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  1. I see that there is a lot of activity at the Waterhill Homes on Commerce. Anyone else notice this? Daily I see a flooring company truck, a roofing company truck, and a few other non-marked trucks/vans.
  2. So is Waterhill Homes back in business or something? Their website had been down for the longest, but now I noticed that it is are back up... http://www.waterhillcompany.com/
  3. The line is supposedly going to run the same route as the #2 (Bellaire) route, but will have less stops. I guess that's the part that makes it "quick", but the buses will be signifantly better (i.e., more comfortable seats).
  4. With all the new developments happening in the East End with the new Dynamo Stadium, the East End METRORail line, lots of new townhomes constructed, etc, what is to become of the original Chinatown? Over the years it seems to have become run down. The new Chinatown on the west Beltway is thriving right now, while the old one is decaying. Is there plans to revive the old Chinatown with all the new construction happening in the area or will it be replaced with modern housing and commercial developments?
  5. METRO's new Quickline signature service bus line was supposed to be up and running last August, but it was delayed for multiple undisclosed reasons. I've driven down Bellaire (where the first Quickline will run) and I've seen all the nice new stations, but I've yet to see a Quickline bus running. Does anyone know what the current status is?
  6. I think METRO picked the best possible east-west route in the East End. I've traveled down other routes like Navigation and Canal and they just don't have the potential that Harrisburg does. There is a new CVS Pharmacy going up on Harrisburg, plus there is quite a bit of restaurants/shopping near the Magnolia Transit Center already. Also, there are two new shopping centers with Las Palmas and the one with the AutoZone. In a way, the METRO line will tie in with another mode of transportation... international bus lines. There are two bus stations near the end of the line that provide bus trips to Mexico.
  7. Since I live very close to the beginning of the East End Line, I decided to take a drive down the entire route and film it to give those who live outside the area an idea of the line. It starts near the Lofts at the Ballpark, which is where the Bastrop Station will be located. For those who want to see what construction has taken place, you will see big orange drums in the middle of the video. That's the location of the construction so far. Also, I passed the Las Palmas Shopping Center, which is where the METRO Solutions office is for the East End Line. I finish the video at the Magnolia Transit Center Station. I uploaded the video to YouTube. Check it out here...
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