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  1. Yes, I owned a house on Park Lane, used to love to walk along the bayou and look at these houses. I will miss them.
  2. I worked for Christus and Christus never owned that building. I have no idea who owns it now, but the previous owner was difficult to work with from a tenants perspective and would have never invested in it to even paint let alone tack up a giant cross. It is distracting and rather tasteless, and seems more like a marketing tool than related to mission, especially since the building was never owned by a religious organization. Who says religion isn't a business?
  3. Nobody at Mary's will know anymore. LUEY started 36 years ago as a gay end of Mardi Gras party. People from around the country who were in N.O. would come over to Houston after Fat Tuesday and continue the party. It is now sponsored by the Houston Council of Clubs (a largely gay organization) and happens every year the weekend after Mardi Gras. This year there were probably several hundred people from several states and country's that came to Houston for the party. It started Thursday night and ended today. If you want more info, try the Houston Gay/Lesbian archives.
  4. And thank you RedScare for your positive contribution. It always helps me remember why I rarely participate in any discussion on this site.....rudeness seems the daily dish.
  5. Can't say I wouldn't be a NIMBY on this project either. I mean, think about it, you have invested a great deal of money in your own property (doesn't matter if you are rich or not, money is money), and along comes a project that may ultimately devalue your property or make it much more difficult to sell. Zoning or not, would you REALLY want a 20-30 story building in the backyard of your house? For many people, that is no better than a porn shop.
  6. I understand after reading the Chron last weekend that this project "bit the dust"....although the developers are blaming on red tape instead of the economy.
  7. It used to be white before Continental moved into the building and changed it to blue with the logo.
  8. I rarely visit this site anymore due to conversations such as this. I too would appreciate it if members would show the self restraint to keep their political leanings to websites where they may be fully appreciated for what they are. I believe that a site devoted to architecture should be that, I can get my fill of politics in many other places but when I am on here, I would prefer not having to deal with it. I am tired of people feeling that saying offensive things in print is somehow more acceptable than in person. I miss civility.
  9. Well, if it is Gensler designing the building we are pretty much guaranteed another glass box. Unfortunately, I haven't seen much that they have designed that is very creative. I would love to be wrong.
  10. As of today, still a parking garage. Must be that cars still bring in more bucks than stores.
  11. You bettcha light pollution. As I started seeing these things pop up I was concerned they would pop up on the North Loop...and sure enough they did. I live 3 blocks from the loop and can see these horrid things through thick trees at night. There was no attempt by TXDOT to "aim" the lights or to try to minimize their impact on surrounding neighborhoods. I know this is the city with a lot of lighting, but now we have mast lights and still have the lighting on the access roads that pre-existed. When I look out my windows at night I just see big blotches of orange light. So much for quality of life.
  12. Yes, this is a couple of blocks from my house. I hope they don't have too many loud bands for their outdoor receptions. Should be an interesting neighbor for what they call on their website the "historic Garden Oaks District". Didn't know I lived in a "historic" area or a "district".
  13. CE_ugh, I certainly don't disagree with you. My west coast living is very recent. I lived in Houston and Galveston for 23 years. I understand looking at projects from an econonmic and environmental perspective, but aesthetics is critical in a location such as this. There is very little natural beauty along the Texas Gulf Coast (at least in terms of vistas) but that doesn't negate spending a little more for some man-made beauty. The new bridge in Tampa-St. Petersberg is a fairly good example. I am doubtful that without a strong public outcry that aesthetics would even be considered by TxDOT. I hope I am wrong if this thing ever gets built. Having lived on the Island I am hopeful for the best. It will always be a special place to me.
  14. Nothing TxDOT builds is ever pleasing to the eye. Want to destroy a lovely view? Let TxDOT build one of their ugly concrete monstrosities. There will be nothing attractive about this span. The only attractive bridge they have ever built (and I am not sure they built it) is the 146 bridge across the ship channel.
  15. Believe me, I wouldn't want you to try to protect my rights....you don't value your own. You are lucky there are still some people who do watch out for your rights. Without them, you would have none. Are you too young to have ever had the advantage of taking middle school civics class? It is all of our responsibility to keep our government in check, not to make excuses for bad behavior. I don't care who in the past has done this or that...that is no excuse for now. What a lame ass argument.
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