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  1. The June 1983 covers are by Norman Baxter. I have copies. I'm making high-resolution scans. Still trying to contact Barry Moore to see if he drew any after Norman stopped. Since Southwestern Bell was swallowed by AT&T, and this was over 30 years ago, is the copyright still in effect? I'd like to make the scans available, so that others can enjoy them, but do not want to violate copyright.
  2. It looks to me like this effort is going to really simplify the intersection(s) where N. MacGregor meets N. MacGregor, just north of the new bridge. There likely will no longer be the island of trapped cars between the Confederate Veterans statue and the bayou. I've seen a lot of accidents at that intersection. This may help. It's also going to cure some roadway flooding problems, by eliminating that piece of road entirely. Yes, we may get new flooding problems if the work they're doing right now isn't planned and executed properly. There are some challenges, such as moving the large pumping s
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