtown location. Maybe they could do okay in the Med Center depending on how they brand it and where they locate it. Of course, this would assume that they get their finances together and are on solid footing in the future.
  9. Nice day. Good pics. From what were you graduating, Mancuso?
  10. Clear skies, 68-degrees and, minus the construction, downtown looked lovely and active this afternoon (and why wouldn't it? Get out of your office buildings, you slaves!!). Too bad I've had one meeting after another since about 12:00. I saw a lot of people walking their dogs during lunch. That's always nice.
  11. Says the server is going through maintenance. It'll probably be back online by Monday (I'm only guessing).
  12. I agree. In many ways, I think newer growth cities like San Diego, Denver and Los Angeles (I know, I know, but it's new relative to the older northern cities) are starting to get it.
  13. The fact that it is a finalist is a good thing, regardless. Say that Tampa or Atlanta were to be chosen, that would give Houston a stronger stake in the 2010 or 2011 game. However, 2009 has been stated as a likely date for the game to return to Houston. The Chronicle's John McClain (the Chron's lead NFL journalist) has stated this repeatedly since the SB ended earlier this year.
  14. I remember watching a PBS documentary a few months ago and they were talking about the search for alternative fuels for future energy consumption and one sobering comment I heard came from an executive for one of the oil distributors (can't remember if it was BP or the company that owns Sunoco). He said (not verbatim), "The energy companies aren't dumb. We realize that oil will be a tenuous commodity and it could become more expensive to drill for it than it would be profitable to sell it to the public. Who can afford $5 a gallon at the pump 20 years from now? So we need to look at other optio
  15. I would also think having the number on them would allow the proper authority to get in touch with them so that they can levy fines. Sadly, I'm hearing that bandit signs are now becoming a problem in Florida, especially in Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando.
  16. Kudos to Mr. Liu for being one of the first people to finally start taking a chance no that area of the city. If he stays dilligent and has even just an average rate of success, I think the area will be transformed and so much of that vacant land south of Holmes Road and beyond will see some infill, especially with Pearland, Manvel and eastern section of Missouri City are all growing at an impressive rate. I also love the comment from the developer who says that he's looking into developing one of the first communities in Houston to be planned around a rail line instead of a highway/freeway. T
  17. The biggest issue will be funding for the greenery. I think TxDOT finally realized about 8-10 years ago that Texas has a litany of pretty bland, lifeless roadways and that new designs need to incorporate more of the varied flora but when you've built as many miles of uninspired roadway over the years, acquiring enough of this flora to be planted along side these roads is pretty expensive. (They even admit in their literature on the website that they don't have enough money to fully implement all aspects of the Green Ribbon Project). Even with that, I hope the landscaping along the new section
  18. I take Tex's approach to this. I have no patience for people who casually litter, as if that's what the ground is for. You're in a big city, with lots of amenities and (believe or not) lots of visitors. Things like cleanliness can have an impact on what new businesses or even old businesses may call Houston home. Have pride. There's no reason for ANY neighborhood in Houston to be infested wtih beer cans (the biggest culprit I see on the medians of some of our streets), Burger King bags, maxi pads (good lord!) and pieces of cardboard boxes like it's a natural part of the landscape. Here are thi
  19. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Weirdo! For me, I'd have to say that I like the trenched portion of the West Sam Houston Tollway. I also think the 59 Eastex is a very solidly built road that's virtually hassle free. I also like the completed section of the new West Loop from Braeswood to Westpark. Very clean looking and provides awesome views of Uptown from the south.
  20. Wayne's obviously a genius (or something)!
  21. At a minimum, I like the speculation for the property, and the location is great. Talk about developing an actual "retail district." The idea for Main Street Square is to make it a central retail/public gathering space. If you can make the adjacent blocks come alive with retail space and services, then you truly have an opportunity to make MSSq what it was intended to be. I always envisioned a pair of 850-950 foot towers with spires connected by a parking structure (with retail) for those three blocks in question but this is great, too.
  22. I agree with Mancuso. If there's room enough for the tigers to "breathe," so to speak, then I'm fine with everything.
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