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  1. Does anybody know the story on the abandoned building about 3800 N. Main? Who owns it, any proposed construction? It's been sitting there for a while and I was wondering if there were any plans for it.
  2. Can anybody say much about Harvard Heights? All I've heard is they never call back, but nothing about their quality. How did you compare between HH, Rod Frego, and All Star? Did you have plans ready and say "how much for this?"
  3. This is a multiple part question about possibly building a garage apartment in the Heights area. (1) What are the financial advantages and disadvantages to garage apartments. Any figures on return on investment aside from renting it out? (2) What would be the best course of action to getting quotes? I'm assuming I should have plans ready to receive equivalent bids. (3) Any recommendations as far as designers and/or contractors? (4) Estimated price? I don't have much room and it will most likely be a max of 24 x 24. $100/sq.ft.?
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