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  1. Rosenberg is 33 miles from downtown Houston via US 59.

    Tomball is 27 miles from downtown Houston via SH 249 and I-45.

    The Woodlands is 27 miles from downtown Houston via I-45 (or 28 miles via I-45 and the Hardy Toll Road).

    Katy (proper) is 28 miles from downtown Houston via I-45.

    I've not had to travel into Houston from anywhere other than Katy during rush hour traffic in my 9 years in Houston, and that was mostly before construction on the Katy Freeway began. I know of people back in South Florida who traveled into Miami from Palm Beach County (at least 40 miles) every day or people who lived in southern Miami-Dade County who traveled 35 or 40 miles to Fort Lauderdale everyday.

    Long commutes aren't that uncommon in any large metro, and from most Houston 'burbs outside of 20 miles from DT Houston, the commute times vary by less than 10 minutes more or less.

  2. A baseball game and a basketball game going on at the same time. Roughly 50,000 sports fans in the general area along with normal activity over in the Theater District.

  3. My question is, what goes up on the property just to the north of it? The way construction is moving in that little section near the Museum District, you'd think that the property would be ripe for new residential development.

  4. It really makes an impact on the skyline when you're coming in on the Southwest Freeway near Greenway Plaza.

  5. I'm still pondering the viability of a roundabout at Studewood, Main and Cavalcade. In many ways, it would make things simpler, but given the driving pedigree of the average Houstonian (and American, for that matter), I keep seeing a lot of 13 News reports down the line about a rash of freaky accidents there.

  6. We won't really get a feel for its metamorphosis until more of the planned residential/retail construction ends and the city redoes the street, including the sidewalks. Part of what makes Washington Avenue unattractive/uninviting for pedestrians at the moment is the amount of construction some people have to walk through as well as the fact that most of the sidewalks along Washington simply needs to be redone.

  7. The biggest thing about the park is that it offers amenities that will make the eastern side of downtown more palatable not only to developers but potential residents as well. It also offers a more pleasing connection to the convention center and the convention center hotel from the core of downtown. One of the complaints that I've heard from some visitors (especially conventioneers) is that walking from the Hilton Americas to Main Street (for example) made them feel isolated. Hopefully, DG will be one of a handful of steps that will erradicate that notion over time.

  8. The only thing I can think of is that with the variety of leases available to tenants, they didn't want to risk being held up because some leases would end up running a couple of months past the desired start date. Other than that, I tend to agree with you. Seems as if they could've gotten another 9 months or so out of the last tenants.

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