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  1. RiverPark is not the same market/class as Telfair; it's lower-end in comparison. The school district is different and the schools don't rank as well as the ones in Greatwood or in much of FBISD. Unfortunately, the nickname locally River Park has of "Poor Man's New Territory" has some validity to it. The only reason Sugar Land annexed it was because of the tax revenue from the big shopping center anchored by the HEB. And the reason it's protected from flooding is no different than Telfair, First Colony, etc... it has a LID tax as well. As far as River Park West... that's almost to Rosenberg. I've been in the Sugar Land area for a decade... the best current alternatives to Telfair as far as similar developments (but obviously lower prices because the locations aren't as convenient to central Sugar Land) are Riverstone and Aliana.
  2. AK123

    Road News

    Looks like overpasses are going in on the Grand Parkway (Hwy 99) near River Park and also at West Airport Blvd. This will be the toll section of the Grand Parkway. Also at West Airport Blvd @ Hwy 99, it looks like the Aliana master-planned community is doing major work on a new entrance and possibly expanding West Airport Blvd from two to four lanes with a median. I'd expect major commercial to move into the area after that (retail, restaurants etc.) according to their land use map. The south half of FM 1464 is nearing completion on the road widening project. I'm told TxDOT is to plant lots of trees afterward. Also there are tentative plans for a beautification project of FM 1464 (landscaping) from the southernmost end outside Chelsea Harbour up to West Airport Blvd, to be completed by the local municipal utility district.
  3. My bad... looks like that's actually by Waterside Estates and Long Meadow Farms. Not that far off though... to me it's all "somewhere between Sugar Land and South Katy" with Richmond postal addresses...
  4. Interesting... looks like that location would be in or next to the Aliana development? Actually seems closer to Sugar Land than to Katy...
  5. Will be interesting to see how it turns out. Johnson Development's plans, on the other hand, haven't gone over too well. http://www.yourhoust...4f1ad38da3.html http://www.myfoxhous...over-apartments
  6. The problem with his statement is that this wasn't all about tourism; otherwise, the shuttles should also be in Disney World, Miami and Vegas. It was also supposed to be about places that had a strong link to the space program and involvement in it. That alone puts Houston way ahead of NYC. I'd also bet he's too busy being self-righteous to realize that Houston is no slouch in number of visitors. http://www.consumert...ted-u-s-cities/ Most visited US citiesOrlando, Fla.: 48 million visitors New York City: 47 million visitorsChicago, Ill.: 45,580,000 visitors Anaheim/Orange County, Calif.: 42,700,000 visitorsMiami, Fla: 38,100,000 visitors Las Vegas, Nev.: 36,351,469 visitorsAtlanta, Ga.: 35,400,000 visitors Houston, Texas: 31,060,000 visitorsPhiladelphia, Pa.: 30,320,000 visitors San Diego, California: 29,600,000 visitors
  7. Every other week it seems I read about some new corporate relo, expansion, or some new restaurant opening in Sugar Land. Here are some of the latest to look forward to: First expansion of Flying Saucer http://blogs.chron.com/beertx/2011/04/flying_saucer_expanding_to_sug.html First suburban location of Churrasco's http://houston.culturemap.com/newsdetail/02-18-11-sugar-land-gets-the-first-suburban-churrascos/ First Houston-area location of Coal Vines http://www.yourhoust...12b018dfa9.html
  8. I drove through on West Airport Blvd and noticed they recently changed several signs that used to say "future residential" to "future commercial." That's a lot of future commercial. Perhaps this is going to be a future town-center sort of development? Whatever it is, it's pretty big. Also, a recent press release from their web site:
  9. Where on earth are you getting the above in bold? I don't see any resemblance. As far as lack of options, I've been surprised at the lack of development along the Grand Pkwy from the northernmost end of New Territory all the way up to Waterside Estates. Seems like a huge untapped potential. There's not even a home improvement place (Home Depot or Lowe's) anywhere really close! Why did Lowe's build outside Quail Valley right across Hwy 6 from a Home Depot? Hopefully Aliana will be able to draw in some places along the Grand Pkwy... now that I've driven by and see several of their signs changed from "future residential" to "future commercial" just in the last few weeks.
  10. Also, if Aliana REALLY wanted to kick it up a notch, they'd attract a Costco or Trader Joe's location.
  11. From the article, "... Travis Stone, the new president of Aliana Development Co. Stone took the job after years at the local division of Newland Communities, where he was most recently senior vice president. He oversaw development, sales and operations for the company's four Houston-area communities — including Cinco Ranch and Telfair." I'd expect Aliana to end up a lot more similar to Cinco Ranch and Telfair in the end, with him as the head. Which should be a good thing... apparently the original plans were more geared toward Dallas area buyers and homebuilders, rather than Houston area buyers and homebuilders, whatever that meant exactly.
  12. But it wasn't always that way... I wouldn't have described downtown that way 6-7 years ago. And the whole period from 1998-2004 or so seemed like things were very lively in downtown, especially around Main Street. So the question is, what happened? And once that's determined, can (and should) anything be done to reverse it? Did those patrons just move west to Washington Ave? If so, why? Etc...
  13. I see what you're saying. Are these days really over as they say, after the credit crash of '08?
  14. Hmm, I seem to remember the Spring ISD neighborhoods of Northgate Forest, Olde Oaks, Ponderosa, etc. as being quite nice with some really nice homes. Northgate still has customs being built I believe. The public schools have taken quite a turn for the worst, however.
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