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  1. Its on the corner of Montrose and Willard Street, just below West Gray
  2. I had family in town and wanted to show them around the gayborhood, when I ran across this house that had this vortex running through the center of it. I took some photos of it and wanted to show them here in case you haven't seen it yet. Walking around to the front of the house The front of the house The side with the address posted Inside the middle of the "vortex" The back of the house Part of an interesting structural art peice along the Willard Street The detail on the statue Two interesting statues standing near the inside out house. I think they might symbolic of the left and rig
  3. I certainly know how you feel about bringing down the neighborhood. I grew up in a mainly hispanic neighborhood in San Jose, CA my whole life. For the most part the neighborhoods have been well maintained and clean especially since the city placed the district-wide deed restrictions on the area. But the last ten years I was there a huge influx of vietnamese families moved into the area, and the lawns and landscaping turned to no maintenance rock gardens, and they turned their homes in the neighborhood into two story mega homes in a mostly 1940s single story cottage setting. I resented them, an
  4. Say what you want about the lighting scheme of downtown, but I love the way downtown looks at night. I couldn't be any prouder of what Houston is during the day, and what it is during the evenings. I just went through I-35 Friday night from San Antonio to Dallas, and thought that San Antonio looks a lot like Astroworld at night with all its lights highlighting its hideous architectures Austin looked like San Antonio Jr minus the elegant state capital Dallas is just plain ol' boring vanilla Dallas, with that dated lollypop looking tower totally out of place to its oversized buildings. Houston
  5. Even though its not Houston to do, I wish that they would do the residential mid-rises with commercial on the bottom floor like they do in San Francisco. The downsides to those are the various smells, street traffic and noise on the outside of your places. But they are pleasing to the eyes, and cuts down on sprawl which this city doensn't need more of!
  6. I think it would be pretty neat if Astroworld had a monorail running from the park to the inside of the astrodome. Then have an indoor theme park to run and hide to when the weather is extremely bad, or too hot. It could be like a super space mountain or something!
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