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  1. I saw it last week and was cautiously optimistic that they were finally moving forward. I wonder if the delay had anything to do with my earlier theory that they were waiting for some of the heavier construction on I-10 and the feeder roads to subside?

  2. Here's an idea of what the Uptown skyline might look like in a few years.


    I probably should have found a better photo but I was in a hurry so I just slapped this together fast because I just couldn't wait to see what the future of uptown might look like in a few years.

    Oh, now see that's just good stuff right there! Thanks!

  3. Oh, this is merely sarcasm, Subdude. The truth is that the overwhelming majority of people across the country don't know much about Houston at all (or most cities that aren't there own or New York or Los Angeles). My comment was more a satire on the hardcore types--particularly city snobs (density freaks, etc) who truly believe that only old northeastern cities, Chicago and San Francisco are the only real places in America. All others are merely points on a map.

    ::Takes a small bow

  4. I wonder what percentage of these new projects, assuming for a minute that all rumors, speculations and predictions are proven true, will be office space, residential, etc. We're talking about a lot of square feet of development, especially considering that in addition to these highrises are the nearby Oaks and High Street developments.

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  5. lol!

    Let's hope it doesn't last until groundbreaking. It could be three or four years. Ouch, and embarrassing.

    And dangerous!

    And I wish ENG could divulge a bit more about what he's hearing. I realize that you wish you could take it all back, as you don't have enough information that you feel comfortable about sharing openly, but nevertheless...

  6. I think that's the problem with the property. Its size allows for only a limited number of units to be converted. And given its location and the asking price, a developer probably isn't going to take it on just to list 10 or 12 luxury residential units if the location doesn't seem to favor it. Maybe I'm wrong but I'm thinking that that might be the problem.

    I've always thought that office lofts with some ground floor retail would work better but the dynamic may be the same.

    Does anyone known the square footage of the building?

  7. Keep in mind that the Greater Montrose area is a general term for a group of smaller communities, some of which have different demographics as well as designs from the other neighbornoods.

    But Cap'n Barnacle's point about some of the broad labeling of certain areas (that is, Upper Kirby, River Oaks, etc) is well taken.

  8. Though I would have liked a little bit more exciting design, if this is indeed the final choice, at this point I'm almost ok with anything that doesn't include beige stucco.

    I'd agree that there's nothing overtly flashy about the design, but in retrospect, I think I can understand the designer trying to make HC 6 blend in more with its surrounding (specifically HC 5). Sometimes a cutting edge design is bedeviled by its surroundings, and given HC 6's location, maybe daring might not work as well.

    For example, I think Heritage Plaza would look a lot less attractive if not for Wells Fargo Plaza being nearby, and so forth.

  9. ^^^ Right. There have been some attempts to renovate some of those older structures near 75th and General Garcia Blvd, including some others along different stretches of Harrisburg and/or the East End (El Mercado, etc). Like with most things, the developer needs to be reliable and competent. There have been some swings and misses.

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