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  1. The true question is it going to be guitar shaped like the one in Flordia.
  2. I wonder if this means the "Bethany Weekday School" at the same location is closing. I can't see them running two schools in the same spot, but it makes sense to take over that location since the church part folded.
  3. Photo's on EE Reed's Facebook page, looks to be open. EE Reed Construction Facebook .
  4. At the rate they are working in the Village it's going to take 5 years before all this work is done. I figured we would see big changes over the summer before the holiday rush...guess not.
  5. I am all for more pedestrian friendly development and projects that don't have massive parking lots between them and the street. But, parking is important and can be well designed to be hidden. Personally, I also love public transportation and take the light rail often. However, it's not realistic option for me to take two buses when I want to run to Rice Village for a quick bite to eat. More importantly, the average person would not agree with "just take the bus" and if the average person does not then business start the fail. I am also not bashing the plan as I don't think they have pro
  6. I drove in the Medcenter today and noticed a tent in the parking lot that is closed. Maybe they will be doing a groundbreaking ceremony in the coming days.
  7. I can't image all of these hotels being full. This is like the 7th hotel project announced in this area.
  8. These are horrible renderings and don't seem to show consistency for the whole project. I love the fact they are looking to make it more pedestrian friendly, but if they are getting rid of all that surface parking then it's going to be impossible to find parking. Already that whole area is a nightmare, but I can't image what it would be like without the surface lots. I guess time will tell....hope the put a stop sign at Kelvin and University.
  9. I have been wondering what will happen here ever since the old Stables restaurant was torn down. After googling CDA Architects, the seem to do a lot of education and strip centers.
  10. I hope the get rid of that big freaking sign post. The Starbucks down the road never did and its just an eyesore.
  11. Looks like the will be taking out the parking garage and classroom space for Texas Women's. I bet this is somehow the same hospital group.
  12. It looks to be that way, which would make it 16 stories tall.
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