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  1. No. 20' clearance from a fence. I guess there are still a few places that don't have a fence at the alley, but most do.
  2. This for the Heights. Don't know if this applies to Montrose. https://www.houstontx.gov/planning/HistoricPres/Design_Guide_Heights_District/Feb6/Houston-Heights-DG_Section5-Feb2018.pdf
  3. What about Booker T? They have a brand new campus a short run up Yale from the Heights. Am I missing something?
  4. FWIW, I've looked at a lot of permits (especially as related to flips being sold), and its very common for the "final" not to closed out. Doesn't seem to bother anyone.
  5. An article below, from the Economist last year about gentrification myths. I remember Montrose when you couldn't walk around at night for fear of being robbed, when burglaries and car thefts and gunfire were common. And folks thought nothing of parking vehicles on their front lawn. The link seems to work. I don't have an online subscription. https://www.economist.com/united-states/2018/06/21/in-praise-of-gentrification
  6. Aliana is building an over-55 "luxury" development in Richmond. It advertises as welcoming Indian Americans. It does state that all nationalities and cultures are welcome. This looks like a "Federal Seven" violation based on national origin, like saying "close to kosher deli" or "Norwegian-Americans welcome." Someone explain to me otherwise. www.tajresidences.com https://blog.chron.com/storystudio/2018/05/aliana-welcomes-new-55-plus-luxury-community-for-indian-americans/
  7. I've seen shiplap at the Historic Houston warehouse for sale, if anyone has a need. http://www.historichouston.org/salvage-warehouse.html
  8. The zone of interest at the back, if anyone is interested. Taken around 2012.
  9. Nancy Sarnoff (H Chronicle) podcast interviews here, with Bill Baldwin of the antis, and Scott McClelland of HEB.... http://loopedin.libsyn.com/
  10. Trulia has a crime heatmap. No big surprises. http://www.trulia.com/local/77002/tiles:1|points:1_crime
  11. Brr that is cold. The dew point is occurring in the subfloor. You could try adding fiberglass batts under the floor and move the dew point away from the wood. Or seal off the crawl space and condition it. The minisplit if running most of the time should dehumidify the room properly. If short-cycling, its way oversized and doesn't run long enough to take the moisture out (in the room). Or add heat strips under the subfloor, or install one of those New England circulating warm water floors. Internet reviews don't usually address gulf coast moisture problems properly.
  12. The crawl space is not "moisture free," it may be "dry" but is at ambient exterior conditions. Sounds like the new air is too big. The dehumidifier can't address the newly chilled subfloor and condensation there. Try a box fan in the doorway to move more of the cold air to the rest of the house. What temp are you running in the room?
  13. Blue Dogs, be aware that your answer to my post about the Cafe Express robbery has vanished, along with the original post. I guess I had ventured in a Forbidden Zone, bringing up a negative actuality in the toniest part of town.
  14. Maybe they can create a safe space at that location for those injured by the frankly racist name of the store. http://dailycaller.com/2014/04/26/its-official-at-dartmouth-the-word-fiesta-is-racist-and-white-people-cant-use-it/
  15. Iron Tiger has it right. Wendy Davis for Davis High. Ronald Reagan. Sheila Jackson-Lee for Lee High. Larry Johnston (NHL great). Save on letterhead and new signs.
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