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  1. The sidewalks at the Water Wall still may be on Hines property and not city property. It isn't a city sidewalk running along the street we are talking about, but a more interior sidewalk if I remember correctly. It is equivalent to the sidewalks in the quad of Rice University. You have rights from city sidewalks, but not from private property even if it is an area that people access regularly. Hines has the right to set their own rules.
  2. Nice job. I never tire of seeing photos of downtown Houston.
  3. Thanks for taking this pic. I've never seen a helicopter like that. I might have to steer my car over that way this afternoon and see if I can catch a glimpse.
  4. Do you know him? If so can you direct him to these photos. I want to make sure he sees them. I sent an email to the Orange Show as well.
  5. Definitely! They are so much fun and this one was one of the best. I can't wait to go on the next tour.
  6. In August (yeah I was behind on editing photos) I took an Orange Show tour of high places in Houston. It was one of the best Orange Show tours I have taken, but then again I am partial to downtown and it's tall buildings. The pool view at One Park Place. Looking up at the cupola of the Esperson Building. I love all the details that you would only see if you were standing in that one place. Me on top of the Esperson Building. Wheeee!!!! Pennzoil Place viewed from the Esperson Building Discovery Green viewed from the Hilton Americas. Many more photos in this Flickr set and a link to the
  7. Don't be afraid of 400. I probably used that one the most. I wouldn't even really be afraid of 800. As for the lens, that is definitely true. My most used lens is my Tamron 17-50 f/2.8.
  8. The XT was my main camera for a long time. It's a good camera. As for ISO I used 200-400 for the regular day shots. 800 for night. I think 1600 is the top on that one right? I know people used it, but I never did because of the noise factor. Your mileage may vary.
  9. Nice photos. I love taking photos downtown.
  10. Really love the third one with the different signs. Might have to take some of my toy cameras out there.
  11. Love the last one. What a terrific photo!
  12. Thanks for the comments everyone. I hope to share more of my photos with HAIF. I just have to remember to do it!
  13. This was my first real test using the 10-22mm as a walkabout lens. My go to lens is my Tamron 17-50/2.8. I'm not sure if the wide angle will ever replace it as my workhorse, but I am happy with the way these came out.
  14. Some photos of downtown Houston from a recent evening walk.
  15. Wow, that's beautiful inside. Is photography normally allowed inside? I would love to photograph that.
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