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  1. 713 speaks to my cautions... product placement is one thing but product stability can be tricky. The hope, obviously, is that this isn't a temporary phenomena. That's why I'm plesaed with the city's effort to schedule attractors throughout the first year of the park's existence. By then, Pavillions is open for some length of time, OPP is near or at completion, and maybe there is movement towards a second residential project in the area.

    You gotta keep it hot.

  2. Houston: doomed to fail... since 1836.

    Unless the so-called smart people can be made to feel really cool after college.

    Makes me giddy to think about the prospects! Show me more. Maybe when we get it together we can be like New Orleans and Miami. Oh, boy!!

    People who actually--gasp!--like Houston don't count. It's more important to check in with a group of so-called smart people, who apparently need sizzle, like TV screens along streets, a spot on Real World and a nice writeup in the latest urban snob publication reminding them how coooooool they are.

    If not, the city will fail. Fail. FAIIIIIIIL!!


    I'd like to thank the spirit of this thread for giving me a new slogan: Houston Is Fail!

  3. In other words, the eastern edge of the building is vertical--that is, about as straight as any normal building--but the western edge is built so that each superior floor extends further out in relationship to the one beneath it, ultimately giving the side of the building a veering left profile. Nothing more than that. The building isn't exactly "leaning" like the Tower of Pisa or anything like that. Just has more of a sloped design.

  4. The park seems to be a nice pontential marketing tool for the highrise. Lots of on-site perusing by people of all backgrounds but specifically those who use The Grove as a new hangout now. If park activity remains constant over the next 24 months and sales at OPP hit 75% or better in that time, I can see someone moving ahead with a tower on the southern edge of Disco G.

    Lots of if's of course but at least the area is off to a good start.

  5. The last weekend the Astros were in town, on a Sunday afternoon, and I saw about a dozen or so people with Astros gear on tooling around the park, so I suspect that a good number of them use it (or have used it) prior to or after a game. We'll see if that becomes routine, like going to the B.U.S. or Home Plate.

  6. I would add Fannin Street, given that it's a direct connector to the Museum District and the Med Center. Also, Louisiana pretty much serves a similar function as Smith Street. The bigger issue for Louisiana Street is that it doesn't have the landscaping that Smith Street does. Both serve as main corridors for the Theater District, so there's that as well.

    I like this thread. Good idea, H-Town Man.

  7. Fellas these projects don't happen overnight. There have to be meetings, and then there has to be meetings about the meetings. Then we can start talking about setting up the next meeting to discuss the action items of the first meeting.

    You would think people will have learned from the Pavillions ordeal. Then again, there's the Shamrock debacle as a counterpoint.

    I guess my real point is don't obsess over it. I try to focus on the numerous project underway to get a feel for how they may help shape the areas in which they're located. It's great to speculate about potential projects but they don't really add anything tangible to the current landscape until they actually break grown.

    Take the new tower on Studemont under construction along Memorial Parkway. I think that tower is really going to change the visual landscape of that portion of Buffalo Bayou, and I'm anxious to see what impact it may have on future development in the area.

  8. I really like the Mediterranean mod on the east loop of Parkwood. It's being remodeled right now (and has been for the past 1.5 years, as I think the current owner either bought it with the intention of moving in eventually or is about to sell it for several more than what he invested--not sure which). I'd imagine that the house would go for at least $750K. If only I had a couple extra nickels...

  9. I'll go ahead and predict that Sharpstown will be remodeled similar to Meyerland, Gulfgate and (soon) Northline. Probably within the next 10 years.

    In fact, given the large, unoccupied lot that used to house Jack Roach Ford across Bellaire, it would seem to make sense, given that the remodeled area often includes some type of new affordable residential (well, at least in the case of Gulfgate and Northline).

  10. The Dallas Convention Center expands over S. Lamar St. and, as has been pointed out already, the KC convention center does something similar. So there's plenty of precedent.

    If the GRB really needed to expand, I think they'd do one of two things if not both: build another level and/or extend a portion over Polk to the south or I guess Walker/Rusk to the north.

  11. This looks fantastic! I don't know how I've missed this.

    You should see in person walking/driving up Louisiana from the 527 Spur. It's juxtaposition from the Calais really gives a different perspective of the Midtown/downtown corridor.

  12. The mix of expanse + height provides a really unique view for your average Houstonian driving up/down Kirby or Westheimer. We usually see buildings like this as part of maybe a hospital complex or warehouse but this is high use residential presented in a fairly unique manner.

    I can't wait to see how it looks from Kirby on the NB side once the final exterior elements have been put in place.

  13. I don't want to misrepresent. This isn't to say that it looks like that on every street but that there are quite a few of them that do look like that.

    In any case, I too wish there was a way to hide the power lines here in Houston but as Red pointed out, the cost/benefit factor is a tough one to sell to the people who would be burdened the most by the decision, although I don't think it would be unreasonable for the city to enact/enforce tougher standards on their maintenance of their facilities.

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