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  1. I've heard rumors of Princes and Bullritos....anyone know? the building is almost done.
  2. I saw a sign at the west end of the Berripop/Buffalo Wild Wings strip mall that 5 Guys Burgers is moving in! Yea!! Their burgers and fries are great.
  3. Does anyone know what is up with 'Whats Up Cupcake'? I've been by the lot at 14th and Shepherd the past two nights around 7 PM and nothing there. On their website they list their hours in two separate places and they conflict, but both said they would be there on Tuesday evenings. Have they moved or gone out of business?
  4. woo hoo! can't wait to check it out
  5. Looks like Tuesday Morning will be opening a store in the Kroger shopping center on May 4. I have not been by there so I am not sure exactly where the store is. http://www.tuesdaymorning.com/storelocator/advantage.asp?template=map&transaction=locMap&recordId=HOUS1065
  6. The website link I posted says there is retail and wholesale. They even mention a deli.
  7. Louisiana Foods, a very large wholesaler of seafood in Houston has a retail store at their warehouse on 12th street, near 610. I have never been there, so I can't vouch for it. http://www.louisianafoods.com/contact.htm
  8. Got the following post card in the mail from Penzeys spices this week: (Penzeys is on W19th street in the same strip mall as Collinas, Thai Spice) "New Bigger Store! Same Location! Penzeys Spices in Houston is undergoing a transformation...... Our Houston store will close at 5PM Sat 4/10 and reopen Sat 4/17 at 9 AM. During that week our crew of painters, carpenters, and electricians will give the store a fresh new look. We're enhancing the atmosphere where cooks feel warm....." This is good to hear. I really like Penzeys but it usually isn't too crowded and I always thought for having only one store in Houston they would get more business being in a busier part of town (Rice Village, Kirby, etc). I wonder if the 'New Bigger Store' comment means they are taking over some of the empty space next door (I can't remember are they next to an empty store?) Anyways can't wait to see the new place.
  9. I read online last year that Les Givrals, a restaurant I love that is in Market Square, is supposed to be opening in the new strip mall just east of Shepherd. Anyone have an update on that opening? I also read a downtown law firm was moving in the 3rd story of that building. http://www.lesgivrals.com/11.html I also noticed Berripop and Buffalo Wild Wings are moving in the strip mall closer to Yale Blvd and Zoes. Any news on anything else moving in there?
  10. I have been using Martin Tailors on Faegan and Shepard. They have been in business since the 1950s. I have had great service with them. P.S. You may get more answers in the Heights forum.
  11. I have been in Houston 12 years and have listened to a lot of FM and AM radio stations over the years. I was reminiscing this week about some of the radio station traffic reporters, specifically some with funny names. I distinctly remember an Allen Parkway I believe on KKRW several years ago. There were some others with traffic related names but I haven't been able to remember them. Maybe a woman named Stella Link? I also enjoyed Natalie that was with Chris Baker before he left Houston. I believe she was on a few different channels with different last names. Anyone remember any of the radio traffic reporters over the years in Houston?
  12. Anyone heard this one? I read this in my weekly newsletter from B4-U-eat.com this morning. "We're told Jenni's Noodle House has already signed the lease on a spot in the Heights"
  13. I noticed Tuesday evening during drive time radio that Robert Henslee and David Delatti (sp?) were hosting the show. This is Rich Lord and Matt Jackson's show. No mention of Rich or Matt at all. I go to the 610 AM website this morning and the afternoon show is listed as Rich Lord and Robert Henslee. What happened to Matt Jackson? Did he leave, get fired?? Seems like he had been on 610 for a long time. Jessica Duh, should have googled this first. I found the answer to my own question. Matt Jackson and Adam Wexler moved to 790AM to be the morning hosts. Good for them. Will miss them on 610AM. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/hotstories/6746190.html
  14. story about the new establishment at this corner. http://swamplot.com/openings-and-closings-that-flood-of-new-establishments/2009-11-11/
  15. Yes it does not compare to HEB Bunker Hill or Central Market but it is a HUGE improvement over what was there before. The Heights finally has a real grocery store. I am so glad it opened.
  16. I heard from a few people it was a complete madhouse at Kroger today. Long lines, chaotic, some checkouts not working at all - they had to checkout at the Starbucks! I am going to avoid that place this weekend. I don't like crowded grocery stores. Jessica N
  17. If you build it they will come... that is HEB I LOVE LOVE LOVE HEB... specifically the Bunker Hill Market. I look forward all week to my Friday post work grocery outing. If you build anything similar to that or Buffalo Speedway Market you will automatically have a loyal customer in me. My big draw is fresh, quality produce. Please Please Please Please build in the Heights!!!!!!
  18. I went Friday night to the soft opening party. We really enjoyed it. Everyone was served steak frites for the main entree.... oh that was so good. The fries were homemade and were parmesan coated. I will definitely be back! Jessica
  19. Mike there was one business still there, or at least the sign was there (not sure if it was open or not). It is on the north end, and I believe a panaderia.
  20. What happened? Driving on Yale last night and it is no longer there. Sign is gone and no trace of the place at all. Good taqueria.
  21. What street is the property on? I drove on 10th street last night and was at the intersection at Ashland and didn't see it.
  22. Via email Thursday Dear Loyal Texadelphia Patrons, Regretfully, I must inform you that our location on Memorial Drive is no longer open for business. Ultimately, we were not able to overcome the obstacle presented by the lack of parking spaces available for our patrons during our busy lunch hours. We really do appreciate your support over the years that we served you there, and sincerely hope that you will visit us at our location on Westheimer soon. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and look forward to serving you again. With best wishes, we remain. Very truly yours, Willie Madden & The Texadelphia Team
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