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  1. Long Point Road has some of the most unattractive stretches of road in town. If they're making upgrades, I hope they're substantial, including provisions to line the street with trees and changing the way the power lines are set up.

  2. You have to laugh when you look back at the woe is us posts that popped up every time the Pavillions ground breaking was delayed a week, month etc and the constant, "See? Nothing gets built in Houston" panic. Then the very day that the project DID break ground, people started complaining because some retailer they liked wasn't part of the initial group of retailers and so forth.

    This stuff gets funnier the longer I post here.

    All you have to do is open a window and look out south and west and see miles of development in this town. Only in Houston can people look at that and still figure out a way to feel paranoid.

    It's not like you live in Cleveland or Nashville or some place.

  3. The lot still seems small for a six-story building, considering the likely parking concerns. Of course, I'll probably end up being proven wrong but right now the lot seems undersize.

    And I didn't notice any activity on the lot to suggest that they'd broken ground (of course, I haven't been over there since last Tuesday, so...).

  4. Isn't the goal to clean up that part of Midtown? If the current businesses, Asian or otherwise, aren't thriving and the properties that they occupy are eyesores, isn't it better to have something in its place that looks healthier and makes a positive to contribution to the area's asthetics (granted, asthetics are subjective in nature but you get my point).

    And I have no real interest in seeing San Francisco-style urbanity in Houston. It's fine for San Francisco but I don't think it fits in Houston at all.

    Anyhoo... I thought Camden was the main contender some time ago to develop the superblock as well? Does this project across the street suggest that the McGowen Green supporters won the battle over the development of the land?

  5. AND he also said that she did it without him knowing. Did he read that just a minute ago, after the hearing?

    What's worse is that he says that and yet he also said earlier in response to Andy Pettitte's testimony about them having a conversation about HGG back in about 1999/2000 that it was only about McNamee injecting his wife.

    Well, Debbie Clemens was said to have first taken the injection in 2003 (and this is after Clemens' lawyers balked for week at the idea of Debbie Clemens even being accused of having taken injections). So you have a conversation three or four years earlier about your wife using HGH? Really? And after you supposedly found out about it, you still keep McNamee on as your trainer, even though you know that HGH and steriods were explicitly banned by baseball by then? Why would you keep a guy on as your trainer if you know that he's injecting people with HGH (including your wife)?

  6. There are several reasons why the wife's hgh usage is bad, that I don't feel like taking the time to explain. However, Clemens has taken some very severe hits, including the party, the nanny, Pettitte, Pettitte's wife and the fact that Clemens says he discussed HGH about his wife in 1999, yet she took HGH in 2003.

    If I were a federal investigator, I would have numerous potential crimes to investigate that do not require McNamee's testimony. Not a good day for Clemens. I find him to be wholly unbelievable in his denials.

    I've tried not to jump too much into the speculation wave regarding this but here's what really makes it a bad deal for Roger in my book.

    With regard to the HGH, Clemens just read a statement to the committee prepared by his wife that talks about how McNamee injected her but that she didn't know much about it (HGH) and that Roger didn't know much about it either including what kind of affect it would have on her.

    This reeks.

    Rogers knows enough about HGH to allegedly not use it for fear of being punished by baseball, which had outlawed it by then (IIRC) and yet he allows McNamee to inject his wife with it, despite "not knowing much" about it? Not good. Not good at all.

    This and the fact that the attornies had said repeatedly leading up to today that McNamee had never injected Debbie makes his credibility less than McNamee's right now, which is horrible.

  7. 24hr is desparately needed in the downtown area, so that'll be a plus for the growing number of midtown residents, as well as the gym-hungry Montrosians (lol). As for a big bookstore, it will provide more competition for what's already in the works at HP, which is only a MetroRail ride away. Hopefully we can get a decent use of retail with these developments as it is in a prime location. A few more restaurants and specialty stores would be great.

    The promising thing is that that intersection (Westheimer/Elgin at Louisiana) is heating up with activity. It'd be nice if a little bit more residential was under construction maybe to the north and east.

  8. I don't know the actual percentages in terms of just employment, but relative to each other, the ranking in terms of METRO ridership would be Downtown, TMC, Uptown and then Greenway. Granted, downtown's numbers are significantly higher than the other three, especially when you consider that downtown serves as more than just a destination. It's also a critical transfer point.

  9. A nine-screen theater when there's a large cinema complex over at Memorial City? Interesting.

    Anyway, they've got like four or five different structures going up at the same time, including an office building, a mixed-use structure, brownstones and an apartment building (IIRC).

  10. This thing is moving along pretty quickly... certainly faster than did 2727 Kirby at the start. So far, they've dug trenches for what I assume will be the base of the structure. They have at least twice the amount of workers on site right now (or at least this morning) as they did on 2727 Kirby when they were working the grounds to layout the base.

    And the more I scope out the area, I really like the potential of this tower given its surroundings.

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