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  1. We too have always been told that sidewalks and curbs are the responsibility of the home owner. 


    That said, I would think that before posting this petition, the people behind it would have checked out all the COH requirements.  There may actually be special circumstances where the city would do the work.



  2. Ah, I see the reason I was unable to find him, I was using the Radetski spelling instead of Radetzki as it is listed on Find A Grave.


    Interesting too, when following the family links on FAG, the daughter Georgiana Radetzki married Claudius Sears and both are buried in Glenwood.


    Checking probate records on the county clerk site, there is listed Fay Peters Radetzki who died in 1955 and executor of her estate was Gustave Reese Radetzki.  His address is shown as 606 Southern Pacific Bldg.  The SP Building address was 713 Franklin so I feel that the 606 must have been offices on the 6th floor.  There are no probate records for Gus Reese Radetzki in Harris County.  On Find A Grave the listing for Fay states that she was the wife of G.R. Radetzki.  Fay is buried in Forest Park.


    A daughter of Gus died in 1975 and is in Forest Park also.  That daughter was Adelaide and the executrix of her estate was Janice Radetzki Cage.


    Now, what is even more interesting is that in September of 1969 in Riverside Terrace, G.R. Radetzki is listed as Grantor of Lot 23 in Block 36 to the State of Texas as Grantee.


    With a little more research, I'm sure the address of that house could be found.

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  3. I drive I-10 West quite often and have for years.  I love that the limit has been raised to 75 mph.  What is a big deterrent however, is the semi trucks.  They too can go 75-80 and do, while some big trucks will maintain 70 mph or so.  This seems to clog the right lane and causes people to completely ignore the "left lane for passing" signs.  The result is that you get 18 wheelers and slow bobtails in the right and all others in the left, some trying to maintain the posted 75 mph while others are trying to do 80-85.  I don't know how those bottlenecks can be eliminated but they happen very often during my weekday trips.


    On the subject of losing control in a high speed blowout, what exactly causes people to lose that control?  Serious question.


    I've had blowouts on I-45 N in a British sports car (low center of gravity) near Huntsville, in an 80s sedan on 610 near the dome, in a 90s SUV on I-45 S and in my current SUV doing 75 on I-10 W near Columbus and never once did I lose control.  I did not have anyone run into the back of my vehicle nor did I cause a traffic pile up in any case.  So, what causes folks to lose control on a highway going 60 mph or more during a blow out?





  4. We'll see if the management of KTRK Ch 13 sits Barrett down and tell her to dress business like.


    I'm curious as to this statement.  Do you think the station has heard or read of comments such as ours?  Is Barrett the subject of other blogs or forums?


    And I do have to agree with your wife, her hair needs something, I'm just not sure what.  Maybe her extensions are too long. 


    I remember when Shara Fryer was in the anchor seat, there was an article in the paper on her and her clothes.  She told the reporter that she often would only concentrate on her outfit from the waist up, meaning blouses and jackets, that the viewing public never saw her from the waist down.  That meant that she could buy the "top" part of an outfit sold as separates, saving money.  Back then, the anchors sat all the time whereas now, we do see them standing by the screens in some stories.   I liked her and hated to see her leave.


    I might add that when I'm away from Houston, I'm in the Austin viewing area and I can't think of any of the women anchors on Austin stations who would compare to Barrett.  Maybe Ch.13 thinks they need on air ladies to compete with the blonds on 11.

  5. I guess I'll be getting my news somewhere else then.  I have honestly tried to watch her but she does not seem very "put together", at least not enough to be in the anchor seat.


    She should look to Melanie Lawson or Ilona Carson for wardrobe tips.   Honestly, Barrett looks like she's ready to go bar hopping with friends.  She's clearly not 25 so why try to act it?


    I've been a 13 watcher since the early 70s but when she comes on, I am compelled to change channels.  I will continue to watch Tom and Don in the mornings though.

  6. I may be reaching here but the fact that they lived so close to Forest Park Cemetery leads me to think that he may be right across Lawndale from his home. 


    I could not find him on Find A Grave but that only means that no one has posted it.  I don't have any of the genealogy subscriptions to search those sites but there's a good chance information is available on him.

  7. I too lived off Hiram Clarke (in late 50s & early 60s) and our number was ID3 xxxx.  I also lived in Idylwood subdivision where our number was 926 xxxx. 


    Idylwood subdivision dates back to the late 20s & early 30s. 


    Pamela Heights dates to at least 1957 when our family moved there.  The new subdivision had only 3 streets at that time, four if you counted Melcher.  Beran was not developed through initially, there was only Ebbtide, Trail Lake and Knotty Oaks.**


    I don't know how the prefix was established for a given area but if I had to guess, I'd say that "whomever" just searched for a two letter combination with the corresponding two numbers that were not already in use and then found a word that began with those two letters.


    **This is off topic but want to share.  We moved to southwest Houston in 1957 yet when I looked at the HCAD record for our house, the "date built" shows 1961. 

  8. I cannot agree that HAIF is interesting again.  Without Niche, Red and even AtticusFlinch (and maybe others prior to '05 when I joined), I believe that HAIF has become a little LESS interesting.  Without discourse, we would not be here.  .Those that have caused this divide and ceased the discourse have also ceased to contribute as much. I personally have not been a major contributor but have maintained an avid interest.


    I do not understand why those that feel they are abused in some fashion and their views are discounted in some fashion have the need to be vindicated at the expense of an opposing opinion.  And, at the risk of also being banned, I do not understand why some who may or may not have complained that other's opinions have somehow discredited 'them' should be cause enough to be considered  persona non grata. 


    I strongly believe that a forum such as this should be free of censure but I also recognize that the owner of this forum retains the privilege of personal opinion, what ever that may be.  I would only hope that such an owner would be Switzerland.



  9. I didn't know what happened here with him but I've noticed he does post on Swamplot at times.  When he mentioned that he was in another country, I somehow thought he meant Mexico.


    I'm glad that he has found his place and it does sound (from what you've said) like he's happy where he is.  I don't know him personally but I've always enjoyed his writing.  I came to the conclusion a while back that he must have been banned from here and I was sorry for it.  


    I wish him well.

  10. You can add Weiner's to the bottom of the pecking order, it was a notch or two below Wards and Sears.


    I remember Danburg's and Leonard's too.  They were somewhat like Weiner's, sold only clothes and were smaller stores.

  11. The building that is to the right of the donut building is now Connie's.  At least part of it used to be a Taco Bell if I remember correctly, or some other sort of fast food with an outdoor patio of sorts in the front.  When Connie's went in, they remodeled and incorporated the fast food restaurant into their new build.


    I used to regularly shop at the Kroger's that was in the now Family Thrift building (Polk and Wayside) but I didn't always notice the triangle.  I do remember that the gas station building has had many faces over the years and colors too. 


    Yes, the canopies were there but honestly, I cannot say when they disappeared.

  12. That public park in the botanic garden is so much fluff, just like the botanic folks talking about a 9 hole golf course on site.  HBG plays to their audience, promising what they 'think' their audience wants to hear.


    The golf course was a lie and the jury is out on the park.  AFAIK, city council has not voted on the garden at Gus issue so it's not a done deal.

  13. I do apologize to BullMan, I know how some are very closely attached to their childhood homes.  I grew up on Houston's near North Side and it certainly was not in Heights.  I remember the Pig Stand on N. Main as well as Rettig's.  There was Stephen's Drug Store too, where I used to nurse a cherry coke while reading their comic books.  I attended Robert E. Lee Elementary where we could see the actual construction of I-45 during recess.


    I've had many co-workers and friends that lived in the Heights, most in small garage apartments because they were cheap.  Some lived in little apartment complexes.  This was many years ago, probably before most here on HAIF were even born.  I lived through the Elmer Wayne Henley episode and the so-called ice box murders. I shopped at Kaplan's a few times and more often at antique shops on 19th and on Yale when they were a lot more interesting than today.  Had some prints framed at Davis Hardware in the 70s that look like new today, they did such a good job.


    So, no I haven't just driven through a few times. 


    I just hate to see hype that every other inner loop neighborhood wants to be the second coming of Heights.  That is just not true as evidenced by the featured article in the initial post here.  I agree that many neighborhoods are quite happy with their own name and identity.  I raised my kids in the east end and to me, that's what it is, I hate the name EADO.  


    And to "s3mh", I do still own that house in Houston, in the east end.  But I actually live in a 100+ year old restored little wood frame farmhouse on three quarters of a section of land with 2 stock ponds and a creek running through it, between Houston and Austin.  We do have a fence around the house and yard but that's just to keep the cattle from munching on the grass.  And, it's all paid for, including 2 tractors and a hay baler.


    And yes, I think that big expensive homes in the inner city, with fences all around them do look like third world places.  If the fence is for pets or kids, why not just fence the back?  Is it fear?  I don't really know but they remind me of drug cartel compounds.  Not real friendly or inviting.  When sm3h says most Heights houses do not have fences, it's funny to me that when I visit friends there I see more WITH fences than without.


    In Houston, if it has "heights" in the name, my friends and I usually look at each other, roll eyes and get a good laugh.  Some of them still live there and do laugh at themselves because they know they're sitting on a gold mine.  Country life isn't for them so they laugh at me because I don't have 250 channels on my TV.  They laugh because they have Walmart right down the street and I have to drive 20 miles to the nearest one.



  14. What are you talking about?


    Not everyone in Houston is in love with the Heights, that's all.  And to think that all the inner loop aspires to be like the Heights is just not true.


    If I was in the market for another home and a realtor suggested the Heights, I'd quickly say no and find another realtor. 


    I think it's way over priced what with no sidewalks (or none in many areas), deep ditches and no curbs or drains and narrow streets where two cars cannot pass each other.  And what's with all the fences in the front of the houses?  Makes them look like third world homes.  It's certainly not "inviting".  Is there really that much theft over there? 


    I have many friends who feel the same way I do but in fairness, I do have some friends that bought into Houston Heights in the late 90s and are still there.  They do have sidewalks though but no curbs or gutters.


    There may be a lot to like about the neighborhoods but there's a lot not to like also.


    If you've read any of the pieces referenced in the original post on this thread, you'd see that the folks living east of I-45 in the North Side area do not want to be called the "Heights" of any kind.

  15. This is very interesting.  I would hope that IF the alley is public, then anybody should be able to access it.  I do not understand how any one citizen would be able to block the alley, preventing others from passing through it.


    I realize that this is not the initial issue presented here but the fact that the alley was blocked contributed to the OP's problem.


    If the person blocking the alley is not paying taxes on it, seems to me it's not his to block.



  16. I am in the Austin TV viewing area today and beginning early this morning, local stations had reporters all along the route from ABIA into town/LBJ Library. 


    They televised Obama and wife leaving the plane and getting into their SUV after being greeted by the mayor and others.  The motorcade left and I was amazed at the number of vehicles.  There must have been 15 or 20 black SUVs and 8 or 9 white vehicles that looked like vans.  They had 30 or more motorcycles waiting for him at the library.


    The reporter at ABIA repeated 3 or 4 times that there could be no take offs or landings while his plane was there.


    His visit to Austin was to be from 10:30 a.m. -- 1:30 p.m.


    We didn't continue watching for his arrival at the library.

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