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  1. My brother loves the Longhorns,even has the "Longhorn jacket"! We have a photo of both of us sitting astride a longhorn steer when we were kids outside of Houston! Ron in Colorado
  2. http://www.denverbroncos.com/page.php?id=334&storyID=5165
  3. Hope he can help y'all !? http://www.sportsecyclopedia.com/nfl/denver/broncos.html
  4. That was Mrs. Olsten before plastic surgery!
  6. She looks like a "Stepford Wife"!
  7. I think she's a FOX!! not a COYOTE!! not what you find at closing time! I've seen some around the Denver area,both animal and human!
  8. We lived on the old Chocolate Bayou Road(Cullen Blvd. now),8 miles south of Holmes Road I know we went to drive-in movies just don't know the names. The Airline+Gulf rings a bell but it could have been the Chocolate Bayou,I was just a kid in the 50s,could've been any drive-in on this list. I remember Weingartens was near our place,also a place where we would ride Shetland ponies,must have been around Holmes or Telephone roads?. I didn't realize there were that many drive-ins in the Houston area!. Ron Hoover
  9. I remember going to Playland Park in Houston in the 1950s as a kid,fond memories!. My step-dad operated the motor boats,my brother and I would operate all of the lock levers to let boats out and in,that wouldn't have happened these days!. Please share your memories. We lived on the old Chocolate Bayou Road,and now I've heard it is "Cullen Blvd." We were close to Pearland,8 miles south of Holmes Rd.,near the Brazoria/Harris county line. What is out there now??. I remember there were cemeteries around us and not much else!. Thanks,
  10. y'all ever pick up "KOA" 850 AM called the 50,000 watt "Blowtorch of the Rockies"?? The letters were for "King of Agriculture" years ago. Ron Hoover Denver
  11. I understand now,we have similar situations here,get off of the inter-state onto the frontage road,sometimes go a half mile before you reach the road you want to turn on! I've only heard the terms "feeder and beltway" used on the Houston area
  12. Thank You Sevfiv for that info,So feeder roads are frontage roads next to the inter-states We have those,never heard the term feeder roads. I stand corrected on the term "beltway",our toll highway E-470 that semi-circles the Denver area,uses the term"beltway",but I have never heard the term on our traffic reports. http://www.e-470.com/Default.aspx?tabid=67
  13. The Denver area has no reference to these terms I was born in Houston but left when I was young and moved to New Orleans Please explain?!
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