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  1. Houston. If You Don't Like it, Stick It.

    Houston. Because Loop 610 is endless fun.

    Houston. Come Tame The Wild Bacteria Bayou.

    What happens in Houston, stays in The Woodlands.

    Dallas Sucks. (Houston's original slogan)

    Houston. ROFLMAO

    I Left My Heart In Houston, And Crackheads Salvaged My Pacemaker.

    Houston. Concrete Heaven.

    Houston. Thousands Of Katrina Evacuees And Illegal Immigrants Can't Be Wrong.

    There you go. Have a little fun at your own expense. The problem is that people have spent the last 100 years or so letting people on either coast dictate to them what to think, what to like, etc. I don't expect anyone to change that anytime soon.

    BTW, not that I'm into civic slogans and whatnot but I do like, "Houston: it works."

    Ho hum...

  2. So your opinion is that Lakes of Olympia is dollar for dollar the best bet in Mo. City? I pretty much like the relative designs of Riverstone but would agree that I didn't see much that could reasonably command consistent $500K and up prices, especially given the lot sizes.

    Sienna Plantation IS indeed convoluted in how it takes a while to actually get to the development from HWY 6.

    No real opinion on the others.

  3. Between Washington and Detering and Washington and Reinerman, there are a couple lots (next to the Washateria) that appear to be in the process of being demod...anyone know what is going to be built there?

    Okay, I'm drawing a mental blank. I'm going to have to go investigate during lunch.

  4. Perhaps DMN will be publising another update in the future to see what, if any, progress has been made.

    Agreed. At first, I thought this thread was referring to an update to the 2005 update.

    It's a very compelling study and, although I disagree with some of the parameters and the methodology, it's a very intriguing look at how a city functions (or how it may be dysfunctional).

  5. Getting from East Austin to West Austin during rush hour can be a massive pain. It's not much better going north-south, especially on I-35.

    Not enough capacity and even fewer options. Not good for a growing metropolitan area.

  6. I've got no major problems with Jones Hall other than, as H-Town Man mentioned, the acoustics could be a tad better. Is it the best peforming arts structure in the country? Of course not. Is it an eyesore? Nope. In fact, it's attractive in many ways, especially at MCM structures go.

  7. Because it's not located on one of the two major coasts, not an old traditional city that reminds people of Europe or wherever, and as a result gets snubbed by the "really cool" people, who know what's in and what's not. The really cool kids almost always know how to make the others feel left out and insecure, so the others (and Houston has its kin in this regard) spend time and money trying to get the really cool kids to, just for once, say its cool, too.

    It's the dog chasing its tail.

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