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  1. Didn't see Mike Persia Chevrolet mentioned here. It was on North Main, somewhere near the old tunnel. I had a girlfriend who graduated from Davis High in 1963, got a job at Stelzigs downtown and immediately bought a brand new '63 Impala Super Sport. Black with red interior. It was a beauty. She worked at Stelzigs all her life, retired from there, not downtown though. Think they moved near 610 and Richmond. There was a Bob Robertson Chevrolet too but I don't know where they started. They ended up on the Gulf Freeway near Telephone or Wayside in the 80's. Another dealer was on the Southwest Freeway, Autosports or maybe AutoSports, can't remember. I bought my '74 MGB there, in '74. Still have it.
  2. Didn't read any Davis article. I got it from someone close to the East End Chamber.
  3. I believe Ms. Garcia and Mr. E.F. Lee have different ideas for the East End property. Heard something today about a new jail location.
  4. When my younger sister got out of high school in '73 in Oklahoma, she came Houston to work. She got a job at Frito Lay over on Griggs at I45 and moved into one of those four plex apartments on Woodridge across the street from that church. They were about where all those trees are in the post card photo, where the Chase Bank or maybe Wendy's is today. For some reason I don't remember the drive in theater......when did it close?
  5. I remember those big rocks!! How in the world did you identify them as the Gulfgate ones? I'm impressed.
  6. It's supposed to open for business in February. I do agree, the colors are anything but grayish. The metal work is supposed to look like those paper cutouts some restaurants have, if memory serves, the old Ninfa's had them hanging from the ceiling at one time. Go to newhopehousing.com to read all about it.
  7. I should have been more specific. In the 1500 block of N. Macgregor Way, there are/were houses only on one side of the street. All five houses in that block are now gone. Two houses in the 6700 block or Wildwood Way are gone. One house in the 6700 block of Park Ln is gutted and ready for demolition. There is also one house in the 1900 block of N. Macgregor Way that is "ready" to be taken down. A total of 9 homes.
  8. I know I'm behind times again, but has anything happened to the Kroger on Polk? It's been several months since the last posts here...... There used to be a Kroger on Wayside at Polk. A nice large one where I was a loyal shopper for twenty something years. They closed some years ago, after Fiesta opened.
  9. I know this is an old thread but looks like this place might be up and running fairly soon. I don't especially like their colors but the whole place looks like an improvement over the old Hou Tex.
  10. Idylwood's dues ARE voluntary and yes, there is a very active civic club.
  11. At least one of Kenny Rogers' "Gambler" movies was partially shot in Galveston. Number 5 I believe. They removed the parking meters along the Strand and covered other modern signs with old style ones, brought in loads and loads of dirt to put on the street and had a trail ride complete with cattle and cowboys on horseback. Our old car club had a number of early Fords in it as I believe the movie was set in the 1905-10 era. My husband can be seen in the opening credits, driving his car dressed in goggles and duster amid the confusion of the cattle. There was another movie with Treat Williams that was also filmed in Galveston. Can't remember thename but it too utilized our old cars.
  12. As of last week, there is one home left on N. MacGregor Way. It has been gutted and is awaiting demolition. The entire area there looks totally different.
  13. I too was a mid term graduate. Westbury '64. We lived out off Hiram Clark and S. Main long before the McClendon theaters went in. My best friend was a year older and she had a '56 Ford stick shift. On Saturday nights, if we could get a little money together for gas, we'd go "cruising". We'd start at Prince's on Main at OST, drive thru there a couple of times, then on to Bill William's in the medical center. After that, we'd head on to MacDonald's on Main where 2016 is. If memory serves me, it was about where the McDonald's is now. We'd get an order of fries and a drink and after that, we'd head on back down Fannin to start over again. This went on 3 or 4 times, spending a little time parked at each place. Of course, we had to have the windows down with the radio blaring full blast. KILT was full rock and roll then. All these places had car hops and I'm sure those gals hated to see us 'young'uns' come through because we never did have enough money to leave a tip. Fun times in the summers and weekends during school. I'm talking '62 thru mid term '64. Don't know when McD's bought out MacD's because I moved away from Houston for a few years. Prince's on S. Main stayed around for quite some time. The Prince's on Gulf Fwy near UofH lasted a good while too. I thought the drive-in at 69th and Wayside was a Stephen's but seems it wasn't. Now, where was Stephen's??
  14. One of my aunts lived over off of South Park Blvd. (MLK now) When we'd go visit her, the big thing was to drive by Gulfgate too. This entire area was vastly different in the late fifties and early sixties. I well remember the two dime stores, two shoe stores, Sakowitz and I think Joske's was an original store too. I know it was an early one, if not one of the firsts. The women's restroom (lounge) in Joske's was huge, with chairs to sit in. My dad bought me a mouton coat at that store. One of his few concessions to allowing me to follow the fads. I've wondered if the little umbrella was on the original sign before the mall was covered? I thought that it was added after making Gulfgate an "all weather" shopping experience. Meyerland and Gulfgate both were built open air and when it was raining, the trick was to dash in and out of the stores without getting too soaked. Seems life went full circle for me. I graduated high school, moved away then back again and ultimately married a guy who lived in Houston's east end. We bought our first child's baby bed at ABC furniture in Gulfgate. Attended Boy Scout Pinewood Derby races there. My youngest, at five, bought me a coffee cup with 'Mom' on it at MacFrugals there. Took my kids to the cinema to see "Jungle Book". Now, I shop at HEB, Staples, and bank nearby. Yes, Gulfgate has changed but I'm very glad I live in this area. Thanks to all for the photos....wish there were more. Does anyone remember early Palm Center? Didn't it predate Gulfgate and Meyerland both?
  15. Try 311 for Neighborhood Protection. They will, if needed, come out and secure a property which may pose a danger. I understand that they then bill the property owners for the service. We, in our neighborhood, had to call them about a property that has been abandoned.
  16. Well, I have to weigh in here. I've lived here since the late 70's, my husband since the 60's and I've never seen or heard of the brick wall you mention to block the apartments behind the homes on Sylvan. There was an original 'gate' put up that our then mayor objected to and it was ultimately moved to another location on Maxwell. It was put up, at the expense of residents, because of all the cut through traffic on Sylvan. The store on the corner? Years ago there was a neighborhood bar there. The Sylvan Road apartments? Yes, they've supposedly been sold and gutted. HCAD has not been updated but word is the new owner wants to renovate. As far as flooding on the bayou. Yes, that's been a problem for some time but......where in Houston, parts that have bayous, is there not a problem when we have huge amounts of rain? And, for some of those houses along Brays that were badly affected, there's talk of FEMA buyouts. The next time you drive through Idylwood, there may be more vacant lots. Those lots would remain vacant forever.
  17. What exactly is the address of the old Westbury Square property? As according to HCAD?
  18. Perhaps I'm confusing the Rebel Yell with the yearbook. I was also on that staff and I do remember having to ask shop owners if they'd like to buy a space when most of them did not even know where the school was located. I had completely forgotten about the phone directory. Do high schools now even have newspapers and directories?
  19. I read through all seven pages and had great fun remembering......just thought I'd add a few things about Westbury Square and Westbury HS. We moved out off of South Main and Hiram Clarke in '57. No schools out there then and very few houses. Our neighborhood had only 3 streets. I had to finish elementary school in Missouri City. Then, junior high was Cullen, back when MLK was known as South Park Blvd. When Johnston Junior was completed, went there and when Westbury was finished, I started there the first year it opened. We had a school vote to name the mascot, the Rebel and the newspaper, the Rebel Yell and even the yearbook. There was a contest for that and someone came up with The Citadel, which was the famous water tower. I guess we thought it would stay there forever. The girl's drill team was the Rebelettes. Westbury was a great school back then and there were NO apartments anywhere near it. We also picked the school colors, blue and gray if I remember correctly. I graduated in '64. My dad was an electrician and he did some work on Westbury Square for Mr. Berne. I can't speak to the shoddy workmanship as has been suggested here because according to dad, Mr. Berne wanted only the best. True, he had gone to Europe and wanted the Square to be a great pedestrian shopping area. What I remember is that the biggest draw was the A la Carte Restaurant which was French and not Italian as was stated in the newspaper article someone here mentioned. It had flocked wallpaper which was not that common in Houston at the time. Too expensive. And, seems like he had gold plated fixtures in the restrooms at the A la Carte. There was another more mainstream eating place too but can't remember the name. And of course, the Rumpleheimers ice cream shop. When Mr. Berne was deciding on ice cream flavors to serve there, he'd order it in those huge, what 4 or 5 gallon buckets? The size they have at Baskin Robbins. When all the workmen and other folks who were putting the Square together got all the ice cream they wanted and Mr. Berne had decided yay or nay on that flavor, my dad would ask if he could bring the rest home to his brood. There were five of us kids. We just thought that was the greatest treat ever. The book store was another one of the first businesses to open also. I believe it was a B. Dalton but am not positive. Also, the candle shop. And Cromwell's which was a very high end men's store. After I graduated, I seem to have forgotten about the Square for awhile but I do remember going back at some point in my early twenties because I have memories of Cargo and also of the glassblower. And of buying some of those drip candles to put in the Chianti bottles. The Gay Dot was also an early shop although I don't think it was one of the first. I was in that area earlier this week and decided to drive by but I completely missed it! Had to get out the key map and even then, I wasn't sure I was in the right place. I seem to remember that the parking lot was sunken and one had to walk up a flight of stairs to even get to the shops. So very sad to see what's happened to the place. When the Square was initially built, it had only those shops that faced the sunken parking lot and there weren't that many. For the person who posted here that wanted to know of businesses that were in the area back then, I would suggest going to Westbury High and asking to see some of their early yearbooks. I was on the staff one year and we had to go out into the community to sell ad space.
  20. That's it! I knew someone here would know it. I had not been back in that area for some time and a few weeks ago I found myself driving down T.C.Jester towards 610. I saw the Rainbow Lodge and thought that the place looked a bit familiar but honestly, I thought La Tour d'Argent was more "off the road".
  21. I lived in the Ella, T.C. Jester, W. 18th area back in the middle 70's and there was a very exclusive and secluded restaurant somewhere around there. I can't remember the name but I think it was a French restaurant. (I know that the Rainbow Lodge has moved to Ella and T.C. Jester but that is more recent.) Does anyone know what restaurant was there? And, how about the original Goodson's out in Huffmiester (sp?). The chicken fried steak overlapped the large oval plate and supposedly, Mrs. Goodson herself chose the steaks. The place was so small that folks had to wait for a table out in the parking lot. The Log Cabin out 59N around the Lee Road exit was the first place I'd ever eaten 'family style' meals. And the food kept coming as long as folks kept eating. Southern fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, the works.
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