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  1. Smith Opticians 4313 Austin St (713) 524-8884 Tons of frames and great service
  2. My girlfriend and I recently had our floor refinished and we used Sunshine Hardwood Floors. It is a family run business and they have over 20 years of experience. Couldn't be happier with the finished product and the price. http://sunshinehardwoodfloors.com/default.aspx
  3. I had a buger from Bernie's Burger Bus this weekend and it was a glorious sloppy mess. My burger of choice was The Principal with cheddar cheese, applewood smoked bacon and a fried egg. Everything is scratch made right down to the ketchup. Before starting the bus the chef/ower was the personal chef for Shane Battier. You can find the bus at Inversion Coffee on Montrose on Wednesdays 11-2 and at Lizard's Pub on the weekends. http://www.berniesburgerbus.com/
  4. two outages since 7am in my office in the galleria area
  5. Wasn't it a Luke's burgers or am I crazy?
  6. i loved the roll-n and think the railyard has the same vibe, just less dusty. a pennantless photo
  7. The name of the new bar is the RailYard. Went during their first week and I would say it's more upscale than the Roll-N, but then again how could it not be. I pulled a photo from their Facebook page to give you a general idea. Best thing about the bar is that they kept the bartenders from the Roll-N.
  8. ReHAB is a great place with a great bartender whose name I can't remember at the moment. Looking forward to drink many Lone Stars there.
  9. My g/f and I stopped in about a week ago and we're planning on having a bite there. Big mistake since the only food they were offering was delivery from Chatter's. Not sure if you had to place your own order or if they took care of that for you. Good thing we filled up a bit on bar snacks at ReHAB before going to Distillery. My thoughts on Distillery are that they are trying to cater to the Washington crowd. Think upscale sports bar not too far off from 360 Sports Lounge but not as finished in terms of decor.
  10. this is the first that i've heard about the heights plaza apartments being demolished. does anyway know if the same is true for the dirt bar?
  11. anyone been by yet? i've heard two negative reviews but want more info. think i'll wait before stopping in.
  12. 29-95 is hosting their weekly Monday happy hour at the Alabama Theater on November 9th. "The free event honors two special organizations, Houston Mod, a local group that is helping to preserve some our city's most historic homes and buildings, and the Cinema Arts Society, another non-profit Houston group that is hosting the 2009 Cinema Arts Festival. The festival opens Nov. 11 and runs through Nov. 15." Visit http://www.29-95.com/movies/story/29-95-goes-mod-very-special-happy-hour-alabama-theatre for more info.
  13. Checked out Lola last Saturday morning with my mother. There was a decent sized crowd; all booths were taken but a few tables were left. There was also counter and outdoor seating still open. Took about 20 minutes to get an order of eggs, bacon, two orders of pancakes and potatoes. During the wait we saw several orders being returned to the kitchen for one reason or another. There was also a couple with two small children who must have waited too long. The father came into the restaurant, with his dog, to say he was leaving. Could tell he was upset but couldn't hear what he was saying. M
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