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  1. This project will never get off the ground!

    It will be nothing but a parking lot and it will look nothing like the renderings and will be a total architectural disappointment.


    Did I miss anything?

    Well, played, sir. ;)

    I agree with Subdude, however. There comes a point when mixed-use needs to be very community specific. When the retailers don't match the residents' demographics (or at least reaches a point where much of it doesn't match the demographics) then you begin to lose some of the project's original focus. Will it truly be an urban neighborhood if a greater mix of the clientelle ends up driving in from elsewhere?

    And so on.

    So far, it seems West Ave, in this respect, seems to be off to a good start. Then again, it's slated to be a smaller project overall.

  2. I think he meant a strong leader like Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong Il. Not sure what a strong leader in a country with a Constitution would do.


  3. Misty fans... maybe not a bad idea. They've already got water-spraying gizmos and whatnot. Then again, we also have to consider this first year's run as trial & error. Hopefully, the city will build off of what's been a big success so far and not drop the ball down the line.

  4. Vocational schools absolutely have their value, and in more ways than people might consider. It not only allows people who may not be of the mindset at a young age (or any age) to handle college an opportunity to learn a trade or a specialty that they can use towards a career, it can also give them a specialty of which they can make use to start a business. One thing that has always been a big part of Houston's growth and prosperity is the small business person. Part of the failure of public education to educate and graduate so many students is that those students don't see the long term realistic value and they start to check out psychologically from school all together. In their minds, they're asking, how is this "education" going to be applied? What can a high school diploma really do for them down the road beyond maybe getting them a $8/hr gig at Wal*Mart or Sears?

    Kids can be rambunctious but they know more about life than some people give them credit.

  5. Part of the problem is that the rents at some of these places are super-cheap, relatively speaking, so there's even less incentive for the management to spend money to keep the complexes up to code. The complexes would probably need to raise rents to be able to spend enough to keep the older complexes up to code but then that would negatively impact the budgets of many of the people who would live at these complexes in the first place.

  6. Khambrel's been in front of lot of TVs in a lot of places. His first major gig was in Phoenix, I believe. He then moved over to both WPLG (ABC-10) in Miami and then on to WCIX (NBC 6) also in Miami before moving out here to Houston some time in the early to mid 90s.

    I actually accepted an award from him at an even in Miami when I was in high school.

    It'd be nice to see him back on TV again in some capacity.

  7. It appears that the proposed dimensions of this unnamed Hines Tower is about 75% of that for Main Place. So we can roughly expect something around 35 stories and between 450 - 480 feet if it comes to fruition.

    The bigger issue is that it has decent height and will fill in a prominent void at a high-profile intersection (Texas @ Main).

    ::Fingers crossed::

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