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  1. Hello. I need some help with my Mid-century modern carport (see attached pic) I need to replace it due to poor construction and I don't think it's height works well with the windows (it blocks too much light). It was added to the home after the original build. I have some ideas, but don't want to muck it up. I am considering having the new one connect with the existing roof. That would raise it some and at least provide more light. I was thinking about using cinderblock for the posts even though it would not match the small section of brick on the opposite side of the house (you can't see it through the landscaping, but it's the same as the current brick on the carport). I was also wanting to use some exposed wood to accent the wood beams in the claristory section (which is now back to it's natural color..not seen in pic). Other ideas: add a post to the middle to reduce sag potential and avoid costly steel beams, add a large gate or 2 small ones Any thought would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Not planning on moving for a while, but you know how that is - I suppose anything could happen 5+ years out. Changing the cabinets would probably be something I'd look at 5+ years out. I'll probably remove the crown now.
  3. sevfiv/sarahiki. Are you suggesting the same black bullnose for everything, or same granite for the bar/stove top only? Thanks for you thoughts. Dave
  4. Most say I can't change the edge on the existing granite - would probably break it removing, or simply be too costly to remove. Ok. Let's see how this pic came out.
  5. I could really use some help here. I'm doing a slight remodel in my mid century modern home in the Bend. I'm blowing out a wall in the kitchen and adding a bar top to it to open up the room. The problem is, the previous owner did a terrible job remodeling the kitchen, doing so in a very traditional way - crown molding, bull nose granite tops, framed cabinets. I can't afford to change verything, but since I broke the counter top with the drop-in range on one side of the kitchen while trying to move it, I could have an opportunity to fix some things. Here's my predicament. If you can picture one side of a long galley kitchen with an absolute black bull nose, and the other side with only a countertop with a drop-in range and a 42"bar attached to it, what's the best way to deal with this and maybe return to a more modern look without looking strange? This is what I've been thinking. I could use a totally different granite color on range top and bar and then use a straight edge for all of it or I could use a really interesting exotic looking granite (like this one I saw called black mosaic) on the bar with a straight edge cut and just replace the range top with the same black bull nose (to stay consistent with the other side). Any ideas would be greatly appreciated?
  6. Check out this new mid-century mod in Memorial bend that just went on the market. www.12827tosca.com
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