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  1. I'm not sure. The stations and their locations are all the same. Yes, the University Line always was meant to go north of UH, while the Southeast Line would follows its boundary on the south side. However, it's not completely certain that the University Line will go all the way to the Eastwood Transit Center. That's why that section of the line is dotted. For this phase it may just end on the west side of UH's campus.
  2. Better get used to the name. They're already planning to replace street signs along most major streets in the district with ones that read "EaDo" along the top.
  3. Yeah. I received a flyer in the mail last week about the website.
  4. There is a homeless soup kitchen on Congress at St. Emanuel that is always surrounded by homeless on the weekends trying to get a meal. In addition, there are a lot of people hanging around the Star of Hope on Dowling at Harrisburg (and the empty lot in front of the building). Do you think, in time, after more development occurs in the EaDo area that these two establishments will stay where they are? Or do you think developers will force them to relocate due to higher property taxes, etc?
  5. METRO stated that they are paying for the Uptown and East End lines out of pocket. Federal funding is used for the remaining lines.
  6. I've obtained the Buffalo Bayou East End Trails project status map as of January 2008, which is more current than the one on their website... http://www.zshare.net/download/571545249aef1554/
  7. I think it is supposed to be converted into an Ashley Furniture, if I'm not mistaken.
  8. Tricon does not currently hold rights to the rest of the development. From what I have found out is that all the empty plots are currently held by the banks due to Waterhill's bankruptcy. But considering that Tricon has a very good resume of work in Houston for many years, they are most likely to be offered the empty plots by the bank.
  9. Great news. Hopefully that means better quality homes than what Waterhill would have done with them.
  10. I'm pretty sure they would only go in consecutive order for construction. With Segment D completed and this one starting next, the segment after that would be Segment F-1, then F-2.
  11. Will the sidewalks upgrade be done at the same time as the light rail construction? Or is it another one of those "long term projects"?
  12. I have seen a lot of activity at the warehouse on the north side of the Dowling-Polk intersection. They have replaced all of the windows and the upper level has been given a new stucco exterior finish with green-toned paint. Looks like it could be highrise lofts or something like that. Anyone know for sure?
  13. Does anyone know if METRO plans to improve sidewalks in the general vicinity (~5-10 minute walk) of each METRORail station to help feed pedestrian traffic and those living/working near each station? I will be able to use the Bastrop Station once the line is up and running, but the sidewalk route for me to the station is horrible. Many areas don't even have sidewalks.
  14. The Harris County Commissioners Court is set to approve the fast-track development of Segment E of the Grand Parkway in Tuesday's meeting. The plan is for the tollway to ease traffic off of the heavily congested US 290 and feed some of the traffic onto the newly widened Katy Freeway. Link: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/6277272.html More info about Segment E of Grand Parkway: http://www.grandpky.com/segments/e/ Here is a map showing the extent of the project:
  15. Hey kylejack, where is this bike path that you're talking about? Looks nice from the photos. It actually runs on Commerce? Or is it on Harrisburg? I can't tell from the website description.
  16. The only work done so far has been utility work. So there is not really much to see. I drive down Harrisburg almost daily and all there is too see is some big orange drums on the side of the road, a few segments of new asphalt, and a big display sign reading "Rail construction ahead". The actual construction of the line (repaving road, laying tracks, adding stations, etc) hasn't started because they have yet to sign the contract with Parsons.
  17. There is a freight rail line that runs down the center of Commerce Street between St. Charles Street and Palmer Street. Does it even get used anymore? I don't think so. But it is an annoyance driving down the street since it creates a very uneven roadway for drivers. There is a lot of development on this street with the Tricon Home development and the Urban Lofts Development. Anyone know if the East End plans on removing the tracks?
  18. METRO had planned to pay out of pocket for the East End and Uptown lines. However, since the Uptown line cannot function without the University line, which is government funded, construction on the line cannot be started. The East End line ties in directly with the existing system ("Red Line"), so that is one reason why construction on the line has already started. If government funding for the other lines somehow falls through, the East End line will function properly.
  19. Actually I found out today that the partially completed Waterhill units (i.e., the ones with garage doors) were purchased by some company to complete and sell. Then the other remaining Waterhill homes (i.e., the shells) are being purchased by a separate company to complete. Then the remaining empty lots will be sold to Tricon Homes for development.
  20. Is that one unoccupied unit for sale? Is the listing for it on har.com? Or was it taken down? I just noticed that one of the unoccupied townhomes at the development on Commerce was just put back into har.com's listings this past week. The townhouse was acquired by CitiQuest Properties after Waterhill went bankrupt. I'm not sure if CitiQuest is going to proceed with finishing the empty shell townhomes or not. Here is their website... http://www.citiquestproperties.com/ I'm not sure if they are acquiring the Waterhill complex on Navigation as well.
  21. I pass the Bells & Whistles restaurant everyday on my home from work. It's across the street from Vic & Anthony Steakhouse. And it looks like a somewhat new building from the outside, but I've never seen people eating there. Did this place go out of business already?
  22. Oh ok. That sucks for them having to look at that mess everyday. I hope that it does get cleared up eventually. Hey Niche, how many completed townhomes are in that complex? I've only seen the complex from Navigation and Engel (from behind the gate) and it's hard to tell.
  23. I think I remember seeing two abandoned shells parallel to Engel Street, but I'm not completely sure. But anyways, do you know if they're planning to tear those down as well?
  24. Hey, I drove by this development today and I still saw some partialy-completed townhomes. Are you sure you're talking about the ones on Navigation?
  25. Has anyone visited the METRO Solutions office in the Las Palmas shopping center on Harrisburg? I haven't been but I was wondering if there was any good info there about the route (i.e., info that's not provided on METRO's website).
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