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  1. I understand Diesel's point about the Comets potentially sharing in a redeveloped Astrodome in that they would use the revamped facility for an expanded number of dates plus you could hold a handful of concerts there (like at the current Reliant Arena) but the sum total is an overall loss to taxpayers. What they'd have is a spruced up Reliant Arena and no Astrodome, when it gets right down to it.

    Rather, you could spruce up Reliant Arena as it is to serve the rodeo and Comets' needs and still convert the Astrodome into something more grandiose, IMO (like the resort complex or a museum or what have you).

  2. The problem is that people think of Hardy Yard as a single development with one focus. What is and has always been is an amalgamation of projects and concepts. Yes, there was an attempt at a unifying force but the various stages of development did (and still does) require the processes of several groups. For example, the University of Houston-Downtown expanded its campus on part of the yards. Other groups planned on building mixed-use residential/retail to the east of UH-D. And so forth.

    Think of it as a smaller version of the long range Buffalo Bayou Redevelopment Plan.

    The Yards are still being considered for redevelopment by handful of people but don't look at it as another Atlantic Station, for example.

  3. We're gettting way off base here. The original argument is a simple one. The Texans and the HLSR feel that the private entity that's seeking to redevelop the Astrodome into a mega hotel and resort would ultimate hurt their operations financially. Neither the Texans or HLSR has given a pretty compelling example of how this would be the case. In fact, the argument has been made that such a facility would probably help their operations monetarily.

    The idea that the HLSR may/has propose(d) tearing down Reliant Arena and then converting the Astrodome into a facility that would serve the same purpose (for them) as does Reliant Arena currently, is hilarious. Period. I mean, How self serving can you get?

  4. I'm sort of surprised by how much land the incorporated limits of Manvel cover. If there's a swell of new home development spilling over from Pearland, they'll have a lot of area within Manvel proper with which to work. Manvel could be one of those boom 'burbs that grows by 30,000 residents in less than ten years without having to annex a single acre of land.

  5. That's my concern, too. Of course, they also host the Indy 500 every year, which draws thousands of visitors, so along with the Final Four, they at least have a good amount of experience.

    It would certainly be at least a notch more successful than the Jacksonville one and probably no worse than the Detroit one.

  6. I've noticed that they've cleared two more large areas where warehouses had been located. I'm assuming that those clearings will eventually house new residential/retail? One lines the eastern border of Studemont and the other is located about a block further east, just before you get to the Sawyer Heights development.

  7. The biggest hurdle for Houston is the fact that Bob McNair is a "big money" owner in the NFL, one that opposed increasing the revenue sharing system to help the "poorer" owners. There's a lot of politics behind the scene and Bob's going to have to find some way to sweeten the pot.

    Remember, Arlington, even with the new stadium and a relatively favorable climate, still had a bit of a struggle securing the 2011 bid from Indy, mainly because Jerry had to deal with small-market owners who hold a bit of a resentment of the likes of him, Bob McNair, Bob Kraft and other big market owners.

    I tend to think Indy is the favorite to get the 2012 bid, although theyj'll still have to face the potential problem of being a smaller metropolitan venue (not as small as Jacksonville but not as big as other host cities).

    Indy's hosted Final Fours obviously but the Super Bowl is that times three.

  8. I' ve been saying for years that that particular plot of land could very well see a highrise. A residential highrise seems more likely, though, and it seems as if that's what's closest to happening.

    It's proximity to BLVD Place and the Galleria would obviously be selling points and would allow Redstone (or whoever) to charge a good amount for units.

  9. That's a good guess, Musicman. I was wondering if it might have been somewhere in the Bayou Oaks/Overbrook area. Apparently, that land used to be the site of the Sims Bayou Country Club, according to Key Maps.

    A park (a well-maintained park) would do wonders for that area. As it stands now, it's a large, isolated mini-forests where dirtbags go to dump their old tires, batteries, toilets and so forth.


  10. it looks like they are closing at the end of the month. :(

    EDIT: he is exploring the old dancing marlin. i just hope the owners of that offer reasonable rent. most of the owners downtown are still demanding too much which is ridiculous

    I agree completely. Of course, you'd think the market would dictate the price, especially since a significant number of businesses have either closed or move from that part of downtown, but greed/arrogance is often blinding.

  11. ^^^ I think he was talking about the OP, Macbro.

    And I think the OP is right.

    California does rock (especially during earthquakes).

    And Houston does suck (in a lot of residents from California).

    Hey, when you're right, you're right.

  12. New service is particularly expensive to operate at the onset because ridership typically takes a while to "mature". Ridership projections from METRO suggest that they'll want to offer limited service so as to keep the route viable during its maturation period.

    Also, from what I understand, there is going to be a charge for parking if you do not have the new Q card. However, if you have the Q card, parking is free.

  13. Emmett sounded like he was an agent of both the Texans and the Rodeo. That might not be the case but that's how it sounded. It makes you think that behind the scenes, Emmett told this development group to either find a way to appease/cut in the Texans and the Rodeo on the $$$ or else.

    I hope I'm wrong.

  14. I don't have anything to say about them :lol: , just wondered why they are never talked about when people speak of neighborhoods in Missouri City?!


    And HBCU does have a point regarding large, highly regarded new development in the 'burbs. There are many of their ilk that are now considered "relics" by some. While the Champions area is a good example of a 70s era premium 'burb that has stood the test of time, there are others that have faded quite a bit.

  15. In the meantime, get the word out as best as you can, Stan. The problem right now with the lot (meaning, where the pick up point will be in the lot) is that it will be hard to see by people who aren't aware in advance.

    Also, unlike the 221 or 228, the 222 won't be running outbound trips beyond 6:30 PM.

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