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  1. There was one on Kirby that went up around '68 or so, I was there at the Grand Opening because Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were doing appearances at the opening of the chain. The Kirby location may have been the first in Houston, due to their appearance. I remember there was a big crowd of kids and parents to see them.
  2. Thanks, I wonder if any pictures survive when Vittorio just had the little Village Diner, before he built that location. (He had an ancient diner/cafeteria before then)
  3. The old Meyer Bros. store was the last incarnation for The Catacombs Club in 1969, it didn't last very long before it was closed down due to the crowds. (I suspect West U. PD tagged a lot of people when they left the Catacombs) The meat locker was Martin & Klix, I remember the name from my days of wandering through The Village as a kiddo. I miss the old Village Cafeteria/Vittorio's, my Mom and I ate there all the time. Onetime we stopped by, and all of Vittorio's family was excited that Frank Sinatra came by the Italian restaurant side, the night before. They had autographed menus from
  4. The train was called the "Green Diamond," it was part of a group of early articulated diesel streamliners, like the Pioneer Zephyr, and M-10,000. Beautiful machines.
  5. If I remember correctly, it was where the childrens section of Half Price Books is now.
  6. Yes, the pool was up front, they had two different swimming pools from my memory. Sometime between '62 when the photo was taken, and the mid '60s they had a larger pool installed toward the front. My parents were friends with the family that owned the St. Francis, I have photos going back before I was born, of my Mom and Dad hanging out there in the 1950s. I'll have to look through the photos and see if there are more of the building.
  7. The pool area at the St. Francis back in '62. The lady at the right was the owner. (We knew their family quite well) A pre-school absinthe drinker sitting on the patio table with her granddaughter. I remember all the neon lights from those days, I can't bring myself to drive down there and see how it changed.
  8. This is the one 26 ran in the very early 70s. http://www.jfredmacdonald.com/aifg/playaifg152.htm
  9. The one ch 26 ran was different, this site has a copy of the original one I saw back when 26 was KVRL / KDOG : http://www.macfilms.com/mixed%20ads%20181-190.htm MIXED ADS 189 10) PSA: The Lord’s Prayer: Shows an elderly American Indian man performing the Lord’s Prayer in Native American sign language——performed by Chief Shatka Bear-Step, voice-over by Walt Conley, contributed by the Appaloosa Horse Club.
  10. Memories of Spencer's Gifts. 7Up started it with a TV commercial that had one of those oscillating filament bulbs in a 7Up can lamp. I had one around 1970 when I was a kid. You can find the 7Up can lamps on eBay, the colored oscillating bulbs are very scarce, though you can substitute one of these: http://www.kyp-go.com/products.htm Balafire bulb.
  11. He'll be waiting a long time, there never was any absinthe that can do that.
  12. Vectorworks for CAD, and Renderworks are my choice, and I use Artlantis for rendering as well.
  13. When I drink absinthe I never use sugar. If I drink amber colored booze, it's usually 18 year old Sazerac Rye, Jack reminds too much of my misspent youth.
  14. The only psychoactive component in absinthe is the alcohol. There is no "good stuff" from Eastern Europe, and the thujone myth has been debunked by modern studies, the crap from Eastern Europe is cheap vodka mixed with steam extracted essences, and artificial color, sold to suckers thinking they will trip when they drink it. Vintage absinthe never contained high levels of thujone, the majority of it stays in the still during distillation. Absinthe as a drink when properly distilled and colored is delicious, it was never a horribly bitter drink, if it was, why would millions of people in Fran
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