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  1. I remember a bowling alley within walking distance to that intersection a half mile or so in the 1700 block of Pech street just south of Long Point, right across the street from a Harris Co. Tax Assessor office. Also the 3 story bldg. that houses the Tax Assessor also deals with vehicle license plates. Fastest Harris Co. bldg for new license plates and maybe vehicle title transfer in Houston. It will take you longer to find a parking space (now that the old bowling alley has been torn down) than it will to get your new license plate.
  2. The best all you can eat restaurant I can remember was the Boston Sea Party near Hillcroft and Westheimer, it burned down and is now a Molina's Cantina.
  3. I believe you're getting your Sam's mixed up, the dealership at Gessner and 59 (actually the main showroom was on Beechnut ) was Sam White Olds.
  4. A better comparison would be the Azalea motel in the 7100 block of N.Shepherd at Millville street.
  5. This building and the one behind it appear to be part of an old "Motor Court" motel, the type you would find in many small towns in the 50s and 60s.
  6. In the 70s the dealership on S.Post Oak was called Westbury Yamaha, it occupied the old post office building when the post office moved to a new facility on Belrose at Atwell.
  7. I saw this on HAR.com a single family mod that looks like a duplex with a 1 car garage and driveway at each end of the home. http://search.har.com/engine/5702-Warm-Springs-Rd-Houston-TX-77035_HAR97028417.htm
  8. Here's one of several videos on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fVFiZk9wFc
  9. I think it was mentioned here before as being a Big-K (K-mart).
  10. The Name of the club came from the street address where it was located 804 Chelsea (between Milam & Travis).
  11. Strange.....that you included this post on a thread about a Houston-Galveston Electric Railway or that its nearly a year to the day that you started this thread.... Anyway, to answer your question. Luke Johnson Ford was on the SW Frwy,nothbound between Hillcroft and the Westpark curve.It was later known as Westway Ford and is currently Sterling McCall Ford.
  12. I read this when it was first posted and it didn't stir up any memories.So I googled it and found a site for a gingerbread themed house in the town of Westbury on the Island of Tasmania just off the southeast coast of Australia.Just a coincidence I guess.So end of story........ And then a couple of days ago I was talking with one of my sisters who mentioned how back in the early 70s she and her friends had rode their bikes over near Westbury Square to look at the Gingerbread Houses. So they did exist at one time but that was nearly 50 years ago.The homes are still there but the molding and trim that gave them the gingerbread theme have for the most part have been replaced or updated or whatever,so only a couple or so still retain the gingerbread theme. To see them for yourself, fire up Google Earth,zoom into zip code 77035 and the 5500 block of Arboles.
  13. If you do a Wikipedia search for Alief,Houston, the 1st photo you'll see is of the Alief SA & AP depot. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alief,_Houston
  14. I'm guessing it's the part of telephone road thats just south of Hobby airport and north of Braniff St.
  15. It was an old gas station possibly Exxon,the type that had a couple of bays for auto repair.
  16. DJboutit, on Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at 3:28 AM, said: Memories for the area just out side the loop in zip codes 77096 77035 & about 1/3 of 77025 I remember before the walmart south Poast Oak and 610 was built in the late 80s to early 90s there use to be a golf course there. I believe it was just a driving range and it didn't last very long. MeyerPark driving range.Also before they built the MeyerPark shopping center where Randall's and Blockbuster Video are, it was an open field where a couple of old guys sold dirt,sand and top soil out of an old wooden shack. Where the Krogers South Post Oak and West Bellfort is now there use to Beldens which is now at Chimeny Rock & North Brasewood. Behind the Beldens use to be a drug store do not remember the name they sold hamburgers. I remember the drugstore but also can't remember the name. Don't remember eating there but did eat at Kings Hamburgers next door a lot. I want to say that it was called Cunningham's Pharmacy Where the Cabana Carwash is now there use to a putt putt miniature golf Gooney Golf. Yup Next to Beldens just south there to use to a AJ Foyt car dealer there Yes. it was a big dealership. Yup and before it was called AJ Foyt Chevrolet it was called McRoberts Chevrolet Right after AJ Foyt closed behind where the Meyerland car repair is there to use to be a place that sold 4 wheelers & dirt bikes it burnt down At one time it was a Yamaha service center. I had a Yamaha 650 that I would by parts for there. Yup,it was called Westbury Yamaha, and before that it was the US Post Office. Right next to the Meyerland car repair is now a Day care to use to be a restaurant do not remember then name they use to serve home style food the drinks were served in mason jars Can't remember the place off hand. Ditto South Post Oak and West Bellfort right next to the chase bank use to be a cafeteria do not remember the name Wyatts Yup, and may have been a H&P grocery store before that. Stella Link and 610 where the discount tire is now there use to be a Jack N The Box Before Jack N Box there was a Bonanza Steak House. Got my first job there busting tables when I was about 16. My 10 speed and I stayed away from freeways so ????? South Main and Willowbend there use to a golf course wierd thing about it it was so close to the street bet a few times people driving by got golf balls through there window Used to play there with my Dad growing up. Started out as a 9 hole course then I believe became a par 3 18 hole course. When it was built it was on the outside edge of Houston. It was called South Main golf course.It was always a 9 hole course that I remember.It had a few short 4 pars in the beginning but was later converted to 9 par 3 holes.
  17. I checked it out at about 6:30 pm Friday evening and the changeover is beginning.They're playing constuction sounds while occasionally breaking in to say where to find the missing gospel music and that the change to a news talk station was underway.
  18. http://www.scottymoo...houstonAud.html
  19. Here's the description from the ebay auction that goes with the image. "You are bidding on an original 8 x 10 Wire Photo of Texas City Auditorium Interior . Caption is dated as Jan 15,1928."
  20. Look towards the end of this thread http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/5333-monorail-in-houston/page__pid__377393#entry377393
  21. According to 1944 historical imagery from Google Earth the land appears to have been a cattle ranch, with the ranch HQ in the exact location as the original golf course clubhouse and maintenance facilities, just north of where there are now homes located on Hodges Grove Ln. As for more historical details you might try asking the family that opened the golf course back in the 50s. That's their estate across N.Eldridge from your development,behind the white picket fence.
  22. nope.... not getting into a weewee measuring contest here.......ditto,but..... Cardi's was there first,then Fools Gold but Fools Gold needed more parking and moved farther out Westheimer. I wasn't aware that Cardi's returned to the location. Here's a link to two dates when U2 played Cardi's: http://www.u2gigs.com/Cardis-l80.html
  23. I agree that the checkerboard building looks like the hotel near 600 Jefferson which was re-opened as the Crowne Plaza, but back in the 80s it was called the Whitehall I believe,but that hotel is seven blocks south of the Tenneco Bldg.So I dont think the yellow checkerboard building and the hotel are one in the same. Given the angle of the photo I think the yellow checkerboard building would be in the same location as Enterprise Plaza is today.
  24. It's the other way around.Cardi's at Fountainview/Westhiemer became Fools Gold around 82-83,before moving farther out Westhiemer between Dairy Ashford and Eldridge.
  25. No. That house is very white,the house in question is dark pink and is located at E.Hardy Rd & Crestline St
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