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  1. Now imagine it right next door to River Oaks District

    Quite a transformation for that block.

    You get a real feel for Uptown's area in that photo, including just how much room there is for redevelopment. It would be cool if one of you really crafty graphics fiends could come up with a composite sketch of how the Uptown skyline would look with all the proposed projects (Turnberry, Cosmopolitan, Titan, River Oaks, High Street, etc, etc) built out.

  2. Is this the same bldg project planned for the future expansion at the Galleria?

    Word on the street is that when Dillards lease is up they are going to demo the bldg and start Galleria VI (or whatever phase they're on to now) and build a high rise residential (comparable in height to the williams tower) with retail components at the base.

    any truth to this?

    Holy crap!

  3. a huge pin nerd and really excited about having a home-ier place to play

    Same here. I especially like the Data East and Sega brands, not so much the Bally's, though. It really depends on the game.

  4. Absolutely. A growing convention center is a sign of a healthy economy.

    The only city I've ever seen reduce the size of its convention center is Oshkosh, Wisconsin -- and that's because that city is dying.

    Even Flint, Michigan went out of its way to revamp (or even rebuild) its convention facilities in lieu of the down economy and GM's gradual exodus back in the 80s. The bigger the facility, the bigger the events that can be held there, hence more people coming into town to spend much desired convention dollars. Makes sense both fiscally and intuitively.

  5. I've been waiting for ten years for that parcel of land to fill. At one time, they were digging that section up for months at a time but it turn out that they were working on the pipelines in the area (I assume those leading from the building to the city pipes).

  6. After rallying from 25-points down in just one quarter, you gotta be able to defend the freaking field for the final 57 seconds if you want people to take you seriously. You gotta not just run with the receiver but you gotta knock the ball down. You gotta get a pass rush. You gotta do things that winning teams do. Not only did they allow the Titans to move the ball 60 yards in less than a minute (technically, less than 30 secons if you don't count the 20 or so seconds they allowed to run off the clock before they finally kicked the winning FB), but you allowed them to do it without having to spend a single timeout.

    In other words, you failed. Miserably.

    It's heartbreaking sure but it's really just a symptom of a bigger problem: not knowing how to win. Until that changes, you'll keep coming up short at best most times.

    There are notable and recognizable improvements on this team but they still have to learn how to win more consistently.

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