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  1. I was in Dallas last week looking for a place to live, and saw this development for the first time. I love it, it's funny that people compared it to the Houston Pavillions project. This project in my opinion is more urban chic, but Dallas is more so than Houston. I think this development will be sucessful with the DART station located right there, as well as being across the Central Expressway from Northpark Center. I think when the owner sold the land he was very smart, and I don't think it will affect Northpark at all, I think they can play off each other, but I wish the Ikea could have gone over there instead of way out in Frisco.....
  2. Greetings, I was wanting some input! I am a 23 year old new freelance photographer\graphic designer, marketing guru. I love history, and older buildings with original facades. I went to college for architecture, and after graduation decided to become a photographer and graphic artist. I am now trying to invest in studio space. I am from Bryan, TX where I love the historic downtown area, and I was hoping to find some cheap loft style space here in Houston for a studio. I don't want anything massive, just something nice in maybe a upcoming area like off Washington Ave, The Montrose area or close to the warehouses. Looking for about 300-700 sq feet, nothing too fancy, just nice enough for me to work out of. I would even be willing to do some of my own cosmetic work. If any of you have any input of ideas please let me know. My budget is kinda low since I am starting out and still buying equipment! Thanks in advance! terrance.o.gilbert@gmail.com for direct responses! -
  3. When I look @ Washington Ave it seems to be the closet thing we have to a more Urban-Historical Art-Deco type feel. I was actually thinking about leaving Houston until I discovered the area. In Dallas they have so many Urban areas for example the Dallas Design District. For Houston to be the most diverse city in the US as I have heard it seems to lack areas for artist like other major and not so major cities. I am a freelance photographer and designer currently looking for a loft-feel original brick building. I want the older look, and I am having a hard time finding that here.....I am going down to Washington Ave. to try to find something soon before it's all gone. If any of you have any ideas please let me know terrance.o.gilbert@gmail.com!
  4. Wow, thanks soo much I have taken everything into consideration, have any of you lived in Houston? I just feel Dallas will give me more to work with as far as arts are concerned. Houston is great, and I will end up here again one day, but I am really excited about DFW. I am now considering the Bishop Arts District, or The Design District. I will be going up for my spring break to check out everything! I will keep you all posted!
  5. More like 1993, I was in the third grade, and my classmates' mother worked there when it closed...
  6. Okay I have called Houston home all my adult life (the past 5 years). I have always wanted to live in Dallas-Ft. Worth, I decided after a year of trying to decide that I want to move to the Metroplex. I have found a apartment in Lewisville. It's off actually on Hwy 121. I am a freelance photographer, and graphic designer going to grad school at UNT in Denton. I am going to be looking for a studio in the downtown or warehouse district in the next couple of month. Any tips for me as far as my move is concerned??
  7. In one of my master's classes I have having to do a report on fire and building codes. My prof told me to look into the Woodway Square Apartments. From what I have been told it was a massive apartment complex that burned in 1979. Does anyone have any information about them? Like former residents, how they were set up or anything. I guess they all have been torn down becasue I went over there and everything looks pretty new...
  8. I attened Prairie View A&M University located about 45 miles northwest of downtown Houston. I have always loved Dallas Ft-Worth becasue of the type of retail and box-box establishments they have in the Metroplex. Last month while looking for a house in Plano, Texas I had the chance to go into the one-of-a-kind Upscale Expermental Wal Mart in West Plano on Parker Rd at the Dallas North Tollway. Reading the Wikipedia page for Cypress, Texas I see that 77429 (my current zip code) is considered once of the most affulent zip codes in USA becasue of the median incomes in the area. I think the Cy-fair area would be a great location for Wal Mart to build another upscale concept store...just an idea....
  9. I attened Prairie View A&M University located about 5 miles to the west of Waller. As I pass through Waller now on my way into Houston, I see similarities in it and the cities North of Dallas. It may seem like a little country town now, but as the Northwest continues to grow it will become one of those little charming citieis turned massive suburb, to contribute to the Urban Sprawl that Texas is becoming known for....
  10. I am excited about the Houston Premium Outlets. I go to the Round Rock Premium Outlets about once or twice every month. It's a great alternative to San Marcos, which seems to have been taken over by Mexican Buses. Being 22 years old it has been weird watching the U.S. 290 Corridor be constructed, and grown the way it has. I remember when Fairfield was out there all alone, now it is practically the gateway to Houston. I am sure Premium will do great with all of the new communities planned for the area like the Bridgelands, and I see they are adding an exit past Mason so traffic will not have to sit through the Mason U.S. 290 light.
  11. I was in Dallas last week, and I was very impressed with The West Village, and Mockingbird Station. We really don't have many mixed-use developemnts in Houston, that offers real nice shopping, dining, and lofts. I love the Rice Village area, and Highland Village, but other than the Woodlands and Sugarland, that is as good as it gets....
  12. Well I live in Houston, but I love Dallas. My bestfriend who is a realtor in Dallas, started telling me about the Victory Project just a little over a year ago one day when were were talking about the New W Hotel. Well took a trip to Dallas last week for a job interview, and let me tell you as a upcoming architect, and developer I am so impressed with the area. My office is in downtown right on Main and Rusk in Houston, and downtown Houston has come so farover the past couple of year, but they have so much further to go. Dallas has a little more edge, and I just don't think the Victory and HP project will compare. Has anyone even seen renderings of the HP project??
  13. Northpark has now become my kind of mall. It was one of the first malls I visited in Dallas, and I must admit it had the upscale stores, but the architecture, was very cold and boring. Now with the addition of the new stores for a younger crowd, it has now become my number one shopping desination when I am in the DFW Metroplex..
  14. It is right across the street from my new office, I am goingt o love it...
  15. THe New Target going on at I10 and Taylor just west of downtown seems to be coming along nicely. I wonder is this the start of a entire new development, I think that is prime for more retail, and housing... (Moderator edit: duplicate topic merged)
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