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  1. I've accepted it for what it is: it's a useful and popular place for lunchtime crowds and convenience shopping but it's not a "destination". It's not meant to be the talk of the town or any other town.

    I'm sure that it can evolve as downtown evolves but right now, it seems to work pretty well for what it is.

  2. Isn't part of DFW's vacancy rate due to the presence of numerous midrise office properties in competing suburbs that may not necessarily serve the needs of certain medium to large size firms in the area (or that will come to the area)? Also, within markets, there is competition, and even though suburban office market vacancies seem to be high (and DT Dallas' vacancy rate is relatively high), that doesn't mean that certain submarkets within the region won't still be hot for new construction due to their specific amenities and the individual needs of a particular firm.

    Just really playing devil's advocate, even though I basically agree with the premise that high office vacancy rates make it less feasible to build new office structures.

  3. Q: What do you call someone who is both ignorant and an asshole?

    A: An ignoranus.

    There are a lot of ignoranuses in New York.

    I actually find the comments from that website funny. What the hell do I care if someone in New York (or Boston or Phoenix or wherever) doesn't like some place else (including Houston)? What I enjoy most are the exaggerations and/or misrepresentations that they spew to give credence to their opinions. Now that's entertainment!

  4. I've been impressed with most of the images of Recent Square I've come across. The mid-rise buildings look very attractive along with the sidewalks and green spaces. In this last image, the tower is obviously vague, although it seems to suggest that glass will be the primary surface. In this case, the mostly glass surfaces would seem to be out of place with the rest of the project, IMO.

  5. I am glad they are fixing it up. The front of it has been a urinal for the homeless for a few years now. Onm a real hot day the smell can be overpowering.

    Absolutely. But not only that. The building has also had occasional trouble with pieces of the fascia's panelling falling to the ground. They've not had the area roped off in months but for a while there it was constantly roped off.

    And I agree about Central Plaza. I am also still hopefull of a remake of the old Savoy Houston.

  6. The Washington Avenue Corridor (West End/Rice Military) seems to be the hottest urban market right now but Midtown has plenty of options. Western Midtown is further along in its evolution than eastern Midtown but both have a good number of townhomes available. More in the way of apartments can be found in western Midtown and 4th Ward, though.

  7. For the innerloopers. Just drive E TC Jester heading north from 11th street or south from 18th street and you'll see a baseball field in a detention basin.

    I'm not an Inner-looper but I've seen the baseball field on several occasions. Would this be the same case for TC Jester Park outside the loop and just south of W. 43rd?

  8. Anyone wonder why the Calais and the MIX in Midtown aren't on the LRT and instead are located along Smith/Louisiana? It's because they'll get more traffic and business away from the LRT.

    In all fairness, the Calais was built before the LRT opened. But I do agree with your other point: property values along the LRT are such that many developers are prefering to develop elsewhere while waiting the current property owners out to see if/when prices fall further to where they prefer.

    The other side of that, however, is that the first group that goes ahead and develops along the LRT could reap a bigger benefit because a resident would certainly prefer to live closer to the line than away and may be willing to pay a bit more to do so.

  9. The lanes are narrow, and speeding on a wet road that is an older asphalt is never a good idea.

    They can't get rid of the Dunlavy turn lane, and they are only going to need it more once all of this gets built. I still haven't seen anywhere in the design that proposes any changes to the current set up, has something new come out maybe? They could always dig it and make it a double underpass to Dunlavy, with easy service road type access just continuing from the Waugh intersection. Someone needs to figure that out, otherwise it'll just end up less safe than now.

    Has anyone see visible progress? It's been a couple weeks since I drove by but it looked like nothing but cleared spaces. Are they waiting on something?

    I do agree that the lanes are a bit narrow but nothing as extreme as what's on Westheimer. And while they're repaving

    Allen Parkway, they can do the same for Memorial.

  10. The problem you run into is how much of it is speculative? A lot of the new condos that went up in Miami between 2004 and 2007 were bought by foreigners who were merely speculating. They drove the market price up until they priced longterm buyers out, causing the market to burst. Now you have fancy new highrises that are only a 1/3 filled (or even less).

    I realize that Houston's high-rise construction isn't that extreme but still...

  11. I think I know the townhouse community he's talking about. For the first few months I drove by them after they were constructed, I seriously wondered if they were model homes for a new development in some other part of town, they were that out of place. I imagine that specific area is relatively quiet but it really is isolated. It's located near a rock quarry, I believe, as well as the old Auchan's property.

    As Dal said, if a fifteen-mile radius is your criteria, you've given yourself a pretty large range from which to choose. I'm not trying to dissaude you from the location you've mentioned here, just saying that you don't have to feel married to it either. You have plenty of options.

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