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  1. 1964 had vertical headlights. That looks more like a 1962. https://www.google.com/search?q=1964+catalina&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwjf2OavtK7rAhUCUFMKHWdDDEAQ2-cCegQIABAA&oq=1964+catalina&gs_lcp=CgNpbWcQARgAMgQIIxAnMgIIADICCAAyAggAMgIIADICCAAyBggAEAcQHjIGCAAQBxAeMgYIABAHEB4yBggAEAcQHjoICAAQCBAHEB5Qn7MCWOGGA2DvowNoAXAAeACAAUWIAcUBkgEBM5gBAKABAaoBC2d3cy13aXotaW1nwAEB&sclient=img&ei=ctlAX9_XF4KgzQLnhrGABA&bih=578&biw=1280&hl=en
  2. The "original" Peppermint Park was in Pasadena. In about 1959 it moved to the large hunk of land between the Gulf Freeway & Reveille (Texas 35) with access to the parking lot from either the freeway frontage road or Reveille. Obviously that was before the I45/I610 interchange existed. I don't know when (or to where) they moved from there but they were still there in late '63 when I left Houston.
  3. Haven't seen any in a store but at least one distillery (maybe more) in Atlanta area are making hand sanitizer.
  4. "Today I learned of the Venus sports car made right here in Houston (thanks to a post on Reddit). As a native Houstonian and gear head, it is a bit surprising that I hadn’t heard of it before." I too am surprised I had never heard of the Venus. I grew up between 4 & 5 miles from the 75th Street address, but didn't know anything about specific area. Although a few years from being (legally) able to drive, I was very interested in cars & had a subscription to Hot Rod Magazine by 1956. By 1961 I had a '35 Ford with similar engine configuration - a '49 Merc with Edelbrock heads & 2 Sromberg carbs. I saved both links to spend some more time researching.
  5. Playland Park was the one on South Main. Peppermint Park was initially in Pasadena & later between Gulf Freeway & Reveille (before I 610 built). It was a kiddie park. I worked there, running the rides, in 1960, 61 & 62 as a teenager.
  6. ernie5823

    3100 Fannin St.

    Hah! We had some chairs that looked like that, when I was a kid - late '40s, early '50s.
  7. I'd like to see Galveston Island back like it was when I was growing up about 40 miles from there, mid '40s to mid '60s. You could drive on West Beach, all the way from end of seawall to San Luis Pass. If you wanted to stop, fish, swim, camp overnight, etc. anywhere along the way, that was OK. For the most part, people put their trash in provided barrels along the beach. I especially remember surf fishing (caught mostly sand sharks & small hammerheads) and floundering at San Luis Pass. If you didn't want to take the slow route on the beach, the road to the Pass was a "two laner" all the way. Parking on the beach with girlfriends was another good memory from late teenage years. I know, these are just irrelevant memories from an old Texan/Houstonian & times have changed.
  8. I grew up in Meadowbrook (Barkley Drive) and worked as a caddy for a while at Glenbrook, must have been in mid/late 1950s. Seems like we got paid $3.00 for 18 holes.
  9. Back in the early 1970s I lived on North Windomere, a few streets west of Bishop Arts. At that time, the garbage trucks used the alleys & most houses had garbage cans up on platforms, where they could be accessed over the fences. According to some "old timers" that lived nearby, it had always been that way (since neighborhood was built in the teens).
  10. Since Unread Content went "inoperative", it seems that overall posting is not near as much as it was. I guess most members haven't figured out how to use the "Browse" function.
  11. Price's was like predecessor to Mickey D's. I remember nineteen cent burgers, twelve cent fries & ten cent Cokes. Prince's was more like a "regular" drive-in with car hops & a large menu - including beer.
  12. There may have been others, but the only toll road that I can think of that turned free was the old DFW Turnpike, now Interstate 30. It took about 20 years to pay it off.
  13. Prices was a chain - several around Houston area. I remember one at corner of Belfort & MLK (then South Park), one in Pasadena, one on Jensen Drive & several others, mostly on east side of town. They had 19 cent burgers (similar to Mac Donald's), 12 cent fries (from fresh potatoes, cut on site) and 10 cent cokes & apple pies. I left Houston in '63, so not sure when they ceased to exist. I'd also be interested if anyone knows anything about history.
  14. Seems like I remember a Fed Mart off of northbound Gulf Freeway, somewhere south of Belfort/Howard exit. Would have been when I was a teenager - late 50s to early 60s.
  15. I don't know if your intent was not to go back to the '50s & '60s, but you've missed many from that era. Here are a few that I can remember. MacDonalds (sp?) the Houston original - one on Main , another on South Park/MLK next to King Center Twin theater, maybe others I can't remember from 50+ years ago. "Real" drive - ins with carhops that served beer. Prices (NOT Princes) was, I believe, a local chain, a walk-up, sit at picnic tables or in your car that sold a product identical to current Mickey Ds burgers & fries. I remember $.19 burgers, $.12 fries, $.10 cokes & apple pies. There was one at Belfort & South Park/MLK, one in Pasadena somewhere, one on Jensen (I think) as well as others around town. The Texan was another carhop drive in, similar to MacDonalds. There was one right ay the 69th Street Bridge and one on Hempstead Road. The Ranger, another carhop drive in on Telephone Road, at about where the Loop now crosses. The Winkler, a carhop drive in at about Winkler & Telephone, across from the drive in theater.I'll try to think of more, if you're interested, but that's a start.
  16. In the '50s & early '60s, Big Humphreys was between Gulf Freeway. & Reveille, on Park Place Boulevard. The 7661 address sounds about right. I remember him selling hamburgers, not so much pizza. Maybe nobody is old enough to remember, but also in '50s & '60s, Langs Pharmacy was on Broadway, at Kingsley. Looks like most of the building is gone, now.
  17. On the early (1940s & 50s) GM Hydra-Matics the "S" stood for "Super", I believe. As a teenager I had a '55 Olds which had two speeds in "L", one in "S" & one in "D", making it a 4 speed automatic. Sometime in the 60s, I believe, GM went to a 3 speed "hydramatic".
  18. Lots of memories there from growing up in SE Houston/Meadowbrook, late 40s, 50s & early 60s.
  19. Up until a few years ago, Winn Dixie was pretty big in the Atlanta area - not as nice as Publix, or as cheap as Wal Mart. One or two that I know of converted to Bi Lo & others closed up completely. Still a couple Bi Lo stores in small town north GA, but none of either in Atlanta metro, as near as I can tell. Doesn't seem like this is a thriving chain.
  20. I can't find a date, but sometime in the '70s, Winn Dixie bought out the Buddies chain that operated in Tarrant & Dallas (possibly other areas) counties. I lived in Dallas, '71 to '78, and Buddies had TV slogan "the beef people at Buddies". In '78 moved to Atlanta GA & heard/saw same slogan for Winn Dixie. Also same store brands.
  21. Arthur Blank & Bernie Marcus were fired from Handy Dan in 1978. In June 1979, they opened the first Home Depot stores in Atlanta GA.
  22. Looks like about 3 miles between eastern end of West Mount Houston & western end of East Mount Houston. Not a perfect alignment, but lots of streets in Houston are not exactly straight. There is a large park & a bunch of open/commercial/industrial area between these ends. Could it be that these were once connected, as a dirt or shell road, maybe back in early 20th or 19th century?
  23. I grew up in SE Houston, Meadowbrook (1945 to 1963) and first number I remember was OLive - 3817. Later a 4 was added after the OL. Friends that lived in the area had MIlby exchange that was later changed to MIssion. Seems like two different numbers were added to MI, but I don't remember the numbers.
  24. It also works with Bing & Yahoo, so I guess they have arrangement with all search engines.
  25. Google the name of the article, if you want to read the rest of it. This works most (all?) of the time.
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