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  1. I would think Harris County residents would applaud the county participating in any effort to improve a residential development's attractiveness. Typically, it seems HC merely stays out of such things and allows developers to handle it themselves, which leads to some decidedly mixed results.

  2. My opinion is that I-35 E south of I-30 is the worst freeway in Dallas. The CF Hawn probably comes in second (the road quality is awful). The Schepps Freeway (I-45) isn't awful but it's quite plain jane.

    As for Victory, I think it's longterm success is dependent on how much Uptown and Oak Lawn continues to develop (and whether it will stretch more to the west. Victory has a physical disconnect from downtown but it's nothing compared to the psychological one. It could be a very nice area to visit for conventioneers and such but there is no psychological connection to DT which is only exacerabated by the notable disconnect physically.

    That said, there are some nice individual developments that stand out. IMO, though, Victory Plaza isn't one of them.

  3. The problem I found initially was with the reporting. On ABC 13 last night, they didn't give much in the way of specifics, like the type of vehicle, the description of the men, things of that nature. They just gave very broad details and then went directly into the "How could Mayor White let this happen" and "HPD needs to do something about this" rhetoric.

    Certainly it would've benefitted HPD in their pursuit of the criminals/suspects to have their descriptions blasted over the airwaves.

  4. Figure 14 feet per floor of office space, so that's 434 feet. Add some amount for the crown, and we're pushing 450 feet.

    Residential floors are typically not quite as tall as office floors, since shell office space needs a crawl-space above the ceiling to accomodate dramatic reconfiguration of lots and lots of wiring and ductwork.

    That was about the same as my estimate. I was thinking about 430-440 feet. By the way, the most recent images offered here are the best that I've seen so far. I hope the color scheme is correct as well. I think the blue skin makes more of an impat.

  5. 1970s really. I like it! Nice change.

    Yeah, I was thinking 1970s, too. It definitely has a more unique footprint, especially given the wrath of beige stucco that represents a lot of urban infill today.

  6. This area could definitely use more retail. They're building new residential further south between Airport and Almeda-Genoa, including apartments, so the "black hole" does appear to be heading towards "infill" to some degree of significance.

    I also notice that they've built new warehouses on Homestead Road in NE Houston. Does this reflect the new trend now, to build dense housing in former warehouse districts near the core and build new warehouses in low density/rural areas of the city?

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  7. If new owner Deyaar does decide to develop the property, it's likely the project will be very tall.

    Says Jaggi: "The only way you can pay those types of prices is to go vertical. Our market has done flips. In 12 months, prices have doubled."

    This is most fascinating, and gives a head's up as to not only what Deyaar may be doing but development plans in Uptown overall. Aside from the lack of infrastructure, the Uptown versus downtown rivalry seems to have teeth right now--and even with that Uptown is poised for rail expansion.

    Meanwhile, the Med Center goes about its business quietly and constructively.

  8. Okay, near TC maybe but it's not like it's right next door to it either. There's a good three blocks minimum from the Caroline end of HP to the Crawford end of TC. To a Houstonian, three blocks of walking is as good as a mile.

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