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  1. That artist's rendition paints (no pun) a rather ambituous development. Seems like I recall the Chronicle making references to a large scale project suited to the growing nanotech industry in Houston but this was from maybe 2004. I doubt this is the exact project they were hinting at then but I could see how it might have grown out of a culture of expanding interests concerning these types of projects.

    Hope this is the real groundbreaker for the industry going large here in town.

  2. I have had XM radio for 7 or 8 years and it didn't come with either of the cars I have had in that time period. I paid 10.99 a month initially, but got my dad on my plan and I paid 6.99 a month for the second radio, eventually he took over the payments. :rolleyes: . Rate has never changed I guess we are grandfathered in as I understand they have gone up. I really enjoy it on road trips, but I miss some of the channels that I lost in the merger.

    Sirius/XM tried to eliminate repetitive radio formats but ended up gutting some stations that were independently loved by their subscribers (Backspin, the Hip-Hop oldies station, comes to mind) and so after numerous complaints, they've brought back some of those channels they eliminated right after the merger.

    The main problem, however, as was mentioned earlier, is that their costs are still out of control. I believe they charge $30 / month or so for a subscription but the satellite licenses/operations and such are expensive.

  3. I saw them last night as I was walking the dogs. Think it has anything to do with Valentines Day, or something lame like that?

    HI, by the way. Long time lurker, first time poster. :)

    First thought that crossed my mind as well. Don't know if that's the case but it's my first suspicion.

  4. The food court is on the ground floor, the top floor is a restaurant.

    Right. I've eaten at the food court a few times. It's actually a nice setup. They've got a little walkway with outdoor tables out front, and bus stops are located at the north and south corners of the intersection between Bertner and Moursund. It's been a while, but I used to retreat from downtown at lunch to meet a friend.

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  5. You would think that after nearly 70 years of ongoing debate concerning this that the answers would be pretty obvious. To review: there are clearly benefits to living in the suburbs for some or even just a general subjective appeal. The opposite is true for another large percentage of the populace.

    The two sides will debage, huff and puff, get indignant and self-righteous, yada, yada, yada.

    But also don't be surprised to find out that a larger number of people than you'd expect doesn't have a general preference one way or another and will choose as it benefits them at a particular time and place.

  6. It's a bit pricey but there are options in the Rice Military/Bayou Bend areas on the west side of the Inner Loop. There are pockeet parks as well as the Buffalo Bayou greenbelt but there is also Memorial Park. All of them within walking distance, depending on where exactly you live.

    But again, it can be pricey.

    Check out some of the rentals on Westcott Street between Memorial Drive and Washington, for example. Some may be more reasonable to your view. Others not so much. If you're willing to go fairly high on a per month basis, also check out some of the midrise rental places on Memorial to the west of Shepherd.

  7. Just like to add that I travelled down the entire length of Washington (downtown to the WOW) for the first time in maybe three months and I have to say that, even in a down real-estate market nation-wide, I'm impressed by the amount of activity under way or about to get under way, especially near the intersections with Durham/Shepherd and Heights/Waugh.

    If only we could see more momentum on the decayed properties east of Sawyer and west of Houston Avenue.

  8. Not bad. In fact, I haven't seen anything better. It's already starting to grow on me. Reasonably applicable description and rolls off the tongue pretty nicely. And, as you said, it could have been SOO...OOO..OOOO much worse.

    You know, I kind of feel the same way. I really haven't heard or seen anything "better" so I can live with the new name (if it gets final approval). Better than some convoluted directional name with an obscure geographical reference, like the University of SE Texas Gulfcoast (USETG).


  9. Herb Kelleher wanted no part of the competition a high speed train would bring to his high profit routes, so he did the free market thing and used his formidable connections in the Texas legislature to kill the plan.

    And a blatant move, at that. I can't say I blame him, though. After all... capitalism, through and through. The question I have is will the California version be a public entity or will their be private contractors operating on public rail lines?

  10. Foreign Policy? It's a huge web site. Did you read the article?
    From the site...

    Oil has been the worldwide story for the last couple of years (until the financial meltdown eclipsed it 2 months ago), and the Oil Capital of the World can't even squeeze in at number 60? Not to be a homer, but Miami and Atlanta above Houston? Empty condos and Coca-Cola ahead of oil? This ain't about cool, hip and beautiful. This is about what's important. And, oil is it.

    But, it is still just another list. Nothing to fret about.

    No, no not THAT website. I'm more talking about the website that linked the article--which isn't quite accurate either, since it didn't load properly for me the day that I tried to link it. It apparently was having technical difficulties.

  11. Knock on wood: I've never experienced any vandalism to my car when I park downtown (and sometimes I drive to work during the day). I've never had a problem with being approached or threatened (although, I admit that I'm a larger size than average). However, I think there is a perception of danger in certain areas of downtown because a) some places at the street level aren't as well lit, b.) some places feel more isolated than others, and c.) there are still some homeless people floating about the streets and for some people coming across them is a little worrisome.

    Overall, though, I think downtown's pretty safe.

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