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  1. Was it her choice to leave 13? I suppose the station has their reasons (money?) for not renewing a contract but she always has been OK to me, with her reading of the news. One "newsman" I'm not thrilled with is Rascon. It's as if he never pre-reads the copy he's supposed to deliver. He butchers names worse than Marvin used to, and I believe it's just because he doesn't try to familiarize himself with what he's supposed to say on air. I honestly don't understand why 13 keeps him.
  2. My memory is failing me but I think there is a huge cross somewhere near Beltway 8 on the southside, near I-45.
  3. I also saw him on the CBS morning show. He seems to fit right in and I agree, his delivery was great. We'll probably see more of him when hurricane season ramps up. I know he's not a weather person but he does have a great deal of experience reporting storm activity.
  4. There are many threads here on HAIF about Idylwood, including past flooding problems (hopefully corrected now with Brays Bayou revamp) and the new Walmart on Wayside and the current "issue" of the botanical garden. Just use the search box in the upper right corner.
  5. First off, I really hope that someone else that attended comes here and gives their impression of the Town Hall meeting tonight, 3-31-14. I can give my thoughts but I'm so biased in the 'pro Gus' camp that I'd really like to read some in the 'pro garden' camp just to see if I miss-read the audience. I don't really think that many who were there tonight (3-31) actually read and post here but I'm willing to give it a chance. I'll check back in a day or two but it seemed a bit one sided tonight. Pro Golf Course.......for history and the youth. Doesn't really mean much if MAP is opposed though.
  6. I cannot give you any of the information you seek. I do believe though, that there are agencies, individuals or others that may be employed to research for you. Perhaps some genealogy sites might provide folks that do this. I can only imagine why you want this information, and I hope you do get it. I truly hope someone here can come up with more information in the direction of help. That's one reason for my post, to bump this.
  7. Since the HBG will be a private non profit, they will do as they please but they may listen to suggestions tomorrow night at the town hall meeting. They will cut down many of the old oaks and no one can protest to the city about anything. I personally wish they'd put it in the middle of River Oaks. Or Southampton where Jeff Ross lives.
  8. The local word is that the town hall meeting to be held Monday 3-31 will cover plans for Wortham. Ross will speak about HBG and there is to be a presentation of the master plan for restoring Wortham Golf Course. Gallegos is a Parker puppet so he will be no help for the course preservation folks. He's still all bent out of shape about the Wayside Walmart. Not sure where the Glenbrook info originated but that may be out the door before it even got in.
  9. I thought it was curious that Ch. 13 didn't make reference to the previous shooting incident. At least, not in the news stories I saw. Maybe the 13 management just doesn't want to give her more publicity but surely other stations will pick it up and run with it. Of course, if the perp sent emails to 13 reporters, then we may never hear about those on the other stations. And, what was this "story" that 13 did about her and her family? Personally, I like Melanie but there is something about Sharron's delivery that irks me. Hate to hear that either is a target though.
  10. I could have sworn that Jamail's was on S Shepherd too but the article I read says the original was on Montrose and when the Southwest Fwy went in right through their store, they moved it to Kirby. And yes, I believe it was very near Battlesteins.
  11. I don't personally know and have only seen a master plan of one location, Cullinan in Sugarland, which has been mentioned here. Houston Botanic Garden also considered Herman Brown Park out I-10 & Mercury but for whatever reasons, it fell through as did the Sugarland location. There's some old newspaper pieces floating around the net about the Herman Brown deal. Having said that, there were rumors in the east end that several other locations had been suggested by the COH Parks department, all of which were rejected by the HBG. Perhaps Cohen will cover those other locations. HBG had some green yard signs printed in English on one side and Spanish on the other, stating something about supporting a garden WITH a golf course. They popped up in yards across the east end as well as the red Save Gus Wortham signs from the Harrisburg Heritage Society. Somehow word got out that the Houston Botanic Garden could not or would not include a golf course in their design for Wortham and Idylwood pulled their support, not that it means anything in the grand scheme. Bottom line is that the botanic garden folks never wanted to have a golf course. Their initial proposal to the different organizations in the east end, back in August & September '13, only stated that there was a "possibility" of including a 9 hole course. Last I heard, HBG does not have a master plan for Gus Wortham. I suppose they put out a lot of money on the one for Cullinan before they had the OK on the location. They probably don't want to repeat that mistake. But, why would the city give them a long term lease WITHOUT seeing a master plan? Maybe because the CEO of HBG is an old college chum of Ms Mayor.
  12. The botanic garden people have taken their plans to include a 9 hole golf course (at Gus Wortham) completely off the table. I understand that they have lost some community support because of this. There is to be a meeting on March 31 to discuss the fate of the historic golf course. www.worthamparkfriends.org/tags/robert-gallegos/
  13. Tonight on the 6 o'clock news, Dave Ward explained that he had a shoulder replacement 3 weeks ago.
  14. Surprised no one has posted here. I considered it yesterday but thought I'd wait. Personally, I like Ron. He's my go to guy at noon when 13 does not satisfy earlier. Often, I'm not awake before 7 for the local shows. I'm actually too lazy to look up the stats to see how many beers, drinks or whatever it takes to blow a breath test but if I remember from younger days, it's not too many. I always had a personal limit of two beers if I was driving. I use past tense because I now always have a designated driver. He may have committed some infraction, rolling through a stop sign, or yellow light, we don't know but whatever, he was stopped by law enforcement. Until anything else comes to light, I'll continue to watch and consider him human. I am glad that nothing involving bodily injury resulted from his arrest. I'm also glad the station is offering support, whatever that involves.
  15. "Lost" anyone? It's getting more bizarre as the time passes. I cannot imagine the torture that the families of passengers must be enduring. It does seem to me though, with all the planes and ships searching, whether over land or sea, that something should have been sighted by now.
  16. Is that near where the old Montgomery Wards was? Across from Palm Center? Just wondering. Hopefully, that part of Houston will flourish again. I had relatives who lived there in the 60s to 70s. It was a very vibrant, thriving area called South Park. Jones High School was new then. But as to shopping available now, she could visit Gulfgate which may be closer than Rice Village. This is good news for the entire area.
  17. On 10 o'clock news, it's official that Dodson will be closed. Jones escaped the cut, for now, but not by much.
  18. I'm still a little surprised about Dodson. That's the school where parents would camp out on the sidewalks just to be at the front of the line for Montessori openings each fall. I remember that the various TV stations would cover the story and the parents were always very eager to get their kids enrolled. There must be other options now for Montessori. I can't imagine that parents no longer seek that method of education for their kids.
  19. I don't know if CS/Bryan has many thrift stores but if you know of one, you might try looking there. I've seen them in Houston thrifts. Also, give Half Price Books a look. You never know what you'll find there. Wish I could help you but my current one is about the same age as yours. When DH got a new one (for work), I'd get his cast off. Since he retired 4-5 years ago, there's no longer a rotation. In all honesty, I had no idea they had reached $40.
  20. Isn't street parking allowed all around it? Surely there is more to this than meets the eye. It's a very interesting space and it's a shame to not be enjoyed by the community.
  21. Interesting to note that on the "find a grave" site for Joan, (linked above from Dec '13) there are several photos of her tombstone. One, posted in 2002 clearly shows the cedar beside the stone. Another photo, posted in 2011 shows no sign of the cedar at all.
  22. LTAWACS, I suppose by now you've figured out that Jimmy Fallon has taken over Jay Leno's spot on the Tonight Show. I'm never sure if you are being sarcastic or sincere although I do enjoy your posts. Wish we had a "sarcastic" button here.
  23. I believe it doesn't start until April and even then, it will not be at all three locations on the same day. Disclaimer: I may have missed something somewhere stating otherwise.
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