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  1. And their Bennigans shut down last week.

    This does allow me to ask the question... given that Las Colinas seems somewhat isolated (and intentionally so), I'm sort of surprised by the relative dearth of restaurants in the area as well as general retail.

  2. It is quite obvious that you have not been in Houston in 20 years. Being wrong about Dallas development is one thing, but trying to tell Houstonians what is not happening in Houston when we can walk outside and see it is laughably idiotic, and adds to your growing status among amusing HAIF posters. Currently, I place you just behind Plastic, and gaining fast.

    Indeed, that's impressive momentum.

  3. The Rockets essentially acquired Artest for a bowl of grits. I mean, Green could turn out to be a good player and the future first rounder might be a decent player, but Artest is a legit 20 point per game player who can defend and add toughness. Plus, he likes to drive to the basket, something the Rox desperately needs during crunch time.

    I could see if the Rockets gave up a lot but they essentially bought a bottle of Glenlivet for the cost of a 12-oz can of Coke.

  4. I believe the location by Reliant Park is franchised. I've only been once (which is the only time I've been to Bennigans in the last 15 years). The staff were nice and courteous but the restaurant itself was starting to show its age, especially in the furniture and decor.

    The food was about what you'd expect at those type of places: very average.

  5. Retail pretty much sucks

    That's been my only complaint about the area (that and the fact that I'd like to see the city re-do Irvington from Fulton to at least Crosstimbers).

    Anyway, I was just in the area this past Saturday, a nice (but hot) day. I've noticed a couple of the homes along Irvington have been painted. One in particular, a single-story pre-WWII brick home, has gone from deep red brick to a lighter, pewter-like color.

    Lots of character in Linwood Park. North Lindale Park isn't bad either, although the quality of the homes isn't of quite the same caliber, IMO.

    Can you reasonably bike downtown from there? And what routes would you take?

    Yes. Irvington isn't in great shape but traffic isn't really heavy at all. Plus, you can use Fulton as an alternate until they merge. Once you get to about Boundary (or Quitman), you'll want to make a left over to Main and from there isn't a straight shot. Although, going through the tunnel isn't a pleasant experience at all.

    Outside of that, pretty straight-forward. Probably a good 20-25-minute bike ride, I'd say.

  6. The view from the last row in the upper eastside deck at Rice Stadium on a clear day. Can see the skylines from Westhcase, Uptown, Upper Kirby, and Downtown. Then turn around and see the TMC.

    Also, on a beautiful day in winter (clear and crisp), the view from the top of Terminal C's parking garage is pretty nifty.

    Similar to this is the view from the club level deck on the north side of Reliant Stadium. Very nice view of downtown through Westchase from there.

  7. I dunno, I always felt that building would make for a good neighborhood grocer. it's the empty lot across the street from it that seems to be screaming for a restaurant of some kind.

    As for the construction activity, I thought it had something to do with the street projects going on in the area, like laying down new water mains and such. If something more significant is going on, I'd sure like to know about it.

  8. I was out in that area over the weekend. Based on some signs I saw nearby, I'm thinking they're building an "entertainment" center that's not all that different from the existing Gardens @ Westgreen. I couldn't see the name of the development company, but I did notice a sign a couple hundred feet to the west promoting a "Main Event' that's to be built in the area. For those unfamiliar:


    They have eight locations throughout Texas, including one out in the Woodlands and one in Webster.

  9. I've been on the new eastbound lanes from east of Bingle/Voss to the West Loop interchange. It's amazing how traffic scatters once you hit that point. And I have to admit that the schematics almost seem ingenius now in its completed state.

    That said, one of the biggest problems with Katy Freeway traffic while under construction has been that you get odd bottlenecks at a lot of interchanges (such as at the Beltway, Gessner, Kirkwood, Hwy 6, etc.). This absolutely retards the flow of traffic, even more so than before the freeway went under construction.

  10. One compelling phenomena is the ongoing construction of the nearby Westin. It's progressing now to the point where it is distracting you from Robot Tower. I actually think the Westin's superior design might be such that it actually improves Robot Tower's overall appearance, the crown not withstanding.

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