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  1. But in the very early 70s it was Van's Stampede Ballroom. Girlfriends and I went there during that time. By early '72 I moved out of the area.
  2. I like all sorts of music but I don't see how any station playing only one artist's music could stay around for very long.
  3. "With my dog Remy".........I think Remington was a black lab, but am not positive. I always liked Thom and wondered why he left the station.
  4. The photo in the UH yearbook is of Houston downtown. FilioScotia has already identified the postcard as being San Antonio. The two cities had lots of the same stores. I believe the store to the very left in the postcard is Grayson, a clothing store, but I may be wrong.
  5. We visited there with a group of about 100 vintage automobiles in '07 or '08 and it was still there, complete with outbuildings and "restaurant" where we had hamburgers and trimmings. The Alamo was looking kinda sad though..... I don't know if the original owners are around now.
  6. W. T. Grant's and Kress' both were on Main Street in Houston. Mom and I would take the Shopper's Special bus (5 cents) from our home near N. Main and Quitman to downtown to shop and she took me to both many times. The Majestic Theater in Houston was on one of the east/west streets, not Main.
  7. I remember when that happened. I remember too that Mr. Ertman and Mr. Pena were both in the news during the trials, making sure that their daughters were not forgotten. I thought it was strange at the time that we almost never (if at all) saw the mothers of the two teen girls. Thankfully, the men who were responsible were caught and tried, found guilty and sentenced. Didn't at least one get the death penalty?
  8. I moved to the east end in the later 70s and I too remember a post office in that center. If I'm not mistaken, it was actually in that corner to the left of the turret.
  9. Yes, the old bank is gone. The entire block is reduced to dirt. Construction trailers and some equipment are on site. Apparently the new owner is aware of preservation minded folks because they've installed large banners on the chain linked fences with an attempt to explain their actions. The signs said something about ...........sometimes in order to serve you better, we have to use a hammer......... They tore down a bank to build another bank. Frost Bank this time. And the green space at the end of 225, there is nothing to indicate a park is planned for that location, no signs or anything.
  10. Thanks for that..........I thought I had missed your point.
  11. I had not heard about the bank! I'll have to drive over that direction tomorrow. And, interesting to see that the end of 225 as shown on the map has already been named John R. Harris Park. I haven't been over there since Memorial Day but I didn't notice any "park like" improvements then.
  12. I agree with editor in that a kid has to live with whatever name you put on him/her. I'm in the 60+ crowd and I remember kids in elementary making fun of my given name. Now, that's a long time ago but even back then, my name was "different", it's an old family name on my mom's side and it's still different today. The ridicule continued in junior high and into high school. When I hit the work force in the 60s, there was one particular guy who teased me about my name. He was a good old boy from East Texas and I know it was in fun but I'm just saying............ We are still friends today and do keep in touch. I tease him about his drawl and he teases me about my name. One of my sisters, 50+ has another old family name beginning with a Z. Those names have more recently become popular but when she was a kid, they weren't. She endured teasing too but since she was "known" by her middle name, it wasn't so bad. I do have to add though, the trend in the black community to name their children more African sounding names does not seem to have adversely affected those kiddos. When I see some of them in print I'm bewildered as to how to pronounce them but again, it doesn't seem to be a issue to others. Bottom line is, what do I know? I'm just adding my opinion and sharing a few memories. Just remember, the first name is what they will more than likely be called by teachers unless you specifically ask school personnel to use the middle name. I like the name Houston over Huston. Huston could easily be mispronounced and having to correct someone gets tiring. You either correct them or let it go. I married a man with a somewhat different last name so I get it coming and going. And Congratulations to you and your wife! All I have is boys and I think they are great!!
  13. Thanks for that. I've read about the Hines project and I did know it was to be in that area but somehow, I didn't think that was the location. I haven't been over there in probably 2 or 3 years. There is so much genealogy information online now that I haven't had reason to visit the Clayton lately.
  14. I hate to hear of this old beauty's fate. Several years ago I was doing a lot of family research at the Clayton Library. I used to go by this house and I wondered about it each and every time I saw that sign. Thanks for sharing a bit of it's history. I suppose there will be more apartments or condos there in the future.
  15. I didn't know that the Salt Grass Trail Ride had stopped coming into Houston for the parade. Has it? My earlier response was to blue92's question "So no more trail rides out of Houston?". To my knowledge, the trail rides did not ever depart from Houston. They've always come into Houston from near distant parts of the state. I do remember that in about 1960-61, I was attending San Jacinto Senior High School and one of my classmates, a girl, was excused from class for about a week to take part in the Salt Grass Trail Ride. Her whole family participated. What an adventure that was for her! At that time, there not so many different trail rides as today. She was what was termed a tomboy and horses and "ranch life" were a big part of her life. '
  16. And the development of that family cemetery property next door that might be an issue. It should all come to a head fairly soon.
  17. It probably needs some television coverage. Honestly, how many Houstonians depend on newspaper for news these days?
  18. Well, network news is one thing but that's not ABC 13 LOCAL news. I can watch any of the big 3 networks for national happenings but I've been loyal to 13 for years concerning local news. WTH is going on in Houston? First 11 is having a mid year crisis and now 13. I can't blame anyone for ditching a job that adversely affects the home front but why not have a sit down with the brass first and discuss it? CBS changed owners but to my knowledge, ABC didn't. I'm currently getting my news fix from two sides, Houston and Austin so I'm not totally bound to either but I've gotta say that if channel 13 goes to pot, I'll just have to sign off completely when in Houston. When Dave leaves, so will I.
  19. Uh, they came IN to Houston for the rodeo parade. I have memories but they really do date me. I remember seeing the parade where Roy Rogers was featured. I was in elementary and have not bothered to research what year that might have been so please don't 'surprise' me. I also remember The Cisco Kid and Pancho. We did not have money by any means but somehow my folks managed to buy me a pair of boots when I was about 10-11 AND they let me ride the bus from N. Main to downtown (Shoppers Special for 5 cents) so I could walk to the Coliseum for the rodeo. I was under 11 because we moved from N. Main when I was 12. Can you imagine anyone letting an 11 year old walk on Main Street Houston today?
  20. Yes, Austin news at noon showed him collapsing in front of the judge. Hard to tell if it was on purpose or natural. I thought I had heard or read that his ex was related to this family somehow. And yes, it was in Spring but I don't think that means anything other than it's where the family lived. He would have gone after them if they'd been in Kingwood, Clear Lake or Heights.
  21. Oh boy, regardless of how the sidewalks get fixed, there will be a lot of moaning over the trees and shrubs that will be sacrificed. In our old neighborhood, there are many trees that have seriously compromised the sidewalks. Most (but not all) are on the homeowner's side. I realize that those on the city easement side whether or not planted by the city, will probably be killed if the roots are severely cut. When the roots are damaged, the tree will not die right away. So, several years later there will be that back and forth about who will pay to have the tree taken down. I can hear them now. I do have to say though, IMO having the city do the repairs and billing the homeowner seems to be the best way to get all the sidewalks done in a timely manner. Otherwise, left to the individual owner, it could drag out for years. And, lets face it, having one stretch of sidewalk "fixed" and the next stretch broken would still be a dangerous path to walk.
  22. I was not a Ch. 11 morning watcher on any regular basis but when I did flip to 11, I did enjoy Darby. He seemed sincere and genuine as he's been described here. I understand that the stations want to draw a younger audience but please, just because folks get old (and everyone will, if they live long enough), does not mean they stop being consumers. I'll admit, I no longer need the morning traffic and weather report because I no longer have to leave home early to get to work but I have more disposable income now and the free time to get out and spend it on products hawked by their advertisers. I'm glad the new station owners are seeing the light. Now, they need to get rid of that sing-a-long jingle they have. And, I'm happy Darby is returning. I'll try to watch now but the weather chick is still annoying IMHO.
  23. Right, we used to stop there when we'd be hauling a car, just to check the trailer load. There was always someone stopped there, even large 18 wheelers. it was a nice little place although it didn't have restrooms or any conveniences. We never understood why it was closed. The exit/entrance to/from it are still there on both east/west sides but you can't go far. The roadbed between entrance and exit on both sides have been removed.
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