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  1. Utah Carl and the Gulf Coast Playboys at the Gulf Coast Jamboree! He used to play at Magnolia Gardens too.
  2. Jeff Lynn, Bert's son owns the sailboat store.
  3. Didn't they put the Sterling Bank building where Canada Dry used to be?
  4. Hi - When I was a young girl, my parents often took us to Magnolia Gardens on weekends. It was a fairly small beer garden with an open stage. Elvis Presley used to play there frequently. This was about 1955 - I was about five or six years old then. Once, when he played, all the teenage girls waited by the stairs for him to come off the stage. My older sister and I were amongst them. When confronted by all the teenagers, he spotted me, picked me up onto his shoulders and carried me around. My sister and the other girls were envious, and I was thrilled! I begged to ride in his Cadillac convertible, and after checking with my folks, he rode me around the parking lot. I remember that it was pink, but I was 5 or 6 so I'm not sure. We saw him there more than once, but that is the one time I really remember. Not long after that, "Don't Be Cruel" came out. I remember listening to that record over and over and over. I think my mom finally hid the record.
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