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  1. We were seriously considering moving to Aliana and am just a little concerned with so much traffic going through there. FM1464 seems like it might have some growing pains like Hwy 6 with bottlenecks and such until it gets completely built out all the way from Hwy 90 to Westpark Tollway- and maybe there are plans to do that.
  2. Does anyone know what will come of Madden Road once West Bellfort is complete to Harlem/99. I "heard" it may be closed.
  3. I live in Long Meadow Farms and am looking to sell my 5 bdrm 3-1/2 bath, 3500 s.f., 2 story and built in 2007. Any interest?
  4. Does anyone know what might become of Madden Road since West Bellfort is now the main road through Aliana? Also do you know what the plan might be for the property across Madden Road from Aliana?
  5. Does anyone know what will happen with Madden Road. I heard (not a reliable source) that it might be closed.
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