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  1. Let's see... maximum price would probably be around $1000 for a 3 bedroom (is that possible?), and our definition of "decent" is pretty loose as we've lived in a village in Mexico the past few years. I am also not too picky about nearby amenities except it would be good to have good schools nearby if we chose to put our kids in public school. Thanks for your help!
  2. Thanks for all of the information everyone has provided! We have a lot to think about and consider, especially because we have been thinking about renting an apartment for the first year or so to make sure we are in an area that we will want to stay in. Does anyone know any decent apartments in the 77036 or 77096 areas? Someone made the comment to stay away from apartment buildings... so now I don't know what to think!
  3. How about Mission Bend - do you know if that is a good area to live in? I saw the crime statistics and they were low, but it is a good place to live?
  4. My family is moving to Houston next year to work with a ministry who helps refugees and immigrants. We've been looking online at places in SW Houston, but have seen a few forum topics that says SW Houston is full of criminal activity. We want to live in a diverse area near refugees, but we also want a safe place to live in for our children. We know about Sugarland, but are there other good places in the area? Does anyone know a good neighborhood to look in or what area to totally avoid? Also, do you know anything about zipcode 77099 - is it safe or even what the area is called? Any help would be greatly appreciated. We are coming to Houston in a few weeks to scout things out, but we would love an idea as to where to look. Thanks!!
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